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Legoman (LOL) [NSFW]

Change of plans


There is going to be a major change of plans. As you know, a battle occured today where I said some things I shouldn’t have said. After the controversy, in order to both honor the UMA name and Skateboarders name, I will be resigning from armies as a whole, and UMA. I enjoyed setting everything up, but what I did was very inexcusable, so I’m going to do what’s right here and step down. With that, I apologize for what I did, and I’m aware of the weight those words carry. So, please do not blame Skateboarders and UMA, they had no control over it, I acted alone and will take full responsibility. Sorry to all I disappointed, and sorry to all who were offended. Peace.


Initiating the Great Ummanian Empire [RESULTS]

Cobra edit: I wish you all best of luck on this journey. Make Zamb, Dino, Games, our legends, and myself proud. I will continue to watch over UMA in my time gone. Keep up the brilliant work, and thanks to anyone who stuck by after my wrongful actions. You all are true Mafias.

Good evening Mafias. Although the first event happened a few days ago, on the 22nd of November, for archival purposes, this post will be put up. Read on to see more information about our first event.

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Re-opening of UMA; Red Winter

At the break of 2021, we are left with a golden age of a community. Years past since CPPS armies began it’s era in 2017, but we did not expect it to reach such a high point like this. You may ask, what is going on? Why is this site active? Why is there posts about this “Red Winter”. Here, I’ll tell you.

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Archive Process


To the people reading this post, you likely have noticed that there is posts available from 2007 – 2009, and possibly further. This is because the Red Winter team is currently archiving original posts from the first few UMA websites. The comments will not be archived, as this is being done manually and not automatically, as we do not own the previous sites (except for umaempire). The websites will be posted here once the process is finished.

Websites used:

https://pinkmafias.wordpress.com (2007 – 2008)


Please note: Many of the posts of OG UMA leaders/hcom/etc. are newer accounts created so we can accurately archive. If there is an unknown poster, it will be attributed to the main leader of that time. 

Red Winter Imperial Government of the Underground Mafias Army


My Departure from CPA

What’s good. My name is Games, formally known as Kanuiker during 2014-2015. I joined in early 2014, left in early 2015, and rejoined the community in June of 2017. I am most notable for me being a shitty troll, being a key member during Prior’s wedding raid (I had everyone teleport to me in their closed igloo lol), and participated in the LC battle between EHUMA and RPF. I’ll now go in-depth with my service in this community.


In January of 2014, I was recruited into the Nachos. I served in a battle between the Nachos and RPF, this battle being the roots of my anti-RPF behavior. I would leave Nachos and become an army hopper, moving between ACP, IW, LT, etc. In later 2014, I would be recruited by Bigmail into the Striking Raiders. This was my first S/M I joined. I served valiantly in SR, til I was forced to quit CP as a whole in early 2015, where I moved to Roblox.


this didn’t age well

2017 (First Half)

2017 was a big year for me. When I head Club Penguin was shutting down, I came back, not to Club Penguin, but to private servers. I found Club Penguin Rewritten in April of 2017. I played normally, just casually messing around til I one day met Elmikey in May of 2017. He tried recruiting me into RPF, but I denied. That same month, I found EmperorFlame/Flame, the leader of DKE. I joined DKE, but then came extremely inactive. Soon, something big happened. I made my own rogue army, known as the Miners. We fought rogue RPF troops, and one day in June, I helped save a bunch of UMA troops from RPF. Their leader, Ehroyals81, recruited me into their discord, and gave me the rank of Colonel. I rose up the ranks, and had the rank of 2nd in Command by the time zeke defaced UMA. In July, after helping re-build UMA, Dillon gave me the rank of UMA leader.

2017 (Second Half)

This is where real shit happens. In September, UMA goes to war with the Pew, and we easily beat them. We also took part in some tournament or whatever. In October, after somehow we got permission from Dj and Twitchy, the Romans were revived. Due to IRL troubles and the fact that i’m 13, I had some problems leading Romans, and was forced to step down to 4ic. Around this time, DKE was making a return and I talked to Flame on xat. He wanted me to come back, but I had to deny due to Romans. After DJ began to lecture me, I ranted in the DKE hicom chat which Flame gave me access to. Apparently, Clemont was a traitor, and reported my rant to the Romans. DJ exiled me, and the war of Roman Subjugation began.


2018 (First Half)

After the Roman War of Subjugation, the NVA became the ruling alliance, however it was controlled by the United Republic of Penguins. I decided to un-retard, and realize they made everyone almost their puppets. I withdrew UMA from the NVA. The URP saw our action, and used my fellow leader and friend, Dillon (Ehroyals81) as an excuse to declare war on UMA and silence our opinion. We fought a war against basically most of the community, and ended up split in half as they enticed our 2nd in command, Mason. They tried breaking us, they failed. During this time, I was ridiculed by the community, as I chose my loyalty to the UMA name rather than becoming a puppet of the NVA. in the end, URP’s plan to destroy UMA failed, with help of twitchy the EHUMA and NUMA united, and became a powerful force at the time. As soon as UMA saw the light of day, united, we were immediately dragged into a war against the Blizzard Warriors and the Super Strikers (an EGCP colony). After many intense battles, BW collapsed because Xing was a huge army hopper, and UMA claimed victory.


