• The Underground Mafias Army of Club Penguin better known as the “UMA” is one of the first club penguin armies it was created in 2006 by a famous club penguin blogger named Pink Mafias, we are one of the largest club penguin armies and we give away mascot meetup times and CPPS cheats click the join button and be a part of us!

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List of Leaders

This page is dedicated to giving more in depth details for every leader, rather than just legends and great mafias.


UMA Legend
UMA Great Mafias
CPA Legend

Dark red text indicates that they are an important figure to UMA’s culture and legacy.


1. Pink MafiasMafia Nickname: Pink Mafia – Created UMA and led it during it’s first golden age. Grew UMA to one of it’s highest peaks ever. Rest can read in his legend bio.

2. Jtrotter – Mafia Nickname: Foxtrot Mafia Co-creator of UMA. Refer to legend bio.

3. Angel G8i – Mafia Nickname: Angel Mafia – Led UMA with Abercombie29 and Mpenguin123 after Pink Mafias handed over power to Angel. Abercrombie and Angel go further back before joining UMA as privates.

4. CompWiz5000 – Mafia Nickname: Wizard Mafia Once called the Co-Creator of the UMA, though it has been proved otherwise. Tested the strengthen of the UMA by attempting to destroy it (not for real), and the UMA passed the test with flying colors. Led the UMA with Pink in the Golden Age.

5. Abercrombie29Mafia Nickname: Amber Mafia – Led UMA for over 2 years. Help Recover UMA when CompWiz tried to destroy it. Won ” Favorite UMA” of 2007.

6. Mpenguin123- Mafia Nickname: Mean Mafia- One of UMA’s mean leaders. Was one of Pink Mafias’s favorites

7. Admiral1234- Mafia Nickname: Advertise Mafia- Created the third UMA site, which was the official one for the years 2007-2011. Won most active UMA of 2007 AND 2006.

8. Jackfrost357- Mafia Nickname: Frosty Mafia- Became UMA at the age of 10: Youngest Leader Record(10/11).

9. Nicole- Mafia Nickname: Nice Mafia- Very nice leader. On the other hand, she had some rebellions and wasn’t the leader for very long.

10. Themouse10- Mafia Nickname: Mousey Mafia- Gave UMA hope that it can be big again but once he retired UMA became small again.

11. Hero12985- Mafia Nickname: Hero Mafia- Led with UMA during the Rebuild Project created by Shadow2446 from the Nachos. Got fired for being inactive but was a great leader while he was active

12. Itachi6dark- Mafia Nickname: Pervy Mafia- Got UMA leader in only 5 months and led with UMA during the Rebuild Project created by Shadow2446. Was a strict leader which helped UMA soldiers stay more disciplined and loyal. Won most perverted UMA of 2008 and 2009

13. Therinator1- Mafia Nickname: Their Mafia- Helped UMA become huge again. Led UMAs biggest battles of up to 35 (later beaten by wgfv’s record of 40)

14. Batista1822- Mafia Nickname: Batman Mafia- Help get UMA steady after the Rebuild and had great ideas. Strengthened alliance with nachos.Came back later made the rebelion of RUMA with MP and Trickster and got UMA from rank 11 to 4th (With the help of Trick.)

15. Explo(Howddy Yall)- Mafia Nickname: Explosion Mafia- Won most active of UMA 2008. UMA’s first Irish leader.

16. Lots of Pie- Mafia Nickname:Pie Mafia- Climbed the ranks quickly. Lead UMA in many battles, and was kicked out of UMA by the Rebellion of RUMA. ( Mentor of Wgfv)

17. Potatoes4 Mafia Nickname: Potato Mafia- Has lead UMA at many battlesand was kicked out of the UMA by the rebellion of RUMA.

18. Fiddyy- Mafia Nickname: Fid- Fiddyy was in sector 1 and helped us through the darkest time in UMA history. . Fiddyy has was leader for 3 months. Rose into the ranks quickly, but a dedicated soldier for the UMA. Voted most loyal and active UMA in 2008. April 2009- July 2009.

19. Wurburt45348- Mafia Nickname: Wur Mafia- Lead UMA for a few months but didn’t do much. July 2009- September 2009

20. Trickster-Mafia Nickname: Tricky Mafia,Pink Mafia’s Jr.- Trickster was one of the best leaders since Pink Mafia’s time. He was the first to kill RPF and bring UMA into the Golden age, a massive Golden age. Led UMA from 12th largest to 4th largest army. One of the best leaders in Club Penguin Warfare history.

