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Old History v2 [DO NOT TOUCH]

The Underground Mafias Army is one of the first armies to ever make it’s face onto the Club Penguin community, having been founded on January 8th, 2007, by Pink Mafias, a popular CP cheats blogger. The army is one of the most influential armies and innovative armies, developing war strategy, and most notably, the reward system. This page contains all the history of UMA from it’s foundation to present.

Note: As we uncover more and more history, the page will remain under MASSIVE RENOVATION in the time being.

Note II: EHUMA history is not included here, and is instead being worked on in another page. This may change in the future.

Website Page Maintainer(s): Dino, Cobra, Aaronstone



Era – Not to be confused with the many generations named with era, an era is the period when UMA took part on Club Penguin or CPPSes.
Age – An age is where the army remained consistent in culture.
Generation – A generation is where big change was brought to the army within it’s age.
Golden Age – A golden age is where UMA was at it’s best during it’s respectful generation.

Pink – UMA Legend
Purple – UMA Great Mafias
Red – UMA Honorable Mafias
Green – UMA Walk of Shame
Underline – CPA Legend


===== ORIGINAL ERA =====

(2006 – 2008)

The Age of Development saw the beginning of UMA‘s culture and history, beginning with a whole other army that would soon turn into UMA.

Pre-UMA [December 2006]

Pioneers: Pink Mafias
Notable Leaders: N/A
Notable Troops: N/A
Other Notable People: Tom Wolf [Nachos], Oagalthorp [ACP]
Allies: N/A
Enemies: Nachos

Peak Max: ~5
Top Ten Peak: N/A

The Underground Mafias Army began as a prototype army known as the “Pink Mafias Army” in December 2006. This army launched attacks on Mammoth, the capital of CPA at the time. Little is known about the army, but it transformed into the UMA the following month.

Early_nachos (1).jpg

★ Early UMA [January – June 2007] 

Pioneers: Pink MafiasJrtrotter, CompWiz5000
Notable Leaders: Abercrombie29, Mpenguin123, Angel G8i
Notable Troops: Admiral1234, Commando717
Other Notable People: Tom Wolf [Nachos], Zippy500 [Nachos]Oagalthorp [ACP], Commando717 [RPF], Dj [Romans], Db Penguin [CPAF]
Allies: Nachos, Club Penguin United Nations Space Commission
Enemies: Army of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation, CP Air Force

Peak Max: ~25+
Top Ten Peak: N/A

January 8th, 2007 marked the day the Underground Mafias Army was officially founded. It started out with Pink Mafias, Jrtrotter, and CompWiz5000 as our leaders. We become one of, if not the biggest armies right off the bat, with the advent of Pink Mafias’ reward system due to him offering CP Cheats. Not too long after, Oagalthorp, the founder and leader of the Army of Club Penguin at the time found the UMA while we were attacking Mammoth. He looked into us and found out about our CP cheats and WPE Pro guides, the latter causing disgust to him. So, he threatened our high command with war, prompting them to say the famous quote “Bring it on”. After this, World War III began, marking a big change in armies. Pink Mafias was soon to ally us with the Nachos amd the CPUSC. We managed to defeat ACP during the early parts of the war, causing Oagalthorp to speak to Pink directly and call for a ceasefire. Around this time, UMA was split into the Red and Blue mafias, with the latter being led by third-in-command, Commando717. Oagalthorp convinced Commando to rebel and on May 8th, he rebelled against us, forming the Rebel Penguin Federation and reigniting the war. Not only that, but Pink Mafias’ main account was banned, causing him to get his new, but infamous, “Uma Pm” account. Sadly, from May to June, UMA began taking staggering defeats due to the amount of armies attacking us, which led to Pink Mafias leave and Abercrombie‘s and Mpenguin123‘s leadership, which the latter would surrender the war to the rival forces after the Battle of Wool Socks. We were forced into an alliance and continued onwards. 




Era of Peace [June 2007 – 2008]

Pioneers: Abercrombie29, CompWiz5000, Admiral1234
Notable Leaders: Mpenguin123
Angel G8iJackfrost357, Nicole, Themouse10, Theoriginalme
Notable Troops: Jimmyjoecrew, Jd112, Hero12985
Other Notable People: Colinzfresh [PRA], Zippy500 [Nachos], Shadow2446 [Nachos], Commando717 [RPF], Wii Mountain [WW], Dialga80 [WW], Oagalthorp [ACP], Shaboomboom [ACP], Boomer20 [ACP], Iceyfeet1234 [IW/TWA], Dj [Romans/TWA]
Allies: Ice Warriors/TWA, Watex Warriors, Golds
Enemies: Army of Club Penguin

Peak Max: TBA
Top Ten Peak: N/A

After Pink Mafias‘ leave within Club Penguin and the end of World War III, peace was mostly established. More armies managed to grow dominance alongside us, with the Watex Warriors and Ice Warriors rising up to be one of the biggest. Despite being weakened, we continued to rebuild ourselves under Aber‘s rule. Mammoth became our main source for recruits. Many of the armies with “warrior” at the end merged and became “The Warrior Armies”. During this time, we also moved to our second site. Not much is to be said about this time, other than UMA was in a tough spot.



