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Hall of Fame

This page is dedicated to listing UMA’s legends, great mafias, honorable mafias, walk of shame, and leaders. Many of the legends have been decided overtime, but the most notable is the 2013 committee consisting of Daniel, Wgfv, and Derek, as well as the Red Winter committee, consisting of the Red Winter pioneers. To obtain one of the titles here, you must have put your legacy within the army, a legacy that will never be reverted no matter what, and a legacy that will last forever.


Underline = CPA Legend


The highest title achievable, and the most honorable, legend is given to people who have undoubtly shaped UMA for yearsgenerationsages, and eras to come. Most legends must have contributed culturally to UMA’s success, and most importantly, effected UMA’s name, identity, and success in the most positive way possible. They have done their best to forward the UMA name, even if it wasn’t the best generation, or if it was only UMA’s paramilitary, they have made themselves legendary.

≛ Pink Mafia ≛

Pink Mafias was originally a CP cheats blogger before creating the Pink Mafia Army. Although the army was new, it set the basis for UMA, which it became on January 8th, 2007. Under his leadership, he grew UMA to monopolize the army community for most of 2007, becoming the largest army of the time, beating the ACP during the early parts of World War III. Although his account was banned on Club Penguin, Pink continued to lead the army. He created the reward system within armies, making UMA the first army to ever do it, which caused UMA to grow even more. Pink’s UMA has had a huge impact within UMA culture and history, and spearheaded the future generations of the army. He continued to advise the army until early 2008, where he had his final departure. Pink is recognized as one of the greatest legends ever, due to being a founding father of the army community. He returned on two occasions, once in 2013, and another in 2017. Pink will forever be engraved within the army’s history as the greatest leader in UMA history. 

Amber Mafia

Abercrombie was the one of the three only female leaders in the army. She ranked up to leader during the later parts of 2007, and helped stabilize the army as one of the top armies throughout 2008. Despite the army’s slow decline, Aber did create a lasting impact within the army, as she contributed heavily to the early culture of the army.

≛ Moose Mafia ≛

Wgfv was originally a UMA second-in-command before being banished by Batista after not accepting leader. After serving his time of banishment, he returned and led a rebellion against Alfy’s then collapsing UMA. After winning the election, Wgfv created the first communist regime in CPA, and his series of recontruction policies paved way for UMA to begin it’s third golden age. Under Wgfv, UMA hit sizes into the 50s, as well as peaked at #3 on CPAC Top Ten charts, allowing UMA to remain on the Top Ten during the entire era, causing the most stable era ever. Wgfv would return to lead UMA on numerous occasions afterwards, most notably the neo-Wgfv era in 2013, where UMA returned to peak high in CPAC charts. Throughout his many returns, Wgfv managed to hit sizes of 30+ and helped create UMA as the top antagonist army full of trolls, and is considered one of the greatest cultural icons of UMA, alongside Daniel. Wgfv is one of the most influential leaders in UMA and CPA history, and led the longest out of the rest of UMA leaders. He is currently one of the four guardians that uphold UMA’s legacy.

≛ Intuitive Mafia ≛

Daniel was apart of UMA early on, but rose to prominence when he led alongside Wgfv in the Wgfv and neo-Wgfv eras, respectively. Under Daniel, he helped forge UMA’s empire and rebuild UMA to peaks, including reaching #2 on CPAC’s Top Ten. Daniel is also well known for his series of wars against many armies who dared to step on the UMA name and culture, resulting in a UMA victory nearly everytime. Not only that, Daniel helped develop UMA culture immensely, developing the tradition of swastika tactics and helping to serve as a face of UMA for years to come. Without Daniel, UMA would be very different, and due to his contributions, he is regarded as one of the most influential faces to ever make their mark in the army community. He is currently one of the four guardians that uphold UMA’s legacy.

Ace Mafia

Aaron, despite being one of the lesser known leaders, made his mark in the army after leading UMA not too long after Coff’s revolution. He helped rise UMA from being dead to top three on SMAC and then into the top ten for a bit on CPAC, with sizes ranging from 10-25. Despite the low max, he led for 5 months and returned in 2014 for some short term revivals. He received the title of Wgfv and Daniel’s pet during his time. Aaron has since returned in November 2020, and has played a vital role within the direction of UMA during it’s short return, the EHUMA paramilitary, and the Underground Mafias, currently serving as a Premier of the latter. His work in recent times has made him one of the founders of the “New UMA”.

