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UMA Is On Club Penguin Online




War Training

Max Size: 68+

The Return of UMA [RESULTS]

Earlier on today we logged on for the official yet unscheduled return of the Underground Mafias Army. We did this event on extreme short notice and yet we still did well. Many veterans of the community returned to spectate and take part in this event along with some of the newer members of the community which we recruited to UMA over the last few days. Good job to all UMA troops that attended.

Max Size: 50.

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Successful Training on Deep Freeze

Hello UMA! Today we hosted a training today. We had amazing numbers that we haven’t seen since zeke attempted to destroy us!

| Max: 12 | Average: 7 |

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Final Hours

As I write this to all of you at approximately 4 and a half hours until we depart and sail into the wind to a destination that only god knows. What I want to acknowledge here is my deepest regret I will ever have looking back on my career is that i never joined this army sooner..though! however i will forever be grateful nonetheless getting to lead after-all. But years later never getting to experience a nice era to be apart of so it sounds in 2010/11. I did everything in my absolute power to keep this army alive even when i had no motivation for it i still felt the incentive just one more week, just one more month and i exhausted myself to the point i basically went into permanent retirement and yes i had little stints but i won’t count that because my real last army i took with absolute seriousness is this and i couldn’t ask for a better group of people and a better army to do it with. Thank you, West, Bam, Trader, Step and others i don’t know if you want me to cite.

I may not be ‘original uma’ but I’ve carried the same gratitude, respect and loyalty like the legends before me — obviously, Wgfv, Daniel, Derek, Viper, Neos and Sarge. I think I and my friends without a doubt represented UMA in the best ways possible and that was taking names to everyone who thought they could flex in our presence and never taking no for an answer.  i wish the best of luck to all of your future endeavors i sincerely hope its better than mine. Thank you so much.

Heres some pictures of our domination

A Final Farewell to the Underground Mafias Army

The Underground Mafias Army has existed for over a decade now, and in the wake of its inevitable demise, I believe a final farewell is much due.

It goes without saying that UMA has been an important part of the lives of a large number of people. Not only were we known as one of the most legendary CP Armies since their creation, UMA has successfully established and maintained a community that I believe will not perish for years to come. For many, UMA existed as a place where they could escape the real world for a little bit. To come on UMA chat back in the day after a long day of middle school was nothing short of a vacation from the harsh realities of real life. I personally have met many amazing people throughout the years on here. It is evident that the end is nigh, and while most everyone from UMA has already moved on and will never even read this post– it is my pleasure to have witnessed the transformation of this army from nearly its beginning to its end. Friendships made here have withstood the tests of time and distance, and I am certain that some of the bonds created here may never perish.

To all of you, UMA of years that have seemingly slipped by, UMA of the days before a fading childhood escaped the grasp of our hands, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Every one of us may now be grown and moved on with our lives, but it is my wish that in any way, shape, or form the people of this great UMA community have influenced your life for the better.

To the place I called my home throughout my childhood,


End Of The Community

I have decided to take some time out of my life to type this up. It’s spring break and I could be out doing other things instead of writing this but alas, I have nothing better to do with my life. For those who know me my name is Adam, or as I’m commonly referred to as: Wgfv. I led the Underground Mafias Army throughout the age of 2010, 2011, and many other years with great figureheads such as Trickster, Daniel, Lots of Pie, and many others along the way. I feel it’s only right to type up a post about UMA before the community closes down on the 29th.

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Closure Of The UMA

Before I begin, I must confess that this is the culmination of my knowledge of the state of UMA thus far; therefore, my ideas, philosophies and opinions may be flawed. I do hold my claims with much pride, for I have taken a great deal of thought into these ideas. I do not protest to the fact that I am naive, ignorant, flawed, wrong or young. However, I do believe everyone is a little of all those mentioned when concerned with the state of the UMA. I do my best to not be supercilious, though when writing to oneself; it can tend to slip by. With all this said, may I now embark on my first and final post on the Underground Mafias Army, our home, our sanction – and most of all – one of the oldest and sacred armies left in this community.

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December 2013 General Elections

Hello UMA,

The nomination stage has concluded! With that begins the next round, the general election stage. In this stage troops will be given the list of candidates and will be asked to arrange them from who they want most to least.

December General Election

To DW and UMA

Why did DW disrespect Wgfv in that manner? Is it because they’re all despicable homophobic’s with no morals? Undeniably! Here I’ll be replying to DW’s beguiling statements. I honestly don’t know what has gotten into Spiderguys and Freezie’s heads to harbor their feelings-publicly about Wgfv. Note that I am not affected by your abhorrent words, it may affect others-due to the fact that even though this is the Internet, their feelings still lay flat-open in the subjective – line of fire.

On the first picture, everybody banters around in the CP Army community. Such notable example of this is Waterkid against ACP, The BA vs WA war, and the BA vs ACP wars. I don’t see where you’re going with this

You say that people “banter” in this community, which they do, because it is indeed a daily routine for everybody within this community who wield a sarcastic mind. But it becomes something bigger when you’re partaking in your “banter”, I don’t think you understand how people are hurt because they’re insulted on their homosexuality. Wg’s intuitive-reciprocation was rather non-hostile, and you ridiculed him for that which proves that you’re nothing but detestable chimeras of ones virtual mind. Waterkid’s whole army-carnage is just about the same for this, Waterkid acted out wrongly during his time as Pirates leader considering he was and still is a repugnant little vexation.

On the second picture, that’s nothing relevant to this DWvUMA flame/cold war.

Are you trying to enshrine a newly-formed flame war against the two armies? Are you doing this because you’re trying to live up to what the other leaders did back in 2011 when UMA and DW had a nonsensical “flame war”? When you think about it, do you know how childlike that actually sounds, DW?

Everybody in this network has told someone to go die. Yes, you are acting innocent because you’re reacting as if you never saw these type of stuff before in the internet. I’m pretty sure the comments over here has been said than just Dark Warriors. Well, It’s clearly the gay kid’s fault if he suicides over the internet. You can’t stop what always goes on around here. Yes, the internet is a weird place.

Can you speak for “everybody” that has told somebody to go die? I know I certainly can’t as I have never told anyone to go and die over the Internet. Like I said before, what if that person took what you said seriously and actually did go and do something to harm their life in some way? Yes, I totally agree that the Internet is a weird place, but you’re making it even more weird with your eccentric way of spelling.

So you’re telling us that you can’t control from being Gay? We’re not attacking you for being gay, we’re just making memes like any individual person would. For example, the Light Troops under the leadership of Ioioluk has made memes against the Army of Club Penguin — and they didn’t take it seriously like you guys did.

Infact, the ACP fought back with their own kind of memes (which sucked obviously).

Yes that is exactly what he is telling you, Spi. Yes, and during the LT and ACP war both of the memes were terrible, they should feel bad for crafting some of the most poorly-made memes in this community.

If you can’t name anybody then you’re spouting this from the top of your head, Spi.

DW’s underhanded ways are really just another deplorable of today’s armies.