(2008 – 2010)

The Age of Reconstruction was marked by it’s legendary rebuild projects throughout the end of the 2000’s and beginning of the 2010’s. This age saw great new hope coming to UMA.

Rebuild UMA Project [October 2008 – March 2009]

Pioneers: Shadow2446 & Therinator1
Notable Leaders: 
Batista1822Hero12985, Itachi6dark, Explosionruleshalo
Notable Troops: Wurburt45348, Potatoes4, Dj, Fiddyy, Harvin13,Viper1899, Eyes521 
Other Notable People: Boomer20 [ACP], Iceyfeet1234 [IW], Zippy500 [Nachos], Akabob22 [Nachos], Hidude45 [CPW], Kimster [BB]
Allies: Nachos, Rebel Penguin Federation, Watex Warriors, Ice Warriors, Black Bandits, Club Penguin Warriors
Enemies: Army of Club Penguin, Shadow Troops

Peak Max: 35+
Top Ten Peak: N/A

Before the Rebuild Project, UMA was at an all-time low. Nachos legend Shadow2446 supported us by joining for advisor in October 2008, the first person to hold such title. He created a series of reforms, similar to his reforms in the Nachos, that were implimented by Hero12985, Therinator1, and Itachi6dark, leading UMA to reach sizes of 35+.


Post-Rebuild UMA [March – July 2009]

Pioneers: Lots of Pie
Notable Leaders: Fiddyy, Potatoes4, Wurburt45348

Notable Troops: Wgfv, Eyes521, Benu2, Harvin13, Viper1899
Other Notable People: Boomer20 [ACP], Person1233 [Nachos], Akabob22 [Nachos], Linkin55 [Nachos], Iceyfeet1234 [IW]
Allies: Ice Warriors
Enemies: Nachos, Army of Club Penguin

After the success of the rebuild project, we faced a collapse due to internal problems. Lots of Pie, Potatoes4, and Wurburt45348 all struggled to lead with one another, due to the heavy disagreements of direction. This caused future UMA legend and CPA legend, Wgfv, to get involved. Little battles occured and the army became forgotten. The ranking system remained consistent, however. We went onto fight a war against the Army of Club Penguin, but lost, due to the Nachos backstabbing us.

★ Revolution of the UMA (RUMA) [July – November 2009] 

Pioneers: Batista1822, Trickster
Notable Leaders: 
Mpenguin123, Benu2, Jackfrost567
Notable Troops: ZzMasterChef, Rosytoes22, Mo Mo1357, Viper1899
Other Notable People: Boomer20 [ACP], Person1233 [Nachos], Akabob22 [Nachos], Puckley [Nachos], Iceyfeet1234 [IW]
Allies: Nachos, Ice Warriors, (Roman) Fire Warriors
Enemies: Army of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation

Peak Max: TBA
Top Ten Peak: N/A

Batista1822, a former leader from previous generations, noticed the errors that UMA were facing. He organized one of the first coups ever in CPA against Lots of Pie, and overthrew him and his regime when he was on leave. He replaced the leadership with five new leaders, including the return of Mpenguin123. Wgfv, the second-in-command at the time, was offered leader, but he rejected. He was then banished for one year from UMA. The other leaders were punished based on their actions. Trickster was hired in place of Wgfv to lead. UMA revived and it’s second golden age began. World War IV was fought, with UMA defeating the Rebel Penguin Federation, marking a revolutionary defeat. 

Post-Revolution UMA [December 2009 – April 2010]

Pioneers: Harvin13
Notable Leaders: Viper1899Apocalypse66Crazyboy86, Mo Mo1357, Notru, Berat2beti, Mr Jibbs, Angel G8i, 27brian, Alfy3
Notable Troops: Brifcore, M2Rocks, Neos
Other Notable People: Puckley [Nachos], Iceyfeet1234 [IW], Ads345 [Nachos]
Allies: Nachos, Ice Warriors, Romans
Enemies: Army of Club Penguin

Peak Max: TBA
Top Ten Peak: TBA

After the end of the revolution UMA, we began to weakan drastically. The long line of recruits from 2008 began to die out, and the supply line for troops shattered. UMA remained somewhat stable with Harvin, Crazy, Viper, and Notru leading, the successors failed to keep up the pace, with most notable being Alfy, who got us to only sizes of four at events.


