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[EU] Invasion of Blizzard (Results)

I’ll write a better description  when I get the chance. This post was rushed.

Max: 9

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[UK] Miner Patrol of Marshmallow | December 2nd

Underground Mafias Army - UK Division


December 2nd, 2020

UK Divisional Office, Mittens

Salutations, UMA!

Today we logged onto Marshmallow ─ CPRewritten for a hard hat, miner take-over of the island. While we were there, we were able to patrol the Town, Plaza, Mine, and Iceberg. We’ve successfully patrolled Marshmallow from a potential invasion from alien armies. Great job, UMA!

MAX: 22


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incase sweater takes it down, here you go.

Viewer discretion: This post is gonna have some NSFW stuff in it, so here is your warning. If you’re a kid, then don’t look it over.


I am Cobra, I imagine you know who I am, so I won’t get into it. Most recently, I have taken a mental break away from Discord and CPA to better myself after an incident where I led some tactics at a Skateboarders event. These tactics included the now famous “LEGO SHOT UP A MALL” and “LEGO MAN PUT DOWN THE AR15”. Granted, this was very fun in my opinion, but people saw otherwise. Now, you’re probably wondering on why I am writing this post. Well, it has come to my attention that Lego (an infamous newcunt) declared war on the Fire Warriors (the army that harbors Skateboarders), as well as tried to cancel some figures, notably Otter, in this situation. I’m gonna go one by one regarding each point he made.

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[UK] Coffee Cleansing of Marshmallow | November 30th

Underground Mafias Army - UK Division


November 30th, 2020

UK Divisional Office, Mittens

Salutations, UMA!

Today we logged onto Marshmallow ─ CPRewritten for a coffee and apron costume take over. While we were there, we battled with some unorganized gangs and got some stamps. We’ve successfully cleansed Marshmallow from the inferior blue fire-fighter penguins. Great job, UMA!

MAX: 20 

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Im not sure??? If we should Help The Vikings

Here is the deal, mpenguin123 quized an enemy nacho here are the results

Q. wheres your base


Q. whos your boss

A. tom wolf

Q.why did your army come to mamoth

A.idk were allways here

Q. whats yours base server


Q. any other servers your army goes to

A. no

Q. dose your army have a web site

A. no not that i know of tom might

Q. what other plans do u know

A. none

Q. what spys do u have on your team

A. we have non

Q. what are your armys allies

A. soh romans vikings and cps

as you can see the quiz says there alies with vikings? so if you are going to be on tommorow go as a “spy” to see what is happening if the nachos are attacking the vikings get into ur uniform gather troops and attack the nachoes.

Join the U.M.A , The Undergroun Mafia Army

Here is how you can join this sites army.

Just tell me youwant to join.

Here are the ranks

Admiral, this rank has already been given out to two people me and my friend jrtrotter

General, This is the highest rank “you” can get. There will be 4 generals. Here is the uniform for generals.


Commander, This is a pretty high level, Here is the uniform

Sergent, This is an ok rank


Private, you will do more listening to hire ranks if you are chosen to be a private

private2.JPGComakaze, if you are chosen to be this rank you basicly sacrafise your life by attacking the enemy. Here is Comakaze uniform


Special Ops, theese are elite spie U.M.A’s


bounty hunters, this is an elite class that is used to find and destroy enemy runaways


Once we get around 20 to 30 members we will hold our first army meeting.Here is picture of me and jrtrotter in admorol uniforms, in the base