Spark Mafia

Derek is considered one of the greatest political and cultural icons within the Underground Mafias Army. He heavily shaped UMA culture during his time as leader, especially during the Red Summer in 2012, which brought UMA back on it’s feet and got the army into the top ten. He returned on numerous occasions to continue forwarding the interests of UMA, and is considered one of the greatest icons of the army. He remains a figure to both the old and new generations of the army, and is greatly respected by all. He temporarily served as a guardian for UMA in 2017, allowing the revival of it’s first CPPS generation.

Stoopid Mafia

Nigel is best known for being apart of UMA for 2 years, and leading during the Era of Confusion. While not entirely golden age, he cemented a true legacy, with peak sizes of 35+ and #4 on CPAC’s Top Ten. Nigel went onto help out in the several other generations that existed in UMA, showing true dedication and bloodshed to the UMA culture and cause.

One of Wgfv’s and Daniel’s most trusted soldiers and strategists, Sarge led in 2013 after a scandal for a short period of time. He managed to crush the Golds for good and falter the New Dawn Alliance. Sarge stuck with UMA throughout it’s OG generations and helped shape UMA culture to what it is today.

≛ Johny Mafia ≛

Neos was one of UMA’s most refined leaders, most notably taking the helm most notably in the neo-Wgfv Era. He was very popular amongst UMA and the community itself. Neos served as one of the first premiers ever, being the third person ever to hold the title.

Snake Mafia

Viper was the only pre-Wgfv leader to keep returning to service until the end of UMA’s OG generations. He cemented himself as the right hand mand to many of the leaders, helping with every rebuild project of the army until 2016. Viper helped during the RUMA generation, and retired December 2009, but returned in January 2012 to lead UMA from medium to #4 on CPAC Top Ten, only to be replaced by Nigel. He returned in October 2013 under Wgfv to assist the army when it was in need, and left once it was rebuilt. He returned in the spring of 2014 and retired the same year alongside his brethren.

Nice Mafia

Niceguy was recruited into UMA by both Wgfv and Daniel during 2012. He is one of the only members of UMA to have joined for the rank of private and make their way all the way to the leadership, and eventually, legend. Niceguy took over from the Wgfv-Daniel regime and set new heights for the army, streamlining them to the top of CPAC’s top ten. He also was there to save UMA after we were defaced by Mustapha.

Pokemon Mafia

Step was a long time on and off member of UMA. Despite being a hopper, he made sure people knew that UMA was his home. He led UMA on many occasions, but most notably made his mark in the Light Troops war in 2014, as well as being apart of the Underground Era in 2016, alongside numerous other fellow legends. He helped shape the later parts of UMA’s OG culture and earned legend because of his undying loyalty.

CP Mafia

Trader led UMA in mid 2015 when the Underground Mafias army was undoubtedly taking over the Top 10. Trader returned once again in 2016, alongside leaders such as Bam117, Jester, Viper, Step and Joseph, Trader was able to get sizes of 35-40 almost every event. The Underground Mafias Army earned the spot of first on the Top 10 almost every week being the most unstoppable of it’s short time lived. The leadership Trader led under is most known for their perfect swastika formations, which were flawless everytime. His contributions to UMA’s culture and identity have shaped the army heavily, and still has it’s mark today.

Big J Mafia

Jester is best known for spearheading the Underground Era of the Underground Mafias Army. Under his leadership, the army had it’s most successful generation since the Bam/Marina era. While Jester was a knewer figure to the army, he proved that new figures can create big contributions to the army’s influence, size, and culture. Jester also took part in the EHUMA paramilitary, helping grow the culture of UMA in the third golden age. His contributions to UMA have not gone forgotten, and for that, he is a UMA legend.

Flex Mafia

Bam is historically a long time DCP and UMA leader. While being in the Doritos for most of his career, he represented a change of heart and became apart of the Underground Mafias Army. His most notable contribution to OG UMA was the Underground Era, which was the best OG generation since the neo-Wgfv era in the summer of 2013. In recent times, Bam contributed heavily to the spread of UMA culture and influence into the newer generation of UMA, most notably UMA’s paramilitary organization, EHUMA. Bam has also contributed heavily to the Underground Mafias, and helped bring about a new era of UMA, serving as a funding director and advisor to the Underground Mafias. This helped him achieve a status as one of the founders of the “New UMA”. Bam will never be forgotten for what he did for the army’s legacy. He is currently one of the four guardians that uphold UMA’s legacy.

