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UMA’s Official Shutdown Post

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Hello There!

Your probably wondering, what happened, Games? It’s a long story, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that The Underground Mafias Army is officially decommissioned. This means that we will no longer operate on any CPPS.

Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • UMACPO shut down.

  • UMACPR merged into NW.

  • The Bert Council (Dillon, Zeke, Venom, Prod, and I) rule that UMA and EHUMA will never return.


Vxenty’s UMACPO shutdown announcement


UMACPR’s merge into NW

My Predictions for CPR’s Halloween Party

Hello soldiers of the Underground Mafias Army! As it gets farther in October, the Halloween Party is around the corner (Oct 25th). So, because of this, what will the rooms possibly look like? I am here to answer this in this useless post to make the UMA site partially more active. Read More.

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Civil War Ended; UMA is back; Main Site

Much has happened today, and as talks towards peace and unity brewed amongst former UMA leaders and crew we have come to a decision. We have decided that it is best for the future and survival of UMA to merge EHUMA and NUMA and make what is known to be the “real” UMA. Michael Games has been given the title as Commander alongside me, Mason. Twitchy, UMA Crew and UMA Legend has assumed ownership of the official UMA Discord (previously NUMA). We are also using the website used previously for all things UMA.



This NUMA Website will be decommissioned until further notice. 

Fight the Bad.

UMA Unsched Victory Parade [4/17/20]

Hello UMA!

We held an unscheduled victory parade on Club Penguin Rewritten.


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UMA Declares War On DKE.

We have officially declared war on DKE, also known as Dark Knight Empire. The two emperors of DKE, Cobra and Zeke, have conspired to deface UMA’s website, deleting 1,200 pages of news, battles, victories, and history. UMA will retaliate in full force, and rid of these cancerous noobs.

Screenshot 2018-02-10 14.20.13.png

Prepare for the storm, DKE.


Snow Maze: Walkthrough

Elo UMA! So today Club Penguin Rewritten has updated, which includes the new pin, new igloo catalog, new clothes catalog, the Snow Maze, and other stuff I have yet to find. I have completed the Snow Maze and I have the cheat sheet! I will bestow this sheet upon you all today. Don’t share! Screenshot 2018-01-31 12.52.09.png

I will upload secret items in the catalogs, new pin location, and all of what the update entails very soon. Good luck!


Avalanche Is Ours!


Today, UMA has braced the cold nights on Vintage Penguin and plucked the UMA flag in the grounds of server Avalanche. In doing so, we have trained a Brazilian UMA soldier who has mastered the tactics. UMA maxed 4, and averaged 4. Our MVP in this event is Jana, our newest soldier who is now promoted to Corporal for her perfect performance tonight. THIS IS ONE OF MANY COLONIZATIONS! LET UMA’S FUTURE BE BRIGHT! 

Screenshot 2018-01-30 22.51.53.pngScreenshot 2018-01-30 22.50.19.pngScreenshot 2018-01-30 22.47.49.pngScreenshot 2018-01-30 22.44.48.png


UMA Training – CPR/Sleet/Snow Forts

Yesterday UMA held a Tactics Training on server Sleet, which had to be moved to the Training channel on the UMA server due to circumstances on my end. The training included an introduction to army tactics, the three traits of a successful attack, and why it is important to carry out tactics efficiently. UMA values were also expressed, as well as a game reviewing different tactics, emote commands and situations that soldiers may come across when in an army event/battle.

Screenshot 2018-01-28 17.54.42.png

I would also like to announce the promotion of sirplus1881 (kileiscool) to Corporal for passing training. Congrats. Fight the bad.Screenshot 2018-01-29 11.31.29.png

Colonization of Nevasca

On Friday, January 26th, UMA had begun it’s colonization period, taking server Nevasca in Free Penguin. Even though we maxed 2 due to the inactivity purge, UMA has established it’s co capital in the Portuguese server, recruiting 1 soldier through the process. This will be one of many events involving the expansion of UMA lands, and growth of UMA power in its modern age. Screenshot 2018-01-28 01.40.15.pngScreenshot 2018-01-28 01.40.09.png



Many are wondering about the current status of UMA. Much has happened since the new year dawned upon us. UMA has had a great shift of power, and change that only seeks positive growth in its future.

I, Mason, am not sure about what you have heard when it came to the division of UMA, which has resulted in a Civil War. However, I will tell you the truth, that is, everything that had caused this Civil War and for NUMA to rise. Since I have told many others what had happened, and wish to not write it all out again for the millionth time, I will send screenshots of me explaining the battle and the history of bad leadership in UMA, causing me to coup UMA’s commander.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.14.40Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.12.24.pngScreenshot 2018-01-25 12.12.37.png

(During the Battle of Walrus)

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.11.32.png

(After the conclusion of the Battle of Walrus)

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.11.22.png

When EGCP and URT backed out of UMA’s capital Walrus, I had given xVictor, co-Commander of UMA at the time, the offer. Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.20.26.png

He attempted to remove Eh’s role as Commander, agreeing that I should lead UMA.Screenshot 2018-01-25 11.50.53.png

Ehroyals sensed that he was being couped, as he messaged me this, as well as announcing his “fake-retirement”:Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.11.41.png

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.11.06.png

Ehroyals did not want to lose his Commandership over UMA, to the point where he could not even share it with his co-commander, Victor.

Because of this, I had decided to create a new UMA discord in order to confirm that Ehroyals has been removed from leadership. When I had asked Victor to lead the new UMA, he refused saying that he is also retiring. Screenshot 2018-01-25 11.51.11.png

It had later come to my knowledge that he had sided with Ehroyals, and does not want to be a part of the new UMA.

With that being said, Ehroyals refuses to stop until he sees the new UMA fall. He has considered the course of events, a “division of UMA” resulting in a Civil War even though it was a clear change of power. Ehroyals, Games, and Cobra call themselves “EHUMA”, as they deny to accept the new UMA for reasons I still wish to understand.

(UMA Soldiers who have spoken against Ehroyals)

Screenshot 2018-01-25 11.59.18.png

-Soldier to not be named

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.37.27.png

Reggi, Former UMA

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.38.22.png

Zeke, Former UMA

My declaration to coup Ehroyals, with his response:

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.37.55.png

After speaking with UMA Crew, they have agreed to let me Command UMA. The new UMA Discord has been authenticated; Ehroyals refused to give up the UMA website, which is why this one has been created.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.41.51.png

When Ehroyals was inducted into UMA Crew, I let him in the new UMA discord, giving him Former UMA and UMA Crew ranks. He abused the privilege, and disrespected me which caused him to be banned.

(EGCP’s article on the Battle of Walrus)

Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.08.09.pngScreenshot 2018-01-25 12.08.45.png

In conclusion, Ehroyals negligence, stupidity and lack of leadership has caused UMA’s reputation to fall to new lows that were never intended to be “UMA culture”. He has become the laughing stock of armies, and a power-hungry child who feels entitled to the ownership of UMA. Having joined UMA as a soldier, rising up the ranks and hosting/attending recruiting events almost every day, I felt I would be the best candidate to lead UMA. I received many offers from other armies to join and obtain a high rank, but I refused them all. Likewise, I refused offers from leaders who want to co-lead UMA because they have their own armies they should be leading instead. I intend to be an honorable Commander of UMA, however I wish to not do it alone. I am looking for someone I can trust to hold the seat, as well as a high command board to become the pillars of what is to become a successful rebirth of UMA.