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UMA2021 reunion


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A Statement from the Underground Mafias Army

Hello all, my name is Aaron, most recently our good old friends at the Army of Club Penguin decided to hold an even that merged Romans, Nachos, and UMA all into one army to fight them called the Roumachos. This was first, really REALLY cringe. Second this was disrespectful. It also is the most ACP thing ever, I mean who else would bring back dead armies, make them all together max 10 and they boast about how powerful they are? Everyone in this community knows that if ANY of these armies were around and still active, more specifically Nachos and UMA the result of a battle like this would quite different. (The result would be us kicking ACPs ass around Breeze like we did so many times before). CPAHQ, which by the way is anti-UMA because we are toxic but for some reason are pro Templars (sorry Xing), decided to post this army on their Top Ten as well. This is insulting to so many people who have worked so hard through out the years making Romans, Nachos and UMA a formidable army and it is also quite insulting to those who uphold and protect the legacies of those armies. This however is not surprising to me, as CPAHQ and those who are affiliated with it like to spit in the faces of those who go against it. I would also like to add that the Army of Club Penguin had NO PERMISSION whatsoever granted to use the Underground Mafias Army name in their little event, and I am also going to add that they probably had no permission to use Nachos name or the Romans name as well. They are going to say cope, cope etc. But if someone did an event like this involving a hypothetical dead ACP, ACP Veterans would cry like babies (FACT). Now the Underground Mafias Army might be dead, we do however have influence in this community and I hope everyone understands this because it would be a real shame if that influence had to be used. Ill end this post off with a question to CPAHQ. What member of the ACP High Command got access to the leaders chat as the leader of the Roumachos?





No Regrets.

Dino edit: If you want to learn more about Sweater’s sick past, see the section on him in our closing post HERE.

DINO EDIT #2: Fuck otter. changed the post author to ehroyals. hurb

Fire Warriors, the man named Sweater who leads you isn’t who he says he is. If you were in the other FW, you’ve probably noticed a huge change in the army, as well as a shift of power. I warned Sweater tonight that I would leave him alone if he left myself and Kris alone after I departed from Fire Warriors, but he refused to let some things go. His actions towards us made us realize that he isn’t the picture perfect guy everyone sees him as. He claims to be better than everyone else, he claims to be fair and just, however there’s so much he’s kept buried.

Fire Warriors is not an army about family anymore, it’s fuel for Sweater’s ego. He doesn’t care about his actions, he believes he can say what he’d like and never be held accountable.

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incase sweater takes it down, here you go.

Viewer discretion: This post is gonna have some NSFW stuff in it, so here is your warning. If you’re a kid, then don’t look it over.


I am Cobra, I imagine you know who I am, so I won’t get into it. Most recently, I have taken a mental break away from Discord and CPA to better myself after an incident where I led some tactics at a Skateboarders event. These tactics included the now famous “LEGO SHOT UP A MALL” and “LEGO MAN PUT DOWN THE AR15”. Granted, this was very fun in my opinion, but people saw otherwise. Now, you’re probably wondering on why I am writing this post. Well, it has come to my attention that Lego (an infamous newcunt) declared war on the Fire Warriors (the army that harbors Skateboarders), as well as tried to cancel some figures, notably Otter, in this situation. I’m gonna go one by one regarding each point he made.

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