Monke Mafia

Harambe was a former UMA commander, and the second non-human leader, succeeding Scump in the title. Harambe joined for the rank of private and worked all the way up to second-in-command, being one of the only to do so. However, this abruptly ended, as he was shot in his zoo after mauling a child, who he mistook for a RPF soldier. After this, he was given the title of UMA leader posthumously, as well as legend. UMA continues, even four years later, to ensure that the killers are brought to justice, and most recently, the legacy of Harambe has been remembered. Thankfully, EHUMA conducted numerous terrorist attacks on Zoos on his behalf in 2020, avenging Harambe’s name.

Rookie Mafia

Ehroyals joined UMA in 2016 and lasted until the shut down of UMA in 2017 as a second-in-command. While it was a joke generation, Ehroyals was still respected amongst his peers, who would later give him permission to revive UMA for the CPPS Club Penguin Rewritten, making UMA the first army of the CPPS era of armies. After founding it with Zeke, he managed to lead UMA to hit sizes into the 20s and into decently high positions on CPRAC. He played a part in reunifying UMA after a coup attempt was conducted on him after the community rose up against him. After unifying the army, he continued to be UMA’s cultural icon for years to come, helping bring UMACPO to life, which hit sizes into the 20s before it was banned. He was the first person to be named a S/M legend in the UMA name, which is a good feat for 2017, displaying his actions in the name of UMA during the time. He continues to this day to teach modern UMA noobs about the OG nature of UMA, despite being slightly autistic. His above all loyalty for UMA and his persistence to maintain “the real UMA” has cemented his legacy here at UMA.

Gaming Mafia

Despite not leading UMA to sizes higher than 20+, Games was one of UMA’s biggest players throughout it’s CPPS generations. Games retained himself as a dedicated leader to the UMA cause, become leader by July 2017, not too long after joining. Games, time and time again, dedicated himself to shaping the modern day UMA culture and it’s cause, with his notable works being graphics, propaganda, and protecting UMA identity. He served as the head leader of UMA on numerous occasions throughout 2018 and 2019. Games also took part in destroying Epic’s invalid UMA revival in 2020, to save the name of UMA. He is also one of the founding fathers of UMA’s paramilitary organization, EHUMA, which has made their presence well known in the modern landscape of armies, having caused great controversy in the UMA name, as well as shaping the modern day culture that UMA has. Without Games, UMA’s CPPS generations would have been nothing. His time in UMA has led him to be one of the founders of the “New UMA”. 

Sleepy Mafia

Joe Biden was first a leader of the Underground Mafias Army during the neo-Wgfv era, and served on and off until January 2017, as his Vice Presidency of United States was over. He was the first mentally handicapped leader to ever set foot in UMA, outshining his opponents Wwe and Coff. Under Biden, UMA saw great heights, using the motto “Ridin’ with Biden” and his mega swastika tactic. He would use these tactics and motto in the 2020 election, where he won against God Emperor Donald Trump, allowing him to give representation to UMA in the executive branch of the United States. For this, he has been awarded every medal possible and earned his spot as a UMA legend.

Cum Mafia

Cobra is best known for his work on the cultural aspect of the army. Cobra first was involved in the army during the UMADKE alliance, which was shared between the Dark Knights and the Underground Mafias Army, with the former he led at the time. He also took part in the Online Era. However, Cobra is best known as one of the lead figures of UMA’s paramilitary organization, EHUMA. During his time in EHUMA, he helped bring a modern form of UMA culture into the third golden age, allowing the old ways of the army community to thrive with the antagonists. Under Cobra, Games, and Dino, they created and defended the basis of UMA culture, and soon helped take over many armies with EHUMA influence. His work with the culture helped create EHUMA as the antagonist of the army community during this time period, helping EHUMA grow to heavy membership count, and heavy usage of trolling-guerilla warfare. . He also played a vital role in the Red Winter revival, creating many plans. Under his leadership, the army hit sizes of 15+ and maintained itself as a cultural icon of the past. He also helped set some of the roots leading up the Underground Mafias. Although controversy cut the generation short, Cobra played a huge part in the spread of UMA culture. Cobra is also considered one of the founders of the “New UMA”. He is one of the four guardians that uphold UMA’s legacy. 

Underline = CPA Legend


While not entirely a legend, the Great Mafias are still some of the greatest leaders/figures to ever make their mark within UMA. If not culturally, the Great Mafias definitely affected the army’s success within the community. The ideal Great Mafias contributes to forwarding UMA’s position in the community, and helping stabilize the new blood of the community, and that, will give you the title of Great Mafias.