Wgfv’s Civil War [April 2010]

Pioneers: Wgfv & Alfy3
Notable Leaders: N/A
Notable Troops: 
Other Notable People: N/A
Allies: N/A
Enemies: N/A

Peak Max: N/A
Top Ten Peak: N/A

By April 2010, UMA was in a dire position and in depression. Wgfv, former second-in-command, returned after his year banishment. He demaned he be made leader of UMA, but Alfy refused and a civil war broke out. Pre-RUMA troops backed Wgfv while RUMA supporters back Alfy. The war lasted for two weeks and climaxed when Wgfv forces captured Mittens. Afterwards, Alfy resigned from leader, and a provisional government was set up by Notru. Elections were held and Wgfv was declared the winner by a landslide.


The Age of Rebirth saw the revival of the Underground Mafias Army‘s success, reaching notable peaks during this time, under the now legendary duo of Wgfv and Eyes521.

(2010 – 2014)

★★★ Wgfv Era [April 2010 August 2011] ★★★

Pioneers: Wgfv, Eyes521, Teh Pie, Berat2Beti
Notable Leaders: Alfrondo1465, DereK, Draco Joe, Goatie, Notru, Neos, Glace, Rainy, Daft Punk, Khimo
Notable Troops: Mach, Np3000, Ioiuluk, Holo2, Sarge525
Fiddyy, Coolster114, Cassius Brutus
Other Notable People: Boomer20 [ACP], Shaboomboom [ACP] Elitesof [FGR], Person1233 [Nachos], Iceyfeet1234 [IW]
Allies: N/A
Enemies: Nachos, Army of Club Penguin, Team Gold, Golden Troops, Crystal Warriors, Watex Warriors, Dark Warriors, Doritos of Club Penguin, Army Republic, Fort Ghost Recon

Peak Max: 50+
Top Ten Peak: #3 (CPAC)

After Wgfv seized control of the army, he created a new regime and began rebuilding the army. Within a month, the third golden age began. During this time, the we peaked at #3 on the CPAC Top Ten, and continued to remain on the Top Ten during the entire generation, creating one of the longest periods of stability of UMA. The army was taken from a dark age and into a golden age where we peaked at 50+. Communism was developed as the army’s ideology. During the Orange Wars, we crushed the orange and yellow armies, especifically the Watex Warriors, Team Gold, and Golden Troops. This era saw the beginning of modern UMA culture which lasts to this date, and for the first time in years, UMA was one of the most powerful once again.



Nigel Pur-Mach Era [August – December 2011]

Pioneers: Np3000, Mach
Notable Leaders: Holo2, Brownieman, Sarge525, Super Paco24
Notable Troops: 
Other Notable People: Chrisi Blule [Nachos], Fido1625 [Nachos], Buritodaily [AR], Iceyfeet1234 [IW], Kenneth1000 [ACP], Flipper [ACP]
Allies: Ranger Troops
Enmies: N/A

Peak Max: ~23
Top Ten Peak: #6 (CPAC)

Riding on the coattails of Wgfv‘s era, UMA continued under the rule of Nigel and Mach, both who attempted to relive glory of Wgfv’s UMA in their own. UMA remained a decent medium army for the time averaging about 15, and peaking at #6 on CPAC, as well as hitting 20+

uma 23


Era of Confusion [January – April 2012]

Pioneers: Mach
Notable Leaders: Np3000, Superpaco24, Lild, Bronwieman7, Viper1899, Vinny, Harvin13, Wwebestfan
Notable Troops: Talex831, Kevin, Zakster

Other Notable People: Pain [Golden Troops], Iceeblue101 [FGR], Kingfunks4 [ACP], Iceyfeet1234 [IW], Tap Dancer36 [GT]
Allies: Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors
Enemies: Golden Troops, Blue Republic, Nachos

Peak Max: ~15
Top Ten Peak: TBA

Wwebestfan gave us a temporary site to use as the other one was deleted. Under his reign, communism fell and UMA nearly collapse. Mach rose back up and saved UMA to return it to it’s stable self once again.


Red Summer [April 2012 – August 2012]

Pioneers: Derek, Zak, Coolster114, Cassius Brutus
Notable Leaders: Wgfv
Notable Troops: Bluesockwa1, Talex831, Lootking, Reddbudd, Xixah, Tsar Seth, Percyjackson2, Step Up 646

Other Notable People: Buritodaily [AR], Kingfunks4 [ACP], Chrisi Blule [Nachos], Puckley [Nachos], Iceyfeet1234 [IW], Albert [IW], Pungy1234 [GD]
Allies: Nachos, Ice Warriors, Fort Ghost Recon, Dark Warriors, Pretzels, Shadow Troops
Enemies: Pirates, Army Republic, Army of Club Penguin, Ranger Troops

Peak Max: 35+
Top Ten Peak: Top Five (CPAC)

Benjarkin was removed in a strategical move by other UMA leaders, who wished to lead the Underground Mafias Army. Widely, Ben was hated, and it was his own fellow leaders who made the move possible. The new leadership stood with Derek, Zak, and Coolster114 at the helm of power. After a poor start, we got off with an unscheduled in June, before fighting a months long war against the Pirates, winning successfully. We got far in three different tournaments, getting to the semi finals once. We hit 35+ and remained in the Top Five for a month straight. Within the Top Ten, we stayed in it until all three leaders exited. This era of time was highly successful, and it saw new talent in the army. Many leaders who came after first joined during the Red Dawn. The only lost war was to the Army of Club Penguin.




