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This page is dedicated to listing the entire hierarchy (rankings or ranks) of the Underground Mafias organization. The rank system was first implemented during the Underground Mafias Army days of Pink Mafias. This page now serves as the oldest remaining system of the original iteration to still be intact (albeit it reformed). The best and competent enough workers can make their way up. Maybe one day you’ll be featured on this page!

Website Page Maintainer(s): Dino


For Windows Users: Hold down the “Ctrl” key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window. Type in the person’s alias you’re looking for. Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank or position they are listed under.

For Mac Users: Hold down the Apple/Command key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window. Type in the person’s alias you’re looking for. Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank or position they are listed under.

Americas || Europe || AUSIA


Underground Mafias Hierarchy



Note: The Premier is the head administrator and chief executive position of the Underground Mafias’ gaming organization.

Dino || Aaronstone || Bam


Note: Administrators are the main figures of the organization. They are seen as the “leaders” of the community and manage the group.

Dillon || Lydia

Staff Director

Note: Staff Directors are a special type of advisors with the power to manage the staff, along with being the main “manager”. They are equal to administrators in most ways.

Cobra || Zambi

Junior Administrator

Note: An elevated level of managers, they are the co-leaders of the organization.

Aisha || Africa || Izuno


Note: A retiree or experienced trustee tasked with advising the administration of the organization on how to run it.

Cobra || Zambi || Jester || Izzy


Specialist Managers

Note: Specialized Managers are a type of staff member that specializes and focuses in a certain field of the organization to benefit it. Below are the type of specialist managers and their holders.

Recruitment Manager: Villa
Moderation Manager: Cultist
Resource Manager:
Activity Manager:
Event Manager:

Senior Moderator

Note: These are privileged and guiding moderators that have extra permissions to help patrol the server.


Chat Moderator

Note: These figures help moderate the chatroom and events.

Shotgun || Scarano || Jbone

Voice Moderator

Note: These specialized figures help moderate the voice chambers of the chatroom and manage the music bots. Alternatively called ‘DJs’.


Graphic Designer

Note: These are officially employed designers and artists for the organization.

Dino || Zambi || Attorney Greedy

Discord Technician

Note: These are the official chatroom technicians that help manage the bots and maintain parts of the server.


Website Technician

Note: These are the administrators of the website, along with lead technicians with maintaining site CSS and other technological inclusions.

Dino || Aaronstone || Bam || Zambi || Cobra

Social Media Team

Note: Officially hired people who manage the social media accounts of the organization such as the YouTube and Twitter pages.


Giveaway Team

Note: Officially hired people who manage giveaway events for certain prizes.

Dino || Aaronstone || Lydia || Proditor

Game Hosts

Note: The default staff rank. All premiers, administrators, directors, managers, and moderators have it. Some game hosts also hold none of the five positions.

  • Dino
  • Aaronstone
  • Bam
  • Lydia
  • Dillon
  • Cobra
  • Zambi
  • Aisha
  • Izuno
  • Africa
  • Izzy
  • Villa
  • Zenny
  • Cultist
  • Lukey
  • Scarano
  • Shotgun


Officially enlisted ranks

Warrant Officer


Recruiter of the Week

Staff of the Week

Mafia of the Week

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  2. Someone took me off the ranks while I was grounded. I’m LT. General

  3. Btw I will be away until Monday

  4. UMA forever.. 🙂

  5. When will I be put on ranks?

  6. im trying to be here alot but im busy with clubpenguin@support.com 😦

  7. Agreed.

  8. any new recruit starts off with a private rank,
    but you can always work hard and earn much higher ranks.

  9. I will be inactive from September the 30th-October the 10th due to personal issues.

  10. Amazing how he last people on the last member rank hasn’t changed for the last 6 years.

  11. Hi put my rank back m pengwenie422

  12. Im not there 😦 Im 3ic! Wg and Percy also know it

  13. Im not on the ranks. Im It4chi and Darren made me mod :/

  14. Do you have a UK force?

  15. [Retired]

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  17. i am moderator

  18. 33 troops

  19. you like that it then?

  20. I filled out the form on the join page so should I comment on that page too? Plz help I am new on this site.
    U can add me to the ranks my name is Bandage23 Nachos highest mod ice warriors corporal ( I left it last year) so I’m an experienced soldier.

  21. Someone add Nicnac329 to the Sergeants Member section please 🙂

  22. no comments for almost 2 years

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