≛ Foxtrot Mafia ≛

Jtrotter was the co-founder of the Underground Mafias Army alongside Pink Mafias during it’s initial run. Not much is known about him, but his contributions to early UMA were immense.

≛ Wizard Mafia ≛

A fellow blogger and close friend of Pink Mafias, CompWiz took part in leading the army with Pink Mafias and for a short period after the leave of Pink Mafias. He was one of the first members of the army and was frequently advertised by Pink Mafias himself. Under his leadership, he also had a campaign to test UMA by attempting to destroy it, but managed to prove the UMA troops were loyal. He also worked to keep UMA in peaceful relations and preserve the early UMA legacy through Pink Mafias’ website.

Mean Mafia

Mpenguin was one of the successors to Pink Mafias. He most notably took over diplomatic duties after Pink Mafias left, by surrendering to the Army of Club Penguin and forging an alliance with them. His work in UMA consisted of maintaining peace so UMA could grow in the community where they were no longer #1.


A Nachos legend, Shadow became the advisor and acting leader of UMA in late 2008. As an advisor, he rebuilt UMA through a series of reforms, similar to his Nacho ones, which helped reorganize the army and rebuild it’s strength, getting us to 35+. He was the first person to ever hold advisor and is still remembered for what he did, despite never actually leading. He is the only person to make one of the top titles and not actually lead the army.

≛ Batman Mafia ≛

Batista was a leader of the Underground Mafias army during the Rebuild UMA Project. Batista formed the influential “Grand Alliance”, consisting of UMA, Nachos, and the Ice Warriors. He used this alliance to fight in World War IV. After noticing the faults of UMA, he began a revolution against the Lots of Pie leadership, causing a new golden age to occur. Under his leadership, he took out the RPF, marking a revolutionary defeat. Not only this, but alongside Trickster, he rose the army heavily to one of it’s first peaks after the reign of Pink Mafias.

≛ Tricky Mafia ≛

Trickster is one of UMA’s greatest leaders. Despite being seen as an army hopper, Trickster was seen as Pink Mafias Jr. due to him impersonating him, but carrying the legacy. He was one of the first to defeat RPF alongside Batista in 2009 and helped rise UMA to the 4th largest army of the time.

Music Mafia

Mach was originally a troop during the Wgfv era. He became a leader and pioneered the Nigel Pur-Mach era, which began to fall. After this, he began the Era of Confusion, and rose UMA from the ashes that Wwebestfan put the army in. He helped develop UMA culture and returned on a few occasions afterwards.

Kamikaze Mafia

Reddbudd, also commonly known as Redd, served as an UMA leader during early 2013. Brought in by UMA commander Aaronstone, the two would form a notable leadership duo known as the “Reddstone” duo. Redd would help recruit multiple new members and served as a fierce battle leader, helping bring UMA from the S/M to CPAC. While often forgotten, Aaronstone couldn’t had led UMA to such a good peak without him.

Big Poppa Mafia

Lild, seen as the “UMA’s Rocky Balboa”, was a very notable figure in his time. While only leading for about 3-4 months, Lild’s service encompassed multiple UMA eras and leaderships. Lild served as a very loyal 2nd-in-Command and always represented UMA everywhere he went, especially at community forums. He fought to make sure the UMA never was seen as a minor, irrelevant figure to the greater community. He was also notable for his propaganda and cultural contributions, transforming how modern UMA would be like. His loyalty to the UMA is admirable and his overall contributions overweight that. Without him, UMA’s legacy would’ve fallen apart long ago.

≛ Dragon Mafia ≛

One of the most significant political figures in UMA’s history is Draco Joe. Serving originally as an UMA leader during the first Wgfv era in 2010, Joe would help UMA to some great heights not seen since RUMA. He would later return in 2013 in preparation of the neo-Wgfv era. Joe would lead UMA to maxs around in the 30s and would help annihilate many of UMA’s enemies including the Miners. Joe would continue to support UMA after the era had ended and played a major role in shaping UMA’s modern culture. Being an original “Greatest Leader”, Joe is honorably remembered as a Great Mafia and former Vice Premier.