Post-Red Summer [August 2012 – January 2013]
~Working Name~

Pioneers: Lootking, NP3000
Notable Leaders: Coff, Super Paco, Sarge
Notable Troops: Derek, Aaronstone42, Reddbudd
Other Notable People: TBA
Allies: TBA
Enemies: TBA

Peak Max: TBA
Top Ten Peak: TBA


Era of Turmoil [January 2013 – June 2013]
Formerly known as “Aaron-Eyes-Redd Era”

Pioneers: Eyes521, Aaronstone42, Redbudd
Notable Leaders: Derek, Coolster, Lootking, Proditor, Shad, Kevin, Zakster, Talex, Lild
Notable Troops:
Bluesockwa1, Percyjackson2, Max43810, Berat2Beti, Micro
Other Notable People: Elmikey [RPF], Puckley [Nachos], Bluesockwa1 [CPAC], Bluesockwa2 [CPAC], Dxdzn [HSA], Vinny [AR], Buritodaily [AR]
Hot Sauce Army
Enemies: Special Weapons and Tactics

Peak Max: TBA
Top Ten Peak: TBA




★★★★ neo-Wgfv Era [June – December 2013] ★★★

Pioneers: Wgfv, Eyes521, Neos, Draco Joe, Percyjackson2
Notable Leaders: Viper1899, MachLild, Berat2Beti, Shad
Notable Troops: Kreatos

Other Notable People: Buritodaily [AR], Vinny [AR], Elmikey [RPF], Tori [ACP], Capn [ACP], Cassius Brutus [ACP], Puckley [Nachos], Bluesockwa1 [CPAC], Bluesockwa2 [CPAC], Flipmoo [ACP]
Allies: Army Republic
Enemies: Rebel Penguin Federation, Doritos, Army of Club Penguin, Shadow Troops, Club Penguin Police Department

Peak Max: 30+
Top Ten Peak: #2 (CPAC)

During the early summer of 2013, UMA fell into a depression. This caused Wgfv and Daniel, UMA’s famous duo, to return to rebuild UMA. The new regime was built based on the Wfgv era regime, consisting of the duo and friends. UMA returned to power, crippling ACP in a war and forcing them to surrender. This generation saw it reached high positions on CPAC‘s Top Ten, reaching #2 under Daniel. However, this did not last, as UMA began to fall back into a minor depression by autumn 2013. Viper returned aroudn this time to assist Wgfv in trying to rebuild. By December, UMA was crippled, causing Daniel and Wgfv to begin the “Second UMA Rebuilding Project” in late December.

uma4 (1).png

uma hitting #2


(2014 – 2016)

Throughout 2014 to 2016, the Second Age of Reconstruction saw several revivals and near golden ages of the Underground Mafias Army. This age was the final age present in the CPPS era of the army.

Era of Reconstruction [January 1st – April 14th 2014]

Pioneers: Wgfv, Draco Joe, LootkingCoolster114
Notable Leaders: Vetsd, Lild423, SuperPaco24, Taco Daily
Notable Troops: Max43180

Other Notable People: N/A
Allies: N/A
Enemies: Water Vikings, Miners, NRA Alliance

Peak Max: 30+
Top Ten Peak: N/A

With the Rebuilding Project underway the high command found itself restructured. A new leadership was combined, this leadership consisted of Lild423, Vetsd, SuperPaco24 & Tacodaily. This leadership was thriving in success, and in just under a week the UMA were maxing 25-30 troops on Club Penguin. But unfortunately, this leadership wasn’t to stay. Lild and Vetsd went on temporary leave, and Taco and Paco became very lazy. After this, the UMA dropped a bit but were kept afloat by the new leadership of Draco Joe, Coolster114 and Lootking. All 3 leaders returned to lead UMA after the previous leadership left them in a mess and soon enough, UMA was averaging 15-20 troops at every event. The UMA went to war with the Miners army in late January, and ended up killing the Miners off. This caused the Miners to merge into the Water Vikings which got UMA caught up in another war; except, this one was more tricky. The UMA ended up tying in the war, and resumed its attempt to rise. As the days passed, the UMA got bigger, and in the middle of February, the Miners Army returned. The Miners Army was under the same leaders again and this ended up in another UMA – Miners war.