21. Harvin13-Mafia Nickname: Linkin Park Mafia- A Slighty Above Average leader who brought lots of war back to UMA and was also stubborn. Lead for 4 months, Was accused of destroying UMA even though proven innocent. In 2012, he reformed UMA to it original state as it seems. October 2009 – March 2010, parts of 2011, January 2012-April 2012.

22. Viper1899-Mafia Nickname: Snake Mafia-Joined at the time of Itachi, Hero, and Ther’s time. Had many great friends in UMA. Helped in the success of RUMA, resigned as leader and retired in December 2009. He returned in January 2012 with Brownie and Lild to lead UMA from a medium army to 4th only to be falsely “replaced’ by NP, and went back into retirement only to return again in October 2013 under Wgfv to assist when the army was in dire need, regained the leader throne in November.

23. Notru-Mafia Nickname: Horse Mafia- Fastest person to get lead from private with the time of 3 months. Average leader and very well-liked. Creator of Notrumas, the first CP Army holiday. Notable assistant to Wgfv from the golden age to the present.

24. Berat2beti-Mafia Nickname: Sultan Mafia- Led UMA in battles during UMA’s dark era. Berat2Beti became the strategic head of UMA during the Wgfv Era. Berat was also the Second Premier.

25. Mr Jibbs-Mafia Nickname: Jedemiah-Led UMA after Harv. Well-liked by troops and was kicked out of leadership by crazy so 27brian could become the leader.

26. WgfvMafia Nickname: Moose Mafia & Steel Mafia Joined UMA in the early day of December 2006. This beloved leader is considered to be one of if not the greatest leaders. He has led for nearly two years. Wgfv is a very aggressive leader. Wgfv was the first leader in the history of club penguin to have another army become a colony. First Uma Premier. Turned UMA into a Communist state, the first communist state in club penguin warfare. March 2010- August 2011, Summer of 2012, June 2013-Present. Won Best Uma leader of 2010 and Most Loyal Uma of 2010.

27. Derek – Mafia Nickname: Spark Mafia Joined UMA in 2008, became the leader with Wgfv in 2010 for a short period of time. Went on to lead UMA during the Red Summer of 2012. Also, not to brag, but I won a poll for best UMA Leader of all time (I voted 23 times)

28. Draco Joe – Nickname: Draco Mafia Joined UMA in 2008, In 2010 he led UMA with Wgfv for the majority of the year. During 2010, UMA reached highs, and lows. Draco Joe’s early leadership was both good and bad. In June 2013,  Joe returned to UMA as leader and led through its golden age with Wgfv, Eyes521, and others.

29. Magma boy/Cross Leader-Nickname: Mr. Mafias (Mr.M)–  UMA leader who had brought UMA and WW close together. Lead during the Wgfv ERA. One of the most loved soldiers in the Wgfv era. Won Most Perverted UMA of 2010. Best Friend of Wgfv’s until his father, Pie, stole Wgfv from him. Current best friend is KappnKrunch (if he ever gets on

30. Neos- Nickname: Johny Mafia- Neos was a very popular leader who was supported by many soldiers. He leads in the Wgfv, He is also great friends with Wgfv. Neos was also the 3rd UMA Premier.

31. Teh Pie – Nickname: Penetration Mafia– Lead during the Wgfv era. Known to be a very perverted leader, and was very well-liked by the UMA. Wasn’t very well-liked by other armies due to his excessive flames towards other armies.

32. Glace-Mafia Nickname: Cool Ice Mafia: Another leader of the Wgfv era. Led a lot of great battles. One of the fastest to get UMA leader. Resigned and returned as 3ic, in October, 2012, before being promoted to lead again. Lead alongside Wgfv, Rainy, Berat, Daft, Neos, and Teh Pie.

33. Daft Punk-Mafia Nickname: Tech Mafia- Lead UMA during and after the Wgfv era, and was well-liked by most leaders. One of the fastest to get an owner rank, as he got it on his third day in UMA.

34. Mount Rainy – Mafia Nickname : Fiesty Mafia – One of Uma’s stricter leaders however he was also very fun and well-liked by the rest of the Uma leaders. Lead along with Wgfv, Glace, Berat, Pie, Daft, Notru and Nicjackson.

35. DanielMafia Nickname: Intuitive MafiaDaniel salvaged the UMA from a great despondency. Having reinstated Communism, he instantly became popular within the UMA and still is, to this very day. Daniel was the figurehead during the 2013 summer break and spearheaded multiple war operations against both the Doritos and ACP, which ended in their ultimate demise. Daniel is a totalitarian leader who rules with an iron fist. He will always be remembered by those inside of the Underground Mafias Army, old and new.

