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Hall of Fame Announcements & Updates

As per many votes and discussions in the recent weeks UMA will be updating its current HOF and other awards page to include and update candidates that would otherwise not be recognized or seen after. Due to the circumstance some UMA Legends will not be named and others were not asked out of personal reasons.



First things first, as much as it pains me to do this we’ll be updating Batista1822 to UMA’s full intact hall of fame. While some of his accomplishments are completely arguably, his accolades in UMA are hard to argue and his status as a CPA Legend reflects that. His tactful nature and decision making lead him to become one of UMA’s great and arguably one of the best CPA Leaders in innovation, thus we will attempt to give him credit where credit is due.

Batista, I’m not sure if you’ll ever see this but if you do sorry for the wait, as one of the biggest advocators against it I hope you’ll understand my disagreements on the update. Congratulations and welcome to the real Hall of Fame.


Dinorewrited or commonly known as Dino is a newer generation of UMA, His tenacity and regulation helped UMA in all manners of better or for worse. His logistical element was priceless compared to nearly all others in terms of value. Some older veterans may not know of him but anyone in the later generations know just how much he meant to UMA’s standing and structure. Without him everything could have fallen apart in and instant.

Dino, thank you for joining UMA and making it your own. Nothing can replace the countless days you worked to make it succeed but I hope this at the very least comes close. There isn’t enough words to detail the very list of accomplishments you went through to make every generation you were involved with successful but I hope this picture on a page will suffice. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

Mason Cooper

Mason Cooper is a complicated man, but I know enough about him and his accomplishments to know it makes up for the mistakes he made. He is arguably one of the best leaders of any Underground Mafias Army during the Club Penguin Private Server Era to ever exist. His leadership came with conflicts and issues but his skills and dedication to the army were no doubt. Henceforth he will be moved up to Legend status.

Congratulations Mason, the dedication and loyalty you showed this army was none the wiser. It is well known you were one of the best of the new age and I hope you know that. The struggles and conflict you dealt with were not in vain, I believe it truly made UMA stronger. Congratulations and welcome to the Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to all the updated Hall of Fame members, It was truly and honor to know of you and see you progress as one of the Underground Mafias Army’s Best. While most have moved on and see this as nothing more than a formality, thank you for everything you did for this shit show of an army.


Updating to Great Mafias

Zeke/Fudge Doge

Zeke is the original Co-Creator/Founder of the CPPS generations and deserves credit where credit is due. Many doubted Ehroyals but Zeke supported him and UMA above all else. He has made many mistakes in the past but nothing trumps just how essential he was to the founding and start up of the CPPS generations of UMA.


Zamb’s roles in the newer generations involve a lot more behind the scene works when or even when he wasn’t leading UMA. His tenacity and overall involvement in UMA is what spelled and helped its success in later years. Thank you for helping in all things UMA, whether it be sites, discord or simple a spread of Culture.


That is all for now in terms of extreme updates, We’ll be taking more notes and arguments for further updates in the coming days/weeks. Many that run this site are extremely busy now so this is a lower tier situation sadly. If you have suggestions or arguments, Absolutely contact an administrator or noted moderator of any of the servers. Hell you can even comment on site and yell about it that’s fine.

Updates take a while because of the scheduling and because I will argue many claims and reasonings, perhaps I’m just being a true legend or perhaps I’m just being a dick. Regardless please congratulate all the new additions to our prestigious page.


UMA Legend & Guardian

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Always have an extra house key, and remember fuck ACP.


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