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Preserving History.

Edit from Dino: Real quick, I just wanted to link the Hall of Fame page. I wanted to note that some people have expressed issues with some of the November portraits (i.e. Compwiz). We’ll be looking into potnetially adding new portraits for them in the future. Anyways, Back to Aaron.

Hello UMA, it’s been awhile.

When I left this community in late 2016 I had no plan of returning. Infact I would’ve called you absolutely crazy if someone told me that almost 5 years later, I’d be here posting on a UMA website, help out with a UMA CPPS generation and be a co creator of the Underground Mafias Gaming Community alongside Dinorewrited. I say “A website” because we had far too many over the years. Over the years multiple UMA websites have been either deleted or defaced, or in some cases both. With the power of Wayback Machine, I along with UM Co-Founder Dinorewrited and UMA Guardian SavageCobra have spent countless hours pouring over these records, you should see our group chat, it is insane the amount of stuff we have. This includes eras that were lost due to defaces and sites being deleted without backups. With these records, UMA will finally have all of its complete history, all on one website. This means there will also be potentially additions to the following:

  • Great Mafias
  • Honorable Mafias

Each candidate will be vetted through a vigorous process, where they will be reviewed based on loyalty, leading ability, character, and exemplifying what UMA was really about (beating the SHIT out of anyone who stood in our way) with this being said, Cobra, Dino and I are proud to announce the following additions to the hall of Great Mafias.



Jackson Mafia

Percyjackson2 is a veteran leader of the UMA, first joining around in the Red Summer of 2012. Jackson would become leader by the time the neo-Wgfv era had kicked off and played a big role in that generation, helping pioneer it. Jackson played a big role in developing the recruitment system of the army and served as one of the army’s main spokespeople to CPAC. Jackson would lead UMA to the maxs in the 30s and would top the golden age with some nice heights. Without him, who knows if the neo-Wgfv era would’ve done so well.

Draco Joe

Dragon Mafia

One of the most significant political figures in UMA’s history is Draco Joe. Serving originally as an UMA leader during the first Wgfv era in 2010, Joe would help UMA to some great heights not seen since RUMA. He would later return in 2013 in preparation of the neo-Wgfv era. Joe would lead UMA to maxs around in the 30s and would help annihilate many of UMA’s enemies including the Miners. Joe would continue to support UMA after the era had ended and played a major role in shaping UMA’s modern culture. Being an original “Greatest Leader”, Joe is honorably remembered as a Great Mafia and former Vice Premier.


Big Poppa Mafia

Lild, seen as the “UMA’s Rocky Balboa”, was a very notable figure in his time. While only leading for about 3-4 months, Lild’s service encompassed multiple UMA eras and leaderships. Lild served as a very loyal 2nd-in-Command and always represented UMA everywhere he went, especially at community forums. He fought to make sure the UMA never was seen as a minor, irrelevant figure to the greater community. He was also notable for his propaganda and cultural contributions, transforming how modern UMA would be like. His loyalty to the UMA is admirable and his overall contributions overweight that. Without him, UMA’s legacy would’ve fallen apart long ago.


Kamikaze Mafia

Reddbudd, also commonly known as Redd, served as an UMA leader during early 2013. Brought in by UMA commander Aaronstone, the two would form a notable leadership duo known as the “Reddstone” duo. Redd would help recruit multiple new members and served as a fierce battle leader, helping bring UMA from the S/M to CPAC. While often forgotten, Aaronstone couldn’t had led UMA to such a good peak without him.


Expert Mafia

Dino first made his presence in UMA in 2019, but did not make an impact until the following year. Within 2020, Dino was recruited into the paramilitary group, EHUMA, which soon came under his leadership alongside Games and Cobra. From there, Dino made up half of the Dinbra Duo, taking part of the administrative duties. Dino also heavily encouraged new blood development in the modern community, as well as developed new culture and brought notability around the community under EHUMA as the antagonists, infiltrating CP armies with guerilla warfare. Dino’s administrative skills proved major for EHUMA, which led to him being one of the main planners of the Red Winter revival, and with that, he helped set up the website and server, and developed graphics, but more importantly, led after the leave of other leaders. Dino’s leadership and admin duties led him to be one of the founders of the Underground Mafias, a multigaming organization based around UMA, and which he carried on with his similar duties, but instead fully led, as a Premier, in which he still currently holds. Dino as well has assisted greatly with guardian duties. Dino is considered one of the founders of the “New UMA”. 


New inductions to the hall of Honorable Mafias


Izuno, also known as 4207b and Lucifer, is a experienced army veteran and former very prominent figure in 2018 armies. She originally joined UMA when it re-opened its doors in November 2020 but left a week later due to real-life issues. She however returned in mid-December following a mass exodus from another group, bringing around 10 active people in her crew and has since been actively involved with UMA. She currently serves as a junior administrator for the Underground Mafias and helps manages our schedule and Minecraft server. You might not have your DCP Medal of Honor anymore but you have something better ─ UM Honorable Mafias.


Lydia joined UMA during the Red Winter and was a loyal member of our HCOM through out the generations history, due to the multiple shifts in leadership, Lydia was promoted to leader. While some might say she was not ready to handle the position of leader, she proved everyone wrong and completely owned it. She also holds the distinction of being the last UMA Leader. She has stuck around in a Cabinet position during the creation of UM, and still helps out when she is needed by Aaron and Dino. 
Congratulations to the newest inductees to the UMA/UM Hall of Fame. Please stay tuned as we update our history page and potentially add more people to our glorious hall.
UMA Forever

-Aaronstone42 UMA Legend


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