The Ummanian Empire [April 14th – May 23rd 2014]

Pioneers: Wgfv & Eyes521
Notable Leaders: Viper1899Niceguy09, Step Up 646, Rockyiceman1
Notable Troops: Caliwar, Alina

Other Notable People: Mustapha10 [DCP]
Allies: Doritos
Enemies: Nachos

Peak Max: TBA
Top Ten Peak: TBA

UMA found itself somewhat stronger than it did before but slightly fell after the retirement of Coolster and Draco Joe. Wgfv promptly announced an end to the solo dictatorship and the creation of a dual leadership with himself and Daniel at the helm. During this period, the UMA triumphed over the Nachos. Afterward, they hit a small depression where everybody was un-motivated. Eventually, this came to a stop when Wgfv ended boarding school and could help the UMA at full force. Not only that, but other former troops started to appear.

Titanic Era [May 24th – July 1st 2014]

Pioneers: Wgfv, Daniel, Niceguy09, Step Up 646
Notable Leaders: Viper1899Rockyiceman1
Notable Troops: Np3000, Lild, Superpaco24

Other Notable People: Mustapha10 [DCP], Flipmoo [ACP], Gtu [IW]
Allies: Doritos, Army of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors
Enemies: Light Troops, Pirates, SWAT, Golds

Peak Max: 25+
Top Ten Peak: #4 (CPAC)

After a month of depression and a poor war to the Nachos, things started looking brighter for us. Wgfv came out of boarding school, and many veterans rejoined, most notably, Paco, Np, and Lild joined for leader, while BuritoDaily, Mach and Viper joined for second-in-command. During this time, we consistently had 25+, and even hit 4th on CPAC. A war with the Light Troops heated up, and we beat them 22–2, taking all of their servers. Things were looking good for us.


Rising Sun Era [July 1st – October 7th 2014]

Pioneers: Step Up 646, Niceguy09
Notable Leaders: MachSpi101, Ryan, Flamez, Rockyiceman1, Coolster114
Notable Troops: Viper1899, ImpulseV, Scumpii102

Other Notable People: Mustapha10 [DCP], Flipmoo [ACP], Gtu [IW], XxToySolider [DW]
Allies: Army of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors
Enemies: Light TroopsDark Warriors

Peak Max: 20+
Top Ten Peak: TBA

Despite Wgfv and Daniel’s retirement being scheduled on August 1st, the duo decided to retire early. Np vanished, Lild retired during the LT war, Viper retired somewhere in the midst, and Paco went to join SWAT. The army was left with Mach, Step, Niceguy, and Rocky. At first, a lot of people had doubt for them, but, they had a fun war with ACP that lasted for a short period. UMA averaged around 20+ in the war before we were overwhelmed and lost confidence. Coolster114 was later hired, and a series of coups happened, leaving Step and Nice in command. Hope was thought to be restored when Spi101 and Flamez joined. However, some internal conflicts happened and the two left. For the next 2 months UMA laid in depression and had a cold war with the Dark Warriors. The UMA then died on October 7th, 2014, and wouldn’t return for over a year later.


The Shit Eras [2014 – 2015]

Pioneers: Joseph, Trader
Notable Leaders: Bam, Sarge, Rocyiceman1
Notable Troops: TBA

Other Notable People: Bepboy [WV], Kingfunks4 [IW/ACP/WV], Flame [AR], Bluesockwa1 [CPAC], Bluesockwa2 [CPAC], Superaalden [AR], Flipmoo [ACP], Twitchy543 [RPF]
Allies: TBA
Enemies: Ice Warriors

Peak Max: 20? (Ref.)
Top Ten Peak: TBA

To be added.


The Underground Era [February 2016 – March 2017]

Pioneers: Bam, Trader, Viper, Jester, Mach
Notable Leaders: Wgfv, Joseph, Wurbut, West, Rockyiceman1
Notable Troops: Np3000, Max, Apollo, Brad, Ghost, Lild, TealViolin, Admiral1234, Explo

Other Notable People: Bam [ACP], Ghost [IW], Lord Pain [RPF], Chip [RPF], Badboy [DCP/SWAT], XxToySoldier [NW/DW]
Allies: Army Republic, Army of Club Penguin, Nachos, Defenders of CP, Elites, Chaos
Enemies: Everyone else

Peak Max: 60+ (Claimed)
Top Ten Peak: #1 (CPAC)

Despite being declared dead since October 14th 2014 by UMA legends Daniel and Wgfv, the UMA managed to maintain a new mantle within the community that was spearheaded by non-other than the newly formed UMA Squad (now UMA Crew) which consisted of Jester, Bam, Trader, Wurburt, Mach, West, Viper, Brad, Step, Lild, Ghost, and newly introduced dictator of UMA, Joseph. This era started when Jester purchased ads on the CPPS.me private server which served as a sponsor. The UMA skyrocketed to the top and led an army known under the name of “Chaos” to 1st on CPAC. A few days after the initial ranking the leaders of Chaos became greedy and tried to take the sponsorship for themselves and tried to impeach Jester and the rest of the UMA Squad. This didn’t sit lightly with the squad which prompted them to reform the UMA and take control of the mantle that was once theirs. UMA went on to be very successful during this generation, declaring several new legends and bringing new notability. The Undergroud Era would have too more iterations ─ one spearheaded by Mach, and the final in March 2017 by Wgfv and Bam.



