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Underground Mafias ─ Meet the Administration

UM meet the admins

Mittens, UM Headquarters ─ As the first site post since announcing the UM, the Administration would like to make this post to help inform our members about who runs our community. This post will include our Premiers, Administrators, and three supervising Cabinet members.


Aaronstone42, also known simply as Aaronstone or Aaron, is a former original-Club Penguin UMA leader. Having come from the Doritos army for a new home, Aaron would prove his worth. Despite being a huge noob in the day, Aaron would lead UMA to its second Red Summer. He is commonly known as the pet of Wgfv and Daniel due to his status of being a figure that did his best to try and succeed them. Aaron returned in November 2020 as an advisor and in December took up administrative responsibilities to help guide the new leadership of Cobra, Zambi, Dino, Games, Lydia, and Justinfortsa. A man of loads of seniority and experience, he is an UMA legend and is today one of the three premiers.


Dino, also known by CaptainScratch and Dinorewrited, is the primary Premier of the new UM. Having first experiencing the UMA in now deemed illegitimate UMA generation of 2019, Dino was an active member under Zeke and Games. Dino would take part in reshaping UMA culture with his reforms over EHUMA and would be responsible for coming up with “Red Winter“. Dino, despite being a proud gay spaz autist, has been a large role in the transition from the UMA to UM.


Lydia was a former irrelevant Templars Leader-in-Training before joining UMA. After the Templars Exodus of 2020, Cobra would bring Lydia to the UMA as a 3rd-in-Command. She would quickly climb the ranks of the newly revived UMA and became leader after Zamb had to go on leave for real-life reasons. Known for her recruitment prowess and being one of the rare based wom*n, Lydia continues to help out with running UM as a staff manager and advisor.


If there is one person who embodies UMA culture the most, it’d be Bam. Having joined UMA during the Underground Era with other legends such as Jester and Trader, Bam would lead UMA through thick and thin. Bam continues to help (albeit in a limited capacity as he does not like to be bothered) UM as a premier and guardian. As noted, do not bother Bam unless an actual emergency, you tards. He has a life compared to the rest of us all.


Dillon, known by Ehroyals81 and Bert, is the person responsible for continuing the UMA legacy onto CPPS. While knowing for maxing 3, Bert has actually done a lot for UMA culturally and impactfully which we are all grateful for. After all, we would not be here if it weren’t for Bert. Bert continues to help as an official Administrator for UM and serves as a larger-than-life cultural figure in the community, helping uphold UMA culture.



Probably one of the few based Indians to bless CPA, Zamb joined UMA at the advice of Dino. Within no time, Zamb would become leader and assume the role as UMA’s public relations ambassador. His recruitment guide and responses to the Fire Warriors beef and the “Underground Slums” post has shown his dedication. Not only that, but Zamb is responsible for helping reshape the website’s graphics and being a very technical person in general. He to this day is still a staff manager and advisor for UM.


Games is one of the most dedicated people to modern UMA. Games has led every UMA CPPS generation, along with upholding UMA culture greatly. Games played a big role in the Red Winter project as its co-creator and expanding UMA to other games, setting the stage for UM to be worked on. While he is AWOL now, Games has been such a vital role to where UMA is now. Games also played arguably the biggest role in the EHUMA paramilitary’s history and expanded UMA culture to other armies for the newer generation. He is officially an Administrator, but acts in an advisor capacity for now. Nevertheless, Games is a small man, but with great success and dedication.


While being retired now, Cobra still gets a small mention. Cobra served as the guardian in place of the others for the Red Winter project and served as the de-facto main leader. Cobra massively helped revamp the Hall of Fame and History pages. Not only that, but Cobra played a big role to retain UMA’s influence over the years from 2018 to today, helping lead the EHUMA paramilitary. Cobra has also been a strong staple for UMA culture and having balls against the snowflake establishment of modern days. He still helps with the website every now and again is an unofficial administrative advisor.


So what do YOU think about this Administration team? Are you hyped for UM‘s future? Feel free to comment below on this post say on our discord server HERE. Fight the bad!

Dino, Premier


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