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[US] Beanie Training

Looking for the UMA of CP discord server? Click the THIS blue link to join.

Hail UMA! Today we held an event on Beanie, CPR. We practiced some tactics. Good work, UMA gang! We’ll continue to rise from this. Make sure to check our discord for the next event.

Max: 11(+)

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Just Remember

UMA will never fall, even if we’re not in an league and uphold our old values. We’re UMA. Join our discord if you haven’t already.


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Protected: Jester’s Recruiting Methods

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The UMA Opium Trade Reopening [NSFW]

Good evening, Mafias.

With dark times approaching us and the end of the third golden age, armies are being plagued with a noticeable size decrease. This is much attributed to school and family, which are definitely not more important than UMA, but I digress. 

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12/21/20 – EU Event Results

Sup motherfuckers. 

Today we logged on for an EU Miner Event and maxed 13 and averaged rougly 11. As far as I know, this has been our BEST EU event since our foundation, which is based. I am proud of you little shits.

big mac

Best picture from the event tbh.

bigmac 2

The 13 max pic, we have others but this one is the cleanest.

big mac 3

Extra pic.

Fuck you, CPAH. Good event today bois (and girls).

UMA Commander

Protected: Revisiting: Daniel’s Reverse Psychology Recruiting; and How to Direct Message Recruit; Volume #1

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CP Cheats – CP Rewritten Penguin Style

Hello Mafias!

Today I bring more CP Rewritten Penguin Style cheats. I’ll go over the part of the December 2020 Penguin Style catalog that we didn’t go over last post!

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You’re going to want to go to the Gift Shop and go into the catalog!

The bottom catalog is where you want to go!

Once you open your catalog you’re going to press these certain areas.

Click the glasses…
And get these super cool glasses!
Click on this guys Penguin Beak
Click on her walkie talkie…
Then you can get this cool hair style!
Click this guys bow-tie…
You should get this hair style!
Click on this part of the top lazer…
Get this really cool blonde hairstyle!
Go to the next page and click her shoe…
Then get these nice reading glasses!
Click the top of the moon…
And get this really cool hair style for your penguin!

That’s all for this segment of CPR catalog cheats! Consider joining the Underground Mafias Army for more fun post like this one. We are also one of most Oldest Club Penguin Armies there is. You can also get quicker updates to mascot tracking, pin hunting, and CP Cheats. We are one of the greatest Club Penguin Communities, so join us today!


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CP Cheats – Christmas Party Pin Guide CPR [December 2020]

What’s up Mafias?

With the introduction of the brand new party on Club Penguin Rewritten, the CPR developers have added yet another pin. Read down for more information on how to achieve it.

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oohma pin 1.png

First, go to the stadium. This is the square location in the central area of the map. All you have to do next is walk up to the portrait of the penguin on the bleachers.

oohma pin 2.png

And there you have it! The latest pin.

oohma pin 3.png

On the player card.


That concludes this month’s pin guide. Consider joining the Underground Mafias Army! We are the oldest army, oldest CP cheats provider, greatest army, greatest free stamp collector, and most importantly, the greatest Club Penguin community out there!! Join us today to have access to all of our many cheats, guides, and our awesome community!


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12/14/20 & 12/15/20 – EU & US Event Results

What’s up Mafias?

Yesterday, we held a Sled Racing game night on Club Penguin Rewritten with our EU event and maxed 8. Not bad for our newly formed EU division. Today, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a US training event, and hit a nice size of 16. I am happy UMA has continued to grow these past days despite some reason bumps. I also apologize for the lack of site usage, the site will continue to be posted on following this post.

oohma event 3oohma event 4oohma event 2


Want to receive free stamps, free cheats, mascot tracking, game nights, giveaways, and other cool rewards/prizes for attending our events and being active in our group? Join us here!


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CP Cheats – CP Rewritten Penguin Style December 2020

What’s up Mafias?

Welcome to the first installment of our future CP cheats guides that will be on our website! Today, I’m gonna go over the December 2020 Penguin Style for CP Rewritten.

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