===== CPPS ERA =====

(2017 – 2018)

The Age of Rewritten was the first age present in the CPPS era of the army’s history. While not the most successful, it did have it’s peaks and made itself still infamous within the community, despite being entirely S/M.

The Rewritten Era [March – June 2017]

Pioneers: Ehroyals81, Zeke/Fudge
Notable Leaders: Smurf, Proditor
Notable Troops: Proski

Other Notable People: Movamp [CS], Silverburg [RPF]
Allies: Rangers
Enemies: CPR Mafia, Green Jackhammers, Rebel Penguin Federation

Peak Max: 25
Top Ten Peak: TBA

On March 28th, with the permission from Derek, Bam, Daniel, and Wgfv, Ehroyals81 and Zeke revived the Underground Mafias Army for the CPPS “Club Penguin Rewritten”, making it the first army of the CPPS armies era. UMA averaged low sizes from 5-10, but was still respsected and saw some peaks in CPRAC. UMA peaked at a max of 25. UMA was the first army to move to Discord, which occured in June, but by then, UMA was at a depression with extremely low sizes and Zeke’s leave from the army. 

The Underground Depression [July – October 2017]
Formerly known as “The Depression”

Pioneers: Ehroyals81, Games
Notable Leaders: Smurf, Zeke/Fudge
Notable Troops: Maddog, Powerdude500, Hulk Hogan28

Other Notable People: Elmikey [RPF], Manifest Red [URP]
Allies: United Republic of Penguins
Enemies: Rebel Penguin Federation

Peak Max: ~8
Top Ten Peak: TBA

By early July, Security, an infamous defacer and CPRAC CEO of this time, defaced UMA and her colonies. We quickly went into a dark depression, hitting sizes of only three, causing us to get a terrible reputation due to this. Tension increased with RPF at this time due to Games and Ehroyals controversial leadership. Smurf and Zeke returned in September and helped increase the size to 7-8, but UMA would rebrand/merge into the Romans in October.


Screenshot 2017-09-16 at 2.18.28 PM

The Cardinal Era [November – December 2017]
Formerly known as “UMA Revival”

Pioneers: Ehroyals81, Zeke/Fudge
Notable Leaders: Games
Notable Troops:
FalstPL, Mason Cooper, Cobra
Other Notable People: Edu14463 (EGCP), Dj (Romans), Smurf (Romans), Ulysses Nardo (Romans), Flame (DKE), Cobra (DKE), XxToysoldier (RPF), Doctor Calamus (URP)
Allies: Dark Knight Empire, United Republic of Penguins, Rebel Penguin Marines, New Viking Alliance
Enemies: Rebel Penguin Federation, Romans

Peak Max: ~7
Top Ten Peak: N/A

Soon after the UMA closed it’s doors to become the Romans, Ehroyals decided to revive the UMA again, causing their banishment in the Romans. The Romans only maxed 5-7, so Zeke followed Ehroyals back to UMA where he re-joined the leadership. Despite their efforts, Zeke and Ehroyals couldn’t persuade Games and Smurf to rejoin, and a war broke out after Games was caught ranting against Dj on DKE chat, forcing him to leave the Romans, and joining UMA. During this time, UMA and the Dark Knight Empire formed a brother alliance known as UMADKE, which fought off both the RPF and Romans during the war. After the coup of Elmikey, UMA allied with his rebellion army, the Rebel Penguin Marines. After the war, tensions increased between DKE and UMA, and UMA pulled out of the New Viking Alliance. UMA continued to collapse from there.

Era of Lost Soverignty [January 2018]
Formerly known as “UMA Civil War: NUMA vs EHUMA”

Pioneers: Ehroyals81, Games, Mason Cooper
Notable Leaders: N/A
Notable Troops:
REGGI, FalstPL, LuckyPaperClipCobra
Other Notable People: Edu14463 [EGCP], Doctor Calamus [URP], Thomas8314 [CPC], Smurf [Romans]
Elite Guardians (NUMA), New Viking Alliance (NUMA)
Enemies: Elite Guardians (EHUMA), New Viking Alliance (UMA/EHUMA)

Peak Max: ~5 (EHUMA); ~6 (NUMA)
Top Ten Peak: #8 (EHUMA; SMAN); #6 (NUMA; SMAN)

UMA continued to exist peacefully until January 3rd, 2018. On this day, the New Viking Alliance invaded Walrus, Virtual Penguin, as well as other servers, destroying UMA’s empire. From there, NVA attempted to puppet and coup Ehroyals, getting Mason Cooper, the newly appointed Commander, to dethrone Ehroyals. This would fail, and caused a civil war between the factions: New Underground Mafias Army (led by Mason) and the Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army (led by Ehroyals). Throughout the month, it remained mostly a cold war with both sides trying to grow. Only one battle was fought. On January 31st, Twitchy reunited the army, ending the civil war.

