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Preserving History.

Edit from Dino: Real quick, I just wanted to link the Hall of Fame page. I wanted to note that some people have expressed issues with some of the November portraits (i.e. Compwiz). We’ll be looking into potnetially adding new portraits for them in the future. Anyways, Back to Aaron.

Hello UMA, it’s been awhile.

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A Statement from the Underground Mafias Army

Hello all, my name is Aaron, most recently our good old friends at the Army of Club Penguin decided to hold an even that merged Romans, Nachos, and UMA all into one army to fight them called the Roumachos. This was first, really REALLY cringe. Second this was disrespectful. It also is the most ACP thing ever, I mean who else would bring back dead armies, make them all together max 10 and they boast about how powerful they are? Everyone in this community knows that if ANY of these armies were around and still active, more specifically Nachos and UMA the result of a battle like this would quite different. (The result would be us kicking ACPs ass around Breeze like we did so many times before). CPAHQ, which by the way is anti-UMA because we are toxic but for some reason are pro Templars (sorry Xing), decided to post this army on their Top Ten as well. This is insulting to so many people who have worked so hard through out the years making Romans, Nachos and UMA a formidable army and it is also quite insulting to those who uphold and protect the legacies of those armies. This however is not surprising to me, as CPAHQ and those who are affiliated with it like to spit in the faces of those who go against it. I would also like to add that the Army of Club Penguin had NO PERMISSION whatsoever granted to use the Underground Mafias Army name in their little event, and I am also going to add that they probably had no permission to use Nachos name or the Romans name as well. They are going to say cope, cope etc. But if someone did an event like this involving a hypothetical dead ACP, ACP Veterans would cry like babies (FACT). Now the Underground Mafias Army might be dead, we do however have influence in this community and I hope everyone understands this because it would be a real shame if that influence had to be used. Ill end this post off with a question to CPAHQ. What member of the ACP High Command got access to the leaders chat as the leader of the Roumachos?





Welcome to the Underground Mafias

Welcome to the Underground Mafias!
~ Fight the Bad! Fight for Gaming ~


Join the Discord server to officially become apart of the community! With 590+ members, you won’t regret it.


─ [EVENTS] ─

Skribbl Game Night

May 23rd, 2021 || 6 EDT  5 PM CDT – 4 PM MDT – 3 PM PDT – 3 PDT – 11 PM UK



Dino, Aaronstone, Bam

UM Premiers

Dillon, Lydia, Zambi, Jester, Cobra

UM Administration & Advisory

Aisha, Izuno, Africa, Zenny, Villa, Cultist

UM Management

BREAKING: Dillon is a coward

Update as of 2:45 PST: I’m Zambi4 live at EHHS, and we just received breaking news that Dillion has pissed his pants.

BEANIE, Dillon’s Duplex — 
After being bored of doing absolutely nothing during his day, Dillon expresses his homosexual urges, but cowardly backs away in an attempt to bar any self-acceptance. There is no screenshot evidence, but deep down, we all know that Dillon is gay. Back to you Tom.

UM signature Games

Introducing… Bam Bucks!

Looking for the Underground Mafias discord server? Click the THIS blue link to join.

Mittens, UM Headquarters ─ A week has passed since activating the Underground Mafias. In the next step to advance the organization, we’d like to announce a new rewards system. A currency system that will be promoted based off of attendance, recruits, and a lot more. Starting now, the new currency of the Underground Mafias gaming organization is…


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Underground Mafias ─ Meet the Administration

UM meet the admins

Mittens, UM Headquarters ─ As the first site post since announcing the UM, the Administration would like to make this post to help inform our members about who runs our community. This post will include our Premiers, Administrators, and three supervising Cabinet members.

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Activating the Underground Mafias

Yes, this is an important announcement. No, it’s not a shit-post.

For everyone wondering, when UMA closed, we transformed it into the Underground Mafias organization. Obviously it didn’t go as planned when we originally planned. However, after some hard work and renewed interest, I’d like to announce some changes.

For starters, this site will serve as a memory to the UMA Rewritten generations, but it’ll also be used for the Underground Mafias organization. All UM event results will be posted here in the future (along with announcements). UMA archive posts and shitposts will still continue to be posted every now and again.

The Underground Mafias will be run by myself and UMA legends Bam117 and Aaronstone42 with former UMA leaders Ehroyals81, Zambi, and Lydia helping out. Games most likely will too when he can be found (that retard fucking died on us.)

We are more than a Club Penguin Army. We’re a community, a gang, a family, a mafia. Fuck wasting our lives 24/7 on penguin games. Obviously, we’ll never forget our CP memories, and reunions on Club Penguin Rewritten will continue to happen. But we have ascended past this all. Underground Mafias is more than this.

Pink created this movement. Wgfv built it. Dan advanced it. Bam and Ehroyals brought it the CPPS era. And now here we sit. We are legendary. Fuck Conor thinking he killed us. We killed ourselves so they couldn’t beat us. And now as UM continues to grow, we will foster a new movement. The 14 years put into this army will not go to waste.

I will continue to maintain this website and its pages along with Bam, Aaron, Cobra, Zamb, and Dan. The history and rank pages will be getting some redesigns. I also went ahead and redid the site background and buttons.

If you’d like to help us with the Underground Mafias, a discord link can be found below:


When we revived in November as the UMA, me, Cobra, Games, Justin, and Zamb wanted to make Daniel, Wgfv, Bam, and the other vets proud by making sure UMA culture and its impact doesn’t die. Now we continue the revolution through other games. Let’s do this. Fight the bad!

Dino, UM Premier

Bam117, UM Premier

Aaronstone42, UM Premier

Dillon/Ehroyals81, UM Administrator

Games, UM Administrator

Zambi, UM Cabinet

Lydia, UM Cabinet

BREAKING: Leila surrenders the rights of w*men

SUMMIT, UMA co-capital — After a long siege on the rebel Doritos capital, Leila has just confirmed that women have no rights.

More to come later in the evening..,

No Regrets.

Dino edit: If you want to learn more about Sweater’s sick past, see the section on him in our closing post HERE.

DINO EDIT #2: Fuck otter. changed the post author to ehroyals. hurb

Fire Warriors, the man named Sweater who leads you isn’t who he says he is. If you were in the other FW, you’ve probably noticed a huge change in the army, as well as a shift of power. I warned Sweater tonight that I would leave him alone if he left myself and Kris alone after I departed from Fire Warriors, but he refused to let some things go. His actions towards us made us realize that he isn’t the picture perfect guy everyone sees him as. He claims to be better than everyone else, he claims to be fair and just, however there’s so much he’s kept buried.

Fire Warriors is not an army about family anymore, it’s fuel for Sweater’s ego. He doesn’t care about his actions, he believes he can say what he’d like and never be held accountable.

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who the hell is haley and why does she hate jews?

Haley is addicted to abusing people and killing the “chat” LOL

Image result for always sunny in philadelphia aww gif

Oh I’m sorry, did someone get addicted to abusing their small amount of power in a virtual army