≛ Jackson Mafia ≛

Percyjackson2 is a veteran leader of the UMA, first joining around in the Red Summer of 2012. Jackson would become leader by the time the neo-Wgfv era had kicked off and played a big role in that generation, helping pioneer it. Jackson played a big role in developing the recruitment system of the army and served as one of the army’s main spokespeople to CPAC. Jackson would lead UMA to the maxs in the 30s and would top the golden age with some nice heights. Without him, who knows if the neo-Wgfv era would’ve done so well.

New Mafia

Mason Cooper joined UMA in December 2017, after the war with the Romans. Mason rose up to become second-in-command and then leader by the time the community rose against Ehroyals. Afterwards, Mason launched a coup against Ehroyals causing a civil war, under his New Underground Mafias Army. Mason is best known for his attitude, very influenced by early UMA, allowing efficiency of tactics, warfare, and events to pursue, with his get-it-done attitude. Mason was also one of the most humble leaders, admitting defeat when appropriate and not letting personal bias get in the way. Despite the low max, he helped reunify the army, and showcased true new UMA blood that the community lacks.

Greek Mafia

Justinfortsa is UMA’s Greek God. He lacks many brain cells, giving him potentially the spot of the third non-human leader. He was directly responsible for UMA’s 20+ max in summer 2018 due to his ability to recruit China’s population. After recruiting the entirety of Earth, it showed his true dedication to the UMA cause, which definitely gives him a spot here. He has since died down in activity, but has had occasional stints in UMA in 2019 and 2020.

Expert Mafia

Dino first made his presence in UMA in 2019, but did not make an impact until the following year. Within 2020, Dino was recruited into the paramilitary group, EHUMA, which soon came under his leadership alongside Games and Cobra. From there, Dino made up half of the Dinbra Duo, taking part of the administrative duties. Dino also heavily encouraged new blood development in the modern community, as well as developed new culture and brought notability around the community under EHUMA as the antagonists, infiltrating CP armies with guerilla warfare. Dino’s administrative skills proved major for EHUMA, which led to him being one of the main planners of the Red Winter revival, and with that, he helped set up the website and server, and developed graphics, but more importantly, led after the leave of other leaders. Dino’s leadership and admin duties led him to be one of the founders of the Underground Mafias, a multigaming organization based around UMA, and which he carried on with his similar duties, but instead fully led, as a Premier, in which he still currently holds. Dino as well has assisted greatly with guardian duties. Dino is considered one of the founders of the “New UMA”. 

Underline = CPA Legend


The Honorable Mafias are soldiers who have made their mark within the army during it’s respectful generation. Even if it is from recruiting, family, attendance, or pride, it all stems down to one thing: loyalty to the UMA name. If you have forwarded UMA’s name, even not on the biggest scale, you have still cemented a minor legacy within the army, and you can call yourself one of the Honorable Mafias.

  • Admiral1234
  • Angel G8i
  • Hero12985
  • Themouse10
  • Nicole
  • Jackfrost357
  • Theoriginalme
  • Jd112
  • Jimmyjoecrew
  • Therinator1
  • Hero12985
  • Itachi6dark
  • Explosionruleshalo
  • Wurburt45348
  • Potatoes4
  • Dj
  • Harvin13
  • Lots of Pie
  • Benu2
  • ZzMasterChef
  • Rosytoes22
  • Mo Mo1357
  • Apocalypse66
  • Notru
  •  Berat2beti 
  • Mr Jibbs
  • 27brian
  • Alfy3
  • Alfrondo1465
  • Goatie
  • Notru
  • Glace
  • Rainy
  • Daft Punk
  • Khimo
  • Ioioluk
  • Holo2
  • Brownieman
  • Superpaco24
  • Vinny
  • Wwebestfan
  • Talex831
  • BBatman3
  • Zakster
  • Bluesockwa1
  • Lootking
  • Xixah
  • Tsar Seth
  • Shad
  • Vetsd
  • Max43180
  • Rockyiceman1
  • Caliwar
  • Mchappy
  • Buritodaily
  • Joseph
  • West
  • Apollo
  • Brad
  • Ghost
  • TealViolin
  • Zeke/Fudge
  • Smurf
  • SirProditor
  • Proski
  • Maddog
  • Powerdude500
  • Hulk Hogan28
  • FalstPL
  • Lucky Paperclip
  • JoshUMABeast
  • El Chef Javi
  • Sirplus1881
  • Hexxer
  • JakeTheBird
  • Fasto
  • Aurora
  • Devin
  • Movamp
  • Zambi4
  • Lydia
  • Aisha
  • Lukey
  • Africa
  • Agent
  • Joe Bidome
  • Izuno/4207b

Underline = CPA Legend


The Walk of Shame is dedicated to people who have degraded the UMA name throughout it’s history, or turned on it so much it gave them a banish.