Masonroyals Era [January – February 2018]
Formerly known as “Post-Civil War”

Pioneers: Ehroyals81, Games, Mason Cooper
Notable Leaders: Zeke
Notable Troops: JoshUMABeast, El Chef Javi, Sirplus1881

Other Notable People: Edu14463 [EGCP], Cookky2 [EGCP], Mariobrus [WN], Conor [CPCE], Cobra [DKE/Romans], Ratoru [SS], Brownpen4 [RA]
Rebel Alliance, Dark Knights, Romans, Club Penguin Crew Empire
Enemies: Elite Guardians, Wild Ninjas, Romans, Dark Knights, Super Strikers

Peak Max: 16
Top Ten Peak: #2 (SMAN)

After the civil war, both sides came together with the help of Twitchy543. UMA managed to begin to increase in size with the army now unified. Zeke returned to lead and UMA fought against the Super Strikers and won. UMA continued to expand it’s server empire, growing to be one fo the biggest on the newly added map. Zeke was a second-in-command in the Dark Knights, which recently returned and became our brother allies in UMADKE once again, and he defaced UMA after being fired. This cause a war between the UMADKE alliance, but the Dark Knights merged into the Romans, and Cobra, now leader of the Romans, fought against us. UMA was hit hard in the war, but UMA peaked at a max of 16 during the war, beating Romans max of 15. A treaty was signed, and the Romans and UMA returned each others land and went into peaceful relations, forging an alliance. This alliance would unite to attempt to fight against the Elite Guardians, due to EGCP’s massive server empire, with UMA achieving success, before getting burnt out and shutting down on February 23rd after pulling of the CPAS. UMA was thought to be dead.


(2018 – 2020)

The Age of Online is marked by the Club Penguin Online generations of the Underground Mafias Army. From here, the army saw it’s greatest heights, although the final age was deemed invalid by the guardians.

The First Online Era [June – July 2018]

Pioneers: GamesZeke
Notable Leaders: Ehroyals81, Justinfortsa
Notable Troops: Hexxer, JakeTheBird, Fasto, Aurora, Devin, Cobra

Other Notable People: XxToysoldier [RPF], Popsicle [RPF], HawkGuy [HKCP], Edu14463 [EGCP], Cookky2 [EGCP], Cobra [Templars/EGCP], Elmikey [Templars], Xing [Templars], Chelpopkick [PZF], Malcolm [ETA]
Allies: Rebel Penguin Federation, Hawk Knights

Enemies: Templars, Elite Trackers and Activities

Peak Max: 20+
Top Ten Peak: N/A

After Club Penguin Rewritten shut down, UMA went inactive and the chat was reverted to a hangout. However, on June 30th, with permission from Bam, UMA opened up on CPR, after Games and Zeke revived it. After the event, UMA moved to CPO and gained a new leader, Justinfortsa, who rose the army to max 20+, an all time high max in the CPPS era of UMA at the time. UMA declared war on the Templars and joined RPF’s side during the war. UMA also planned a war with ETA. The generation would end abruptly, due to UMA being the first army to face injustice by the CPO admins and the retirement of Justinfortsa on August 19th.



The Second Online Era [November – December 2018]

Pioneers: Zeke
Notable Leaders: Ehroyals81
Notable Troops: Movamp, Hexxer, El Chef Javi
Other Notable People: Epic101 [CPOAL/Pirates/LT], Edu14463 [EGCP], Cookky2 [EGCP], Cobra [EGCP], DrFlen [HF], Ayan [HF], Xing [Templars], Brownpen4 [Templars], Dagyr3 [Templars], R3TRO [PZF]
Allies: N/A
Enemies: N/A

Peak Max: 7 (Ref.)
Top Ten Peak: N/A

In a short-lived attempt by Zeke starting on November 17th, the UMA would revive on CPO for a second Online Era, despite previously being banned by their staff team. The generation would only hold about 2 events before going quiet. This was apart of a series of revivals Zeke and Movamp were attempting during this period.

The Third Online Era [March 2019]

Pioneers: Mason Cooper
Notable Leaders: Proditor, Ehroyals81
Notable Troops: N/A
Other Notable People: Edu14463 [EGCP], Cookky2 [EGCP], Cobra [EGCP/CPAS], Hexxer9 [CPAS], DrFlen [CPAS/HF], Ayan [HF], Xing [Templars], Brownpen4 [Templars], Snork [WH], Dagyr3 [WH], R3TRO [PZF]
Allies: N/A
Enemies: N/A

Peak Max: 7 (Ref.)
Top Ten Peak: N/A

The second third of the Online Era starting February 25th would be spearheaded by Mason and Proditor. After getting permission from Bam, the two interim leaders led the army for a brief period. Ehroyals also helped out with the generation at events. The generation would be short-lived, however.

