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Introducing… Bam Bucks!

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Mittens, UM Headquarters ─ A week has passed since activating the Underground Mafias. In the next step to advance the organization, we’d like to announce a new rewards system. A currency system that will be promoted based off of attendance, recruits, and a lot more. Starting now, the new currency of the Underground Mafias gaming organization is…


Why though? That’s a good question. To make way for our new rank system, we have decided to officially overhaul how promotions will work. Being named after UM Legend Bam117, we thought it made perfect sense. Below is what the Bam Bucks can offer:

Rank/Role Promotion (100 BB)

Custom Role for 2 Weeks (150 BB)

Custom Role for 1 Month (200 BB)

Official Made UM Graphic for you (150 BB)

Signed Letter from All Administrators (50 BB)

Hopefully in the future, we can also offer Discord Nitro, Spotify Premium, and more. However, we’re starting simple for our store. Now how can we get Bam Bucks? That is certainly a very good question. Below are all of the methods listed on how you can earn Bam Bucks:

Recruiting a Person/Friend (5 BB)

Ping Shouting Out UM in a Discord Server (10 BB)

Attending Gamenights (15 BB)

Winning Contests (20 BB)

Getting SoTW/MoTW (30 BB)

Random Bam Bucks Giveaways (Ranged from 10-30 BB)

Attending Club Penguin Reunions (100 BB)

Additionally, we may award 5 Bam Bucks to whoever we deem active and welcoming in chat. So be active in #main-chat. Be a good role model. Attend game nights. And within no time, you will become an UM staff member.

So what do YOU think of our system? Is it good? How can we improve? Reply below on this post’s comments or on our discord server. Fight the bad, UM!


Underground Mafias Premier


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