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Letter of Resignation

Effectively immediately I submit my resignation as Premier

Lol I’ll write a belated retirement post in the future. Just know that I’ve been busy with school and all. Aaron is trusted as the lead premier now.

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UMA2021 reunion


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izuno edit: I will piss in each and every one of your mouths. You sound so hypocritical and it’s a shame to know how much of a joke ACP has become. If you’re going to bitch and moan about other armies bullying S/M armies, then don’t seem like hypocrites and bully armies that haven’t even been open for more than two weeks and max 10-20 at each event. Fuck you all. 

You look like fools ACP, idiots, morons, etc. Because now you have just proved how weak you really are. March Madness involved some serious scandal with the RPF, you two had beef and what happened? NOTHING. You just had a schism with IW, and what happened? NOTHING. You instead choose to declare war on DCP, an army that averages so much less compared to you because myself, Bam and Jester talked some trash about you?? LOL! You get mocked consistently in public by RPF and IW, but you do nothing. Why? Because you will get STOMPED by either of those armies and you can’t spin it into some propaganda tool to provide to your troops. The only thing that you haven proven so far is how truly afraid you are of the BIA. Every army in this community talks trash about you. Everyone in public, and in private. This also sends a message to every army out there. “If you do not please us will we wage war against you”. ACP is not the ACP it used to be. The one led by people such Boomer 20 and Flipmoo. It is run by power hungry tyrants. (That’s status material right there ACP HCOM you should probably get on that). Your abuse of Doritos has gone on long enough, and everyone in Doritos sees it clearly. While Doritos might not win this war, it will inspire others and trust me when I say that Doritos is not the only army that you consider a friend that feels this way about you. One of my strengths as an army leader was making connections and getting along, diplomacy was my strong suit. Bro, even Proditor noted that and hes literally the GOAT. ACP tries so hard to expand their sphere of influence onto other armies. They literally said tactics on CPR today about how DCP should remove their legends and go back to being friends with them, which will not happen because NO ARMY has an influence on ANY armies legend page WHATSOEVER. Want proof? Here it is:

First off, us Legends mean no harm to DCP, we only seek to protect an army we love, I grew up in DCP, DCP was the first army I led. To see it abused and treated poorly by people who are supposed to be our brother ally angers me. It also angers the others such as Mustapha. Do you not realize what you’ve done? Mustapha, who is arguably the greatest Doritos leader next to Bam and Wwe is now involved in helping out the war effort. You have awoken a sleeping giant. Second, let this be a message to ACP allies, if your legends voice their opinions and they happen to go against ACP, you get invaded and then they try to guilt trip you into removing them from their deserved roles. They also decided to go after Bam and say that he is not Co Creator but the 16th leader, the 16th leader is correct, however Bam contributed so much to DCP throughout the years that he pretty much is a Co Creator of the DCP Culture. Bam did so much for DCP compared to Motoxjohn, who basically did nothing at all besides be an idiot (take it from me I was there for it). The overall basis of this post is directed towards ACPs “Allies”. Look at what they’re doing to DCP, who isn’t to say you are next? Is this something that you want to accept? Do you endorse this? If this can happen to DCP it can happen to you. ACP could’ve gone for an army that averages the same as them (IW, RPF, HF etc.) instead they decided to bully DCP instead, which is fine because people can now see how truly scummy you people are. If you have an issue with this post you can call me at anytime ACP at 1-888-447-5594. You can also reach me via my landline at 248-434-5508.




-Aaronstone UMA AND Doritos Legend

UMA Forever

Underground Mafias Spring Cleaning

wgfv mafia




Salutations, UM!

As apart of our effort to do organization spring cleaning, I wanted to make the following announcements. All are imperative in some way. This announcement includes some site fixes, staff hirings, and other things. If you haven’t already, make sure to join our DISCORD. To see more about what this is about, click READ MORE. Continue reading

Recognizing the REAL ACP

Doritos of Club Penguin

For Immediate Release,

The old ACP is being lead by jewish conformist who basically started WW2 to boost the banking systems thus giving them more money, We shall not stand for this any longer – thankfully Trader & Bam’s ACP is here to push forward the RIGHT agenda. We shall be working with them tirelessly to save CP Armies!


The Doritos denounces ACP that is headed by Super Edwin

The Dorito Army affirms and recognizes that General Trader & Bam117’s ACP is the offical, and undisputed authority of the Army of Club Penguin, all diplomatic relations with ACP and actions done by ACP, will only be recognized by Trader’s ACP.

