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Underground Mafias Spring Cleaning

wgfv mafia




Salutations, UM!

As apart of our effort to do organization spring cleaning, I wanted to make the following announcements. All are imperative in some way. This announcement includes some site fixes, staff hirings, and other things. If you haven’t already, make sure to join our DISCORD. To see more about what this is about, click READ MORE.

─────── HALL OF FAME & HISTORY ───────

First things first, I’d like to say the history cleanup project Aaron started back in early April will resume. Myself, Aaron, and Cobra will be working to fix some minor errors on the history page. For obvious reasons, we aren’t going to twist UMA history in the views of some disputed territories, but rather clean up universally agreed errors on the page. The Aaron-Eyes-Redd Era will be respectively broken up and fixed as that was mostly copy-pasted as a placeholder from an old UMA archive. And on the note of Reddbudd, his GM bio will be reworked as that was mostly a placeholder as well (but similar idea).

I wanted to also to address the portraits. Back when they were done in November, some veterans and outsiders raised good concerns about two legend portraits. They now have been fixed. But recently, two Great Mafias portraits (Compwiz and Jtrotter) have been called into question. While most of us are fine with them, we generally want to redo portraits in general. One idea was to do WW2 military generals but unlikely that’ll get far. Regardless of what we do, those two mentioned GM portraits will be redone.

Also belated but we added new yearplates and nameplates to the Hall of Fame page. Leader list got a fix up behind the scenes. And speaking of, we’re currently working on redoing the separate leaders page format wise. Also at the bottom of the history page includes a new era that’s being worked on. Might interest some people.

─────── STAFF OVERHAUL ───────

The actual meat of the post, though. First, I’d like to announce a massive overhaul of the general staff team and rank page. You can see the rank page HERE.

We now have specialist managers. They will be a type of staff position focused on managing certain parts of the organization. Think of them as a company Vice President for something. The staff director position is the head manager and more of a hands-on advisor.

Other staff positions established are senior moderator, voice moderator, graphic designer (officially), and some staff teams. We expanded our arsenal to help better manager certain fields of the organization.

I’d like to announce our official staff hirings:

  • Villa: Recruitment Manager
  • Cultist: Moderation Manager
  • Zenny: Activity Manager
  • Attorney Greedy: Graphic Designer
  • Jbone: Moderator

Congratulations all on your hirings, and thanks to all who applied. Since our staff hiring pool was short, new applications will be released next week for regular moderator, game hosts, and potentially the other two manager positions (if we can’t find a trustee to manager it).

In other final staff news, we will be working to make the staff environment much better, and to rip down this “friend-group” culture that apparently exists in the staff team. Dillon will be moved to advisor so he can focus on college.

─────── OTHER NEWS ───────

I am currently working UMA legend Cobra, and other veterans on our culture page. You can see a small sneakpeak of it HERE. The server has been getting some clean-ups. I’m also finally working to repair the event schedule and get game-nights back on track since I’ll be more available from my school hiatus.

I intend to redo a lot of the websites’ graphics and CSS in the next few weeks, along with maintaining the site’s pages betters with our new maintainer system. As the site’s lead administrator, it’s my job to help preserve and upkeep it. A new partnership program with the Underground Mafias’ discord server will be released soon.

* * *

Signing off,

Underground Mafias Premier


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