CPATG Era [November 2019]

Pioneers: Zeke
Notable Leaders: Games, Ehroyals81, Justinfortsa
Notable Troops: Dino, Aurora, Proski, Movamp

Other Notable People: Ultipenguinj [RPF], Chainpro [ACP], Koloway [ACP], Karma [LGA], Prior Bumble [RFCP], Cena [ST/PCP], Snork [WH/PCP], R3TRO [PZF], DMT [CPATG], Edu14463 [EGCP]
Allies: Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of Club Penguin, Lime Green Army
, Romans
Enemies: Recon Federation of Club Penguin, People’s Imperial Confederation, Pretzels of Club Penguin

Peak Max: 11 (Ref.)
Top Ten Peak: #7 (CPATG)

The idea of an UMA revival for CPATG was drafted by Games. After consulting with Bam and other veterans such as Justinfortsa, Zeke, and Ehroyals, UMA would be revived for a brief time on November 10th. This generation would prove to be more successful than the other two and more impactful aswell, however eventually 17 days later Bam would shut down the generation after feeling he “over-stepped” his power and being asked by Games to close it down.

Many apologies to those from the legacy. I clearly overstepped my boundaries at this point. I had two reasons behind letting this happen, fortunately for me one of them succeeded, unfortunately for you all the other did not. Let the legacy live on with you faggots not with the army itself. Obliviously the discord has been removed.

Everyone has been contributed on site besides Myself, Wgfv and Dan.

Thanks for doing your best but I was clearly in the wrong for  letting this happen lads so fuck off alright 


I’ve got shit to do again so this is the last time, hopefully well see each other again.

This generation, despite being formed by Games, was mostly pioneerd by Zeke who by now matured and had retired his former art of hopping. This would be the last legitimate UMA revival until November 2020, a whole year later, with Red Winter. Zeke, Games, Ehroyals, Cobra, Proditor and Venom would spend the time in between forming EHUMA.

The Fourth Online Era [April 2020]

Pioneers: Games, Epic101
Notable Leaders: Vxenty, 32op, Midnight
Notable Troops: Slick89
Other Notable People: Mustapha10 [DCP], Freezie66 [DW], Andrew24 [IW/Golds], Zuke [SWAT], Xing [Templars], Twaseen [LT/Pirates], CSY [ACP], Ultipenguinj [RPF], Tistle [HF], Ayan [CPAM], Atticus [CPOAL], Epic101 [CPOAL], 32op [DCP]
Allies: Doritos, Light Troops, Pirates

Enemies: Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, Special Weapons and Tactics, Golds Empire

Peak Max: 60+ (Invalidated; CPO)
Top Ten Peak: #7 (CPOAL)

To be added.


(2020 – present)

To be added.

Red Winter [November – December 2020]

Pioneers: Games, Cobra, Zambi, Dino
Notable Leaders: Aaronstone42, Lydia
Notable Troops: Aisha, Africa, JakeTheBird, Agent, Joe Bidome, Lukey

Other Notable People: Pjayo [WV], Crazzyhead [RPF], CSY [ACP], 32op [DCP], Maroon [DCP], Oliver [SWAT], Lightningmcj [PZF], Xing [TCP], Change [WV], Koloway [BJ]
Allies: Pizza Federation
, Rebel Penguin Federation
Enemies: Fire Warriors, Templars

Peak Max: 20+
Top Ten Peak:
#4 (CPAH S/M), #3 (CPAWL)

After many months of EHUMA terror on the community, the revival began planning in August 2020 and ended planning by November. Many of the EHUMA members stepped up to join the new revival, revived by Games, Cobra, Zamb, and Dino. Advisors like Jester, Glace, Bam, and Aaronstone all made appearances to help with the direction of the army, with the latter staying from the beginning to the end. Despite loads of controversy, the generation went on with loads of hope, maxing at peak sizes of 20+ with rogues and roughly 15+ without rogues. While the revival had extensive planning from Cobra and Dino, the generation did not last long, but had it’s impact. Despite closing due to the leadership and guardians feeling UMA was not meant for 2020, the army’s closure set a precedence – the CPA tradition will be forgotten. However, the army remained a stable medium army during this time. The army ended on December 29th, over a month of existing. 

hitting 16

Redemption Era [January 2021 – Present]

Pioneers: Dino, Aaronstone42
Notable Leaders: Ehroyals81, Lydia, Zambi
Notable Troops: Izuno/4207b, Aisha, Lukey
Other Notable People: N/A
Allies: N/A
Enemies: N/A

To be added.


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