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Graphic made by Yours Truly for this occasion.


UMA2021 reunion


Greetings, Underground Mafias!

For those who have been living under a room, UMA‘s last generation closed for good in December 2020. Since then, we’ve been a gaming organization that has been doing well. Frankly we don’t need CPA to live. I haven’t had motivation for CPA since. And to be frank with you, CPA is fucking gay nowadays. It’s not really fun. All I see are legends this, legends that ─ and I also see cancel crusades more relevant to this day. Moral police armies are fucking hypocritical. Armies will never die but they will definitely continue to degrade.

But with this year, many of us in the administration have been considering a reunion of sorts. Not a full-fledged revival, that’s stupid and not logical. And I rather not UMA not revive. However, it will be a reunion similar to last year’s EHUMA “revival” for Legends Cup. Consider this reunion a “revival”, sure. But at the end of the day it has a set-in-stone expiration date and only one, simple goal. Obviously this time around, we will troll but in moderation as we don’t want to be disqualified. And also, we want to give it our best. UMA and Nachos are the best OG-armies, not these fakes still roaming this dead-beat community. I hate seeing the ACP continuing this cancel-culture bullshit and ruining our childhood. Like seriously I bet 90% of modern ACP didn’t play original Club Penguin, lol.

Once Legends Cup concludes, this reunion will complete and we will return to solely only multi-gaming. If UMA wins, this would be our first major tournament win in general. Realistically we won’t win. But with Crazzyhead no longer leading the RPF, it’s no longer champion army. It flops between 3rd and 4th place on the TT. Same with the ACP; they bully cancellable armies to stay relevant. It’s mostly almost 30 year old Iceyfeet’s Ice Warriors and a newer army from 2018 called Help Force that get 1st.

It’s not confirmed this reunion will happen, and after all this might be a troll for all we know. But, a poll in the Underground Mafias is going on. It’s not binding, but it’s still important. If we reunite for this final time in the 11th ever Legends Cup, we will push hard for the semis, and maybe even the finals if we’re based enough and every other army fucking flops. Might seem impossible but we do have serious, workable plans on the backburner from Red Winter and other plans me, Cobra, GamesZambi, and Aaron have drafted the past 8 months. Any former veteran who wants to help in this potential reunion could return for former peak ranks (so this will probably mean a lot of leaders/advisors if they do choose to return, but they’ll be a few set of main leaders).

If we do reunite, this won’t be for another 1-3 month(s) (depending on when it starts). This gives us time to do last minute planning if we seriously do this. Whether CP Army Hub or Funks‘ CPAC 2.0 called CP Army Headquarters hosts it, we’ll take part (wink). Hell, if both hold it we’ll do it. Fuck we’ll even doing CPAHQ’s S/M Community Classic I guess, lmao. I don’t care about FW or anyone else since we won’t war to be honest. If we live rent free, then whatever I guess, lol.  I will conclude message. Below are the two official UMA servers. The Underground Mafias one has the poll. Fight the bad, and don’t be retards as usual.

Dino’s Underground Mafias Server // Potential Reunion Server

Bam’s UMA Vet Chatroom (NSFW)

The true David vs. Goliath battle everyone wants to see this Legends Cup. Let’s make it happen.


UM May Sign Dino

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  1. […] Zamb and Bam contacted me about seriously taking up the legends cup reunion idea I proposed in May. It was a shock. Why bother with this year’s shitty gay ass legends cup? However, since Zamb […]


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