Grade 1 [★★★★★] – The worst grading in the Walk of Shame. These individuals are to be mocked and shamed permanently. Their banishment cannot be overrides, and must be approved by at least 2 guardians and the entire sitting leadership.

Grade 2 [★★★★] – The second worst level. These individuals are indefinitely shamed and banished by the sitting leadership of the time and can only be overturned to a grade 3 if the leadership unanimously agrees.

Grade 3 [★★★] – These people are individuals who are not permanently banished, but are highly shamed and not welcomed for a long period of time. This can range from 6 months to 2 years.

Grade 4 [★★] – These individuals are banished, but only for 6 or less months.

Grade 5 [] – Individuals that aren’t banished, but generally shamed and not welcomed into UMA. They may be barred from any staff jobs while graded.

  • [★★★★★] Commando717The biggest traitor to UMA in its history. Commando betrayed Pink Mafias and Compwiz. Creator of the RPF during World War 3 and caused us to lose against ACP. For committing such an act of subordinate and sedition, you aren’t allowed into Mittens ever again. Effective May 2007.
  • [★★★★★] Fiddyy and Berat – Successfully hacked Wgfv’s WordPress the day before Wgfv was set to retire and launched an unsuccessful but close coup. They attempted to undo all of Wgfv’s reforms and take UMA for themselves. Tons of site posts were destroyed and morale shot heavily. Admiral had to step in to avoid further damage to the army and site. Berat has been forgiven and unbanished but Fiddyy’s banishment is still in effect. Effective 2011; Amended 2012.
  • [★★★★★] Agent E S – Hacked the UMA site and damaged post infrastructure hugely. Fucking skid. Effective ~~~~
  • [★★★★★] Greenarms – Huge noob and also hacked the UMA site like a fucking no-lifer. Lol. Effective ~~~~
  • [★★★★★] Beolion – Banished for not only hacking the UMA site and deleting posts, but also being an literal schizophrenic in the Xat chat, sending random death threats to members, and just being a huge noob. Troll. Effective ~~~~
  • [★★★★★] Sneezy – Hacked Bluesockwa’s WordPress account and attempted to fully deface the website. While he was caught in the act and failed, he mass deleted a ton of posts and replaced them with anti-UMA posts. He also abused a lot of the troops. Effective ~~~~
  • [★★★★] RockCP – Literally paid skids to doxx the UMA leadership and legends in the Summer of 2012 when we were at our peak. Nuff’ said.
  • [★★★★★] Coolster114Had UMA defaced because he considered our leaders were horrible. Denies it to this day. He attempted to lead fake UMAs and rebellions afterwards. Coolster also tried to force his way back into UMA numerous times via influencing and manipulation. No one in UMA has an ounce of respect for his retarded hopper ass. Effective 2014.
  • [★★★★] Cassius Brutus – Banished for leading the ACP against the UMA in the brutal war of 2013. While we don’t normally banish outsiders, Cassius famously refused to even negotiate with the UMA. When Tori attempted to negotiate, Cassius couped her in a dictatorial coup. While UMA and ACP were on better terms after the war, he was still a huge jerk. He is a living bastard and annoying hopper.
  • [★★★★★] Epic101Founded a shit invalid revival of UMA only for his ego and to make his league seem big. Effective April 2020.
  • [★★★★] Vxenty – Helped lead Epic’s shit invalid revival. Even when told that his UMA was invalid, he continued to lead it despite being defaced multiple times in one month. Sucked as a leader and disrespected the UMA legacy. His invalid UMA made post-RUMA look good. He is also a notorious crap army hopper.