36. Mach – Mafia Nickname : Music Mafia/Mach Mafia – Has been UMA leader 13 times, and has been in UMA for many years. Is one of the few remaining soldiers from the Wgfv era, and always fought to help secure the site whenever it was taken by rebels except one time trying to sell UMA to the REBEL SCUM RPF. Has a UMA holiday named after him called Machoween, which has been ongoing since October 2011. Holds the Youngest Leader Record once held by Jackfrost. Youngest Leader Record (10) however recently tarnished his UMA legacy revoking his legend status.

37. Brownieman7 — Mafia Nickname: Brownie Mafia- Lead UMA with pride and was a great leader. Helped us get through tough times, and was an amazing leader overall

38. Wwebestfan: Mafia Nickname: Wwe Mafia – Lead UMA during the era of Confusion along with Harvin13, Np3000, Mach, Lild and Brownieman7. Known for being the creator of the DCP. He was credited with ending communism in UMA with Harv. Created UMA’s website as the one we use today due to the old one being defaced and suspended. Brought UMA to 4th in the Top Ten before retiring from armies.

39. Np3000 –Mafia Nickname: Stoopid Mafia – Lead UMA during the era of Confusion. He was in UMA for over 2 years. Some say he is the reason why UMA is still alive. His era was one of the greatest in UMA history, with sizes of 35+, making us reach the 4th position in the Top Ten. A true legend.

40. Lild- Mafia Nickname: BigPoppa Mafia & Lil Mafia – Led the UMA during the era of Confusion. Helped UMA rise back into the top five, and kept us there for a while, as highest as fourth with Viper and Brownieman. Helped during the ACP/UMA war. Led UMA over the summer of 2013, helped us rise to as highest as second and one of the key factors in their summer top 10/5 success along with Eyes, Wg, and Draco Joe.

41. Sarge525- Mafias Nickname: N/A- Led the UMA through many battles in the War of Ignorance against the Nachos. He became the first-ever person in the Mafias to be on multiple sections on the Hall of Fame. Led briefly in late 2012 but was inactive.

42. Coolster114- Mafia Nicknames: Cool Mafia – Revived the UMA in 2012 during a time of great depression back to its former glory, when all other leaders had abandoned it. Led the UK division to 20+ consistently and was renowned for how he commanded the UMA to a 16-2 victory against the Pirates, the strongest European army in recent history. Has led successfully on numerous other occasions, and is a Hall of Legends member. Later impeached in August 2014 by Step for closing UMA.

43. Zach610- Mafia Nickname: 4-Beat Mafia- Led with Derek & Coolster114 in the post-Benjarkin era. He was one of those who organized the coup against Benjarkin and took over leadership. He, along with Coolster & Derek, got UMA to 30+, and back into the Top Five, where they remained for over a month in the Red Summer era.

44. Bluesockwa1-Nickname: Blue1 Mafia- Joined the UMA during the summer of 2012, as an owner. Popular with what he did, Blue eventually gained leader after the exit of Coolster, Zak, and DereK. He led the UMA to sixth in the Top Ten, but after a series of coups, he retired from the army, leaving Lootking as leader.

45. Step Up 646- Mafia Nickname: Pokemon Mafia, –  Joined during 2010 and was made leader during August 2012. Led briefly with Coolster114 and Holo2 after the army was saved from the clutches of Seth through a rebellion.  Came back during April 2014 to help in the Nacho war, which the UMA did in fact win. Helped raise UMA to 4th on the top 10.

46. Aaronstone-Mafia Nickname: Ace Mafia- He became leader after Coffs failed revolution, brought UMA from the dead to first second, and third in SMAC, eventually got them to the CPAC Top 15 then to the Top Ten, with sizes varying from 10 – 25. He leads for 5 months. He has been named Wg and Daniel’s pet.

47. Spi101- Mafia Nickname: SWAT Mafia- Regenerated life and passion into the UMA. Spi gave us hope that the UMA could, once again, become big. One of the few successful leaders to emerge from the Dark Ages.

48. Rockyiceman1 – Mafia Nickname: Rocky Mafia- was considered a very loyal soldier in the army, he was soon called as the future of UMA he also won the award of Mr. UMA in 2013. Lead a very successful AUSIA in 2013, which had 15+ as well as a strong AUSIA that took all of LT’s servers in July 2014.