Doritos Stay Tuned!


~ Wanka

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Good afternoon Mafias and suck it ACP

Update #2:

As an Indian I am very offended and this comment does not represent ACP values, cmon ACP if you’re going to call us out for being racists don’t go around chats acting like one, that’s called hypocrisy! (Out of context but hey ours was also out of context)

Midnight update: As I’m tucked away in my PJs ready for a night’s sleep, I also wanted to point out this. These so-called taunts by “UMA powers” and “Doritos legends” are enough for an army as high and mighty as yours to declare war, yet there’s disrespect from the bigger powers of the community. No hate to my RPF bruddas but they’ve been taking shots at your army publicly (Perry = my dawg) and your army does nothing despite recognizing it’s existence. 

You either die a hero (which should’ve happened after the first Pain Wars) or live long enough to see yourself become the villain (can’t stand up to IW/RPF but declares war on allies, Templars, smaller armies, and Templars x2) Good night and kiss my red ass

Initial disclaimer: we are not DCP (currently pussies) and, Aaron, Jester, Bam and I have no affiliation with them at the moment. Aside from our previous contributions to receive honors (Legend/Honorary Shield), we have no privilege in the army and they are also shit talked


At the Underground Mafias, we don’t need to log on to Club Penguin and event-spam to establish ourselves; ACP declaring war on DCP for actions by people not in the army is enough proof of our victory.

On the same day, as the conversation progressed, Doritos legends and UMA powers began join in, in which the Army of Club Penguin was compared to the current Israel-Palestinian conflict, where somehow our “oppression” was equivalent to the war raged by the Israeli Zionists.

HOWEVER, what we did was your usual UMA type trolling, offensive to all, and impartial to none, but you decide to use the recent Israel-Palestine event to politicize your “war”…

In response to my act of “comparing our recent call to arms for a Club Penguin tournament to the Israeli terrorism literally attempting to wipe out an entire race”, it was unrelated and you chose to compare it to Israeli terrorism. Here is the picture of the jihad I used initially with a google search:

I don’t know why you compare it to Israeli terrorism, but you’re trying to victimize yourself by calling it Israeli, using the ongoing situation to support your argument. But isn’t the clover defenders supposed to be the justice seekers? No, you’re self-righteous white knights who try to conform this community to being soyboys

If you want to stand up for the cause, show your support by demonstrating or make your stance public. What you’re doing is profiting off the lives lost for your own event-spamming to “fight a righteous war” and use our edgy jokes to leverage yourself as the good guys. Inside job or not, your army is a really shitty ally, let this be known that even if you ally with ACP they’re going to find some leftist argument to justify war

Fortunately, I’m not one of the oldheads that would continue to call the new-gen sensitive. I agree we should move forward and consider what we say, but no one is politically correct.

:EL: ACP is a place for everyone to enjoy, as long as you follow the rules and remember to be kind to others.”

“Israeli terrorism” generalizes the entirety of Israel’s response as terrorism. Though I do not support them, this generalization is offensive and is very one-sided, possibly even offending your Israeli troops. You did specify in your response it was Zionists, but ironic for me (a racist) to say consider your words. UMA stands for all people and isn’t going to seclude one side because of what the media portrays, you’re using a platform with hundreds of people to spread misinformation

Brainwashing your troops that you’re fighting the moral war against anti-Palestine rhetoric using people not even in DCP is our victory and we’d do it again

In the words of XXTOYSOLDIER:

The old ACP is being lead by jewish conformist who basically started WW2 to boost the banking systems thus giving them more money, We shall not stand for this any longer – thankfully Trader & Bam’s ACP is here to push forward the RIGHT agenda. We shall be working with them tirelessly to save CP Armies!

Stay mad ACP (except Cubby and Rob), and have a good rest of your evening:


UMA Poker Champion

Lord Pain after the Pain Wars 2 ends with ACP’s destruction

Me Attending Mchappy’s funeral after Lord Pain executes him at the end of Pain Wars 2

Preserving History.

Edit from Dino: Real quick, I just wanted to link the Hall of Fame page. I wanted to note that some people have expressed issues with some of the November portraits (i.e. Compwiz). We’ll be looking into potnetially adding new portraits for them in the future. Anyways, Back to Aaron.

Hello UMA, it’s been awhile.

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