  • [★★★★] Badboy00912 – Defaced the UMA website and wiki after firing him. Also probably the biggest hopper in 2016. Your ego is bigger than your real DCP max. Go fucking work at somewhere else than Dunkin’ Donuts you broke bitch auto-typer.
  • [★★★] Twitchy543 – Hacked the UMA site. While no damage was done, it proved to be a huge security risk. Twitchy however has helped UMA much afterwards. Revoked January 1st, 2014.
  • [★★★★] Coff – Led an rebellion against Coolster and Benjarkin. While the new regime could’ve done well, he just drove it to the ground. As a result, UMA lost all of it strength and manpower. He also destroyed a ton of archives and resources. You damaged a decent age with your own ego. Fuck you.
  • [★★★] Cul8rsl – Failed couping Redd who had just gotten us out of a slum. He attempted to take the site for himself, but failed. He was also incredibly lazy and set UMA backwardsRevoked ~~~~
  • [★★★] Zeke – Defaced the UMA discord and website multiple times. While Zeke made up for it and proved his worth, his disloyalty damaged UMACPR forever. Also a huge hopper. Revoked September 2019.
  • [★★★] New Viking Alliance/Moonlocks/etc, – Used UMA and attempted to coup Ehroyals for their imperialist gain. Revoked ~~~~
  • [★★] Edu14463 & Cookky2 – Warred several times against the UMA and attempted to take us down. Although they are very humble leaders, they are still banished when trying to undermine Ehroyals. Revoked ~~~~
  • [★★] Cobra – Attempted to coup Ehroyals twice, once in January 2018 and another in July 2018. He also warred against us with the Romans. However, he has made it up with his many contributions to UMA and EHUMA over the past 3 years. Revoked September 2019.
  • [★★★] Xing – Former UMA moderator until he went on his autistic hopper spree as usual. He also betrayed UMA multiple times and believes Templars are highly superior in terms of edginess. Yah… ok. Revoked July 2020.
  • [★★] MasonCooper – By definition, Mason did coup Ehroyals81, the sitting UMA leader. However, he was briefly pardoned by the guardians on the condition of not banishing Ehroyals. This didn’t work out and led to the civil war. Mason made up for his behavior and proved to be arguably the best UMA leader of the CPPS era. Revoked March 2018.
  • [★★★] Meerrkat – While doing loads for EHUMA, Meer eventually dated Sarahah, causing his mental state to turn EHUMA from the edgelord place of armies into the dox central. Please get help, Meer. WE still love you here at EHUMA. Revoked ~~~~
  • [★★★★] Sarahah – This fatass leaked EHUMA affiliated chats and then betrayed Meer to save herself. She went onto deny the shit in public and continued to ruin Meer’s mental state. Fuck you.
  • [] Pookie437 – Down with the dog! Tyrant and a huge ego. Also pretty much-banned majority of UMA from the community.
  • [] Pjayo – While contributing a LOT to EHUMA, he used us for his personal gain and sucked up to the staff of CPAH, warning us that if we got in his way he could “bury” us. After removal, we called his bluff and he did nothing.
  • [★★★★] Mustapha10x Tried to slander the UMA name by manipulating our staff, as well as spreading lies. Attempted to fake screenshots to criminalize leaders, but failed to break the UMA spirit. Very problematic, and was problematic in past generations of UMA. Wannabe Fouseytube, but is respected for his Sarahah comment, which can be found by typing “sarahah” in general.
  • [★★★★] Otter – Attempted to cancel Cobra and Lydia for doxxing, racism, and pedophilia. Ironically enough, it was just a cope. 
  • [] Legoman/Cena – Both are pedophiles and groomed Otter to take part in her actions.
  • [] Sweater – Encouraged Otter’s retarded actions.