2018 (Downfall)

As UM flourished, it would soon enter it’s final war. At this time, we finished a war with the Romans, and signed a peace treaty. I, along with the UMA high command began plotting another war, a war to liberate the majority of the map from the Elite Guardians of CP. We, with a coalition of smaller armies, declared war on the EGCP. We fought united for the first few battles, til the many of the armies began to back out. UMA continued to fight against EGCP and their Spanish allies, the WN. I honestly forgot how the war ended, but soon CPR announced it’s shutdown, so armies (including UMA and Romans) closed their doors.


2018 (CPO)

Yes, at one point the actual UMA (not epic’s illegitimate bullcrap) served on CPO, in the early days of their league. UMA was revived prior to the league’s creation, by Zeke and I (Bret was just there lol). We were on CPR, but at the time, CPR was kinda poop so we decided to try CPO out. UMA recieved a new leader, known as Justinfortsa. He, the recruiting god, boosted our numbers. Xing at the time had Templars as a colony of UMA, but he rebelled. When WW7 broke out, UMA sided with RPF against the Templars. I knew UMA was dead against RPF, but Xing at the time was honestly worse lol. UMA never fought a battle, as Watahkeed himself banned UMA from CPO due to zeke trash-talking CPO in the UMA chat.



2019 was by far my most un-desirable years. Literally a week into the year, my ok labtop broke, and I was forced to quit Roblox (due to not being able to properly play it). My activity in armies was heavily minimal, I just didn’t care. I came back after hearing ACP came back, but decided to help smurf with Romans. I helped orchestrate the wedding raid against Prior, as I had everyone teleport to me in their closed off igloo. Not too long after, UMA was revived, but it was a big mistake. I was on a shitty chromebook, and because of my strict mom, my activity was minimal. I asked Bam to shut down UMA as it wasn’t working out, and he did.


2020 (Part 1)

In 2020, I decided to help out the Romans once again. Smurf realized the amount of dedication I put in as an advisor and ranked me a 2nd in command. When Prior and Sha accused Cabin of raiding one of their events, I called out their bullshit due to a lack of proof. This would cause a war between RFCP and the Romans. A huge mistake soon occured, as The Yellow Army (led by Jaylen/Darklink 🤢) merged into the Romans. To keep an odd number of leaders, I was promoted to Legate. After the merge occured, we realized that Jaylen is actually dogshit at armies and was multilogging, so we called him out and he un-merged. The Romans would ignore RFCP and their corrupt league to fight ACP. Romans would continue to live, but we soon decided to shut down.


2020 (Part 2)

After the Romans shut down, I found out that UMA was being illegally revived by Epic. I tried my best to try and get an admin rank, and in April, I was promoted to leader, giving me full admin on the discord. At the same time, DCP was moving to CPR, so WWE had no problems giving me the UMA site back. I, along with Dino and EHUMA, defaced Epic’s UMA. We tried re-creating UMA to harbor refugees, but it failed as Epic probably black-mailed WWE to give him the site back. Despite this, Epic’s UMA (now ran fully by Vxenty) was never able to fully recover and they never had an event. Awhile after this, I tried leading NW, but it kinda flopped. Soon, I was contacted by Bryce to help lead an old army known as the Water Troops, and I decided, why not? Water Troops did well to say the least for an S/M army. I still hope it will do ok after my departure. Oh yeah, I also participated in the Legend’s Cup battle (EHUMA vs RPF)  and got banned from CPAM, but that’s not important.


Mention Time

Ehroyals81 – Despite shitting on you a-lot for the memes, you are one of the few people I met in this community that I actually classify as a real friend.

Zeke – We were both dicks to each other, but you’re cool.

Prod – One of the nicest and most caring people i’ve met in this community.

Cobra – Doin’ yo mom!

Dino – Nice comeback, I didn’t even get it lol.

Justinfortsa – My favorite greek lad.

Venom – Cum.

Smurf – Probably still an incel.

Proski – Oohma Roblox Gang

Names bc I don’t wanna type more messages out









Hello, UMA.

Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve said that. First of all, I’d like to thank those who gave me permission to revive this. Daniel, Bam, and Derek, you guys made me find a new family. I led UMA for 2 years. While it’s true, we were seen as an off-brand UMA, we did our best to uphold the values and attitude of UMA, some of us taking more to it than others, with some of us, not caring at all about the army and being more concerned with numbers. I think that while I am not anywhere close to the best leader UMA has ever had, I wanted to uphold what made UMA, well, UMA. I would also like to thank Zeke, Games, Venom, Cobra, and Prod. Without those guys, my UMA wouldn’t have been the army it was. For the last time,




UMA’s Official Shutdown Post

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Hello There!

Your probably wondering, what happened, Games? It’s a long story, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that The Underground Mafias Army is officially decommissioned. This means that we will no longer operate on any CPPS.

Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • UMACPO shut down.

  • UMACPR merged into NW.

  • The Bert Council (Dillon, Zeke, Venom, Prod, and I) rule that UMA and EHUMA will never return.


Vxenty’s UMACPO shutdown announcement


UMACPR’s merge into NW

11/12 Igloo Raid

Today we raided some igloos on CPR after doing some tactics. We maxed 8 and averaged 6. GR for big things UMA

zeke, uma/cpr legend

Unscheduled Opening Event

Hello UMA,

Today we logged on for an unsched event on CPR. We maxed 10 and averaged 9. Thanks to everyone who attended. Big things are coming.

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