49. Niceguy09 – Mafia Nickname: Nice Mafia- After going up the ranks during 2013 and 2014, Nice finally became a leader during April 2014 alongside Step’s return. Nice struggled throughout the depression, until June where he helped UMA get to 4th on CPAC with a variety of leaders including Step and Rocky. He’s been only in UMA his whole career and is loyal to the UMA to this day.

50. Bam – Mafia Nickname: Flex Mafia: Bam is a long time DCP leader and UMA leader. While he has been in DCP for the vast majority of his career he soon made that change of heart and decided to come part of one of the Underground Mafias Army. His era in UMA before ‘The Underground Era’ is widely accepted to be the best since the summer of 2013. Bam later brother allied with UMA while he leads the Army of Club Penguin where the Grand Alliance toppled nearly every top ten armies as well as completely controlled the Top 3 statically (UMA/ACP/NW). Lead with Jester and Trader and Joseph & Emiya.

51. Jester – Mafia Nickname: Big J Mafia: Spearheaded ‘The Underground’ era of the Underground Mafias Army. This was the first time the Underground Mafias Army had been successful since the Bam/Marina era. While Jester is a new figure inside of the UMA, the impact he has had inside of the army proves that even the newest of people can make a large impact in such a small amount of time. Jester is widely known throughout the community and is currently leading the UMA to greatness. We thank Jester for making the UMA great again.

52. Emiya – Mafia Nickname: Sane Mafia: An old school veteran from UMA’s 2010 run, she played crucial efforts behind the scenes during UMA return in 2016. Lead for a short time with Commander Joseph, Jester, Bam, Step & Trader.

53. Trader – Mafia Nickname: CP Mafia: Trader lead alongside Jester and Bam for ”The Underground” era of the Underground Mafias Army. Trader was a crucial part of the UMA crew and acted as such. He along with Bam and Jester played an extraordinary part in the army’s revival in 2016.

Line of Succession

  • Pink Mafias
  • Jtrotter
  • Angel G8i
  • CompWiz5000
  • Abercrombie29
  • Mpenguin123
  • Admiral1234
  • Jackfrost357
  • Nicole
  • Themouse10
  • Hero12985
  • Itachi6dark
  • Therinator1
  • Batista1822
  • Explo
  • Lots of Pie
  • Potatoes4
  • Fiddyy
  • Wurburt45348
  • Trickster
  • Harvin13
  • Viper1899
  • Notru
  • Wgfv
  • Berat2beti
  • Draco Joe
  • Magma boy
  • Neos
  • Teh Pie
  • Dvddivi
  • Daft Punk
  • Mount Rainy
  • Daniel
  • Mach
  • Wwebestfan
  • Brownieman7
  • Np3000
  • Lild
  • Sarge525
  • Coolster114
  • Derek
  • Zach610
  • Bluesockwa1
  • Step Up 646 
  • Aaron
  • Spi101 
  • Rockyiceman1
  • Niceguy09
  • Bam117
  • Jester
  • Emiya
  • Trader




54. Ehroyals81Mafia Nickname: Rookie MafiaLast remaining member of the original UMA, Recreated UMA with Zeke/Fudge in 2017 after permissions from UMA highers. UMA crew took a strange liking to his abilities and his finesse thus naming him the Rookie & Truest of UMA.  // TBA//

55. Zeke/Fudge – Mafia Nickname: Fudge Mafia – Reformed UMA with Ehroyals back in 2017 and pushed UMA to greatness consistently fighting off enemy armies and terrible administrators. // TBA //

56. Sir Proditor – Mafia Nickname: Prod Mafia//TBA//

57. SmurfMafia Nickname: Papa Mafia//TBA//

58. Games – Mafia Nickname: Gaming MafiaHelped UMA through major trials as well as being one of the first leaders of the newly revived UMA. He constantly held the standard for UMA and never let wars and stress overtake him, // TBA///

59. MasonCooper – Mafia Nickname: New Mafia//TBA//

60. Justinfortsa – Mafia Nickname: Greek Mafia//TBA//

61. SavageCobra – Mafia Nickname: Cum Mafia //TBA//

62. Dino – Mafia Nickname: Expert Mafia //TBA//

63. Zambi – Mafia Nickname: Rajan Mafia//TBA//

64. Lydia – Mafia Nickname: Mommy Mafia//TBA//

Line of Succession on CPPS


  • Ehroyals81
  • Zeke/Fudge Doge
  • Sir Proditor
  • Smurf
  • Games
  • MasonCooper
  • Justinfortsa
  • SavageCobra
  • Dino
  • Zambi
  • Lydia

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