Bold = UMA Legend
Underline = CPA Legend

= Major Legend, Major Nominee, S/M Legend, S/M Nominee Respectively

[?] = Term of a leader

  1. Pink Mafias (January 8th – June 16th, 2007)
  2. Jtrotter (January 8th, 2007 – unknown)
  3. Angel G8i (2007)
  4. CompWiz5000 (January, 2007 – 2008)
  5.  Abercrombie29 (June, 2007 – 2008)
  6. Mpenguin123 (June, 2007 – 2008)
  7. Admiral1234 (A – B)
  8. Jackfrost357 (A – B)
  9. Nicole6754 (A – B)
  10. Themouse10 (A – B)
  11. Hero12985 (A – B)
  12. Itachi6dark (A – B)
  13. Therinator1 (A – B)
  14. Batista1822 (A – B)
  15. Explo (A – B)
  16. Lots of Pie (March – July, 2009)
  17. Potatoes4 (unknown – July, 2009)
  18. Fiddyy (unknown – July, 2009)
  19. Wurburt45348 (unknown – July, 2009
  20. Batista1822 (July – November, 2009) [2]
  21. Trickster (July – November, 2009)
  22. Harvin13 (A – B)
  23. Viper1899 (A – B)
  24. Notru (A – B)
  25. Wgfv (April, 2010 – August, 2011)
  26. Eyes521 (April, 2010 – August, 2011)
  27. Berat2beti (A – B)
  28. Wgfv (June – December, 2013) [2]
  29. Eyes521 (June – December, 2013) [2]
  30. Draco Joe (A – B)
  31. Magma boy (A – B)
  32. Neos (A – B)
  33. Teh Pie (A – B)
  34. Dvddivi (A – B)
  35. Daft Punk (A – B)
  36. Nickjackson (A – B)
  37. KappnKrunch (A – B)
  38. Mount Rainy (A – B)
  39. Wwebestfan (A – B)
  40. Eyes521 (A – B) [3]
  41. Mach (A – B)
  42. Brownieman7 (A – B)
  43. Np3000 (A – B)
  44. Lild (A – B)
  45. Sarge525 (2013)
  46. Coolster114 (A – B)
  47. Derek (A – B)
  48. Zakster (A – B)
  49. Bluesockwa1 (A – B)
  50. Step Up 646 (A – B)
  51. Aaronstone42 (A – B)
  52. Wgfv (A – B) [3]
  53. Eyes521 (A – B) [4]
  54. Zakster (A – B) [2]
  55. Spi101 (A – B)
  56. Rockyiceman1 (A – B)
  57. Niceguy09 (A – B)
  58. Mr Machado (A – B)
  59. 28Luis (A – B)
  60. Viper1899 (A – B) [2]
  61. Step Up 646 (A – B) [2]
  62. Eyes521 (A – B) [5]
  63. Bam117 (February, 2016 – unknown)
  64. Joseph (February, 2016 – unknown) [6]
  65. Jester (February, 2016 – unknown)
  66. Mach (February, 2016 – unknown) [2]
  67. Trader (February, 2016 – unknown)
  68. Wurburt45348 (A – B) [2]
  69. Mach (A – B) [3]
  70. Greeny (A – B)
  71. Verum (A – B)
  72. Trader (A – B) [2]
  73. Badboy (A – B) [2]
  74. Trader (2017) [2]
  75. Bam117 (2017) [2]
  76. Step Up 646 (2017) [3]
  77. Ehroyals81 (March 28th – October 2017)
  78. Zeke/Fudge (March 28th – October 2017)
  79. SirProditor (2017)
  80. Smurf (unknown – October 2017)
  81. Games (July – October 2017)
  82. Ehroyals81 (November 2017 – February 22nd, 2018) [2]
  83. Zeke (November – December 2017) [2]
  84. Games (December 2017 – February 22nd, 2018) [2]
  85. Mason Cooper (January 3rd – February 22nd, 2018)
  86. Zeke/Fudge (February 2018) [3]
  87. Ehroyals81 (June – July 2018) [3]
  88. Games (June – July 2018) [3]
  89. Zeke (June – July 2018) [4]
  90. Justinfortsa (July 2018)
  91. Games (November 17th, 2020 – December 7th, 2020) [4]
  92. Justinfortsa (November 17th – November 25th, 2020) [2]
  93. Cobra (November 17th – November 24th, 2020)
  94. Dino (November 24th, 2020 – December 29th, 2020)
  95. Zamb (November 25th – December 29th, 2020)
  96. Cobra (December 8th – December 29th, 2020) [2]
  97. Lydia (December 11th – December 29th, 2020)

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  2. Where is Angel????????????????

  3. This page isnt welcome in Arkansas either.

  4. This page isn’t welcome in Arkansas either.

  5. Still not here D:

  6. These guys are definitely UMA Legends:

    Angel G8i

    Other people you could consider adding include Themouse10, Hero12985 (Rebuild Project), Itachi6dark (Rebuild Project), Teh Pie, Berat2beti, maybe Mach, and a few others.

    There are a few people that don’t deserve to be here – I don’t mean to disrespect them. For instance, Aaronstone42, and all of the people who led the UMA in the short-lived remakes post-2014. These guys haven’t really contributed much to the UMA.

    Since Club Penguin is closing, it’d be great if someone updates this page for the sake of preserving and honoring UMA’s legacy.

    • Also, maybe you could arrange this page alphabetically, or you could perhaps sort it chronologically.

      So for example, Wgfv could be listed under 2010 as that was when he first made a mark as a UMA Leader. Daniel could be listed under 2013 (rather than 2011 or 2012) since that’s the year he led the UMA to 1st on CPAC. Derek could be listed under 2012 rather than 2010, because of the Red Summer.

      Only a suggestion – the current layout is fine as it is lol.

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