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No Regrets.

Dino edit: If you want to learn more about Sweater’s sick past, see the section on him in our closing post HERE.

DINO EDIT #2: Fuck otter. changed the post author to ehroyals. hurb

Fire Warriors, the man named Sweater who leads you isn’t who he says he is. If you were in the other FW, you’ve probably noticed a huge change in the army, as well as a shift of power. I warned Sweater tonight that I would leave him alone if he left myself and Kris alone after I departed from Fire Warriors, but he refused to let some things go. His actions towards us made us realize that he isn’t the picture perfect guy everyone sees him as. He claims to be better than everyone else, he claims to be fair and just, however there’s so much he’s kept buried.

Fire Warriors is not an army about family anymore, it’s fuel for Sweater’s ego. He doesn’t care about his actions, he believes he can say what he’d like and never be held accountable.

I will preface this by saying that Sweater stepped down after I made it clear what I would be doing about his actions. This is an attempt to preserve the army, but trust me: things will not change. He will be passing the army onto his pedophilic girlfriend, Cassie (Sweater is a teenager and Cassie is 20).

Pedophilia Involvement

Like I said above, Sweater is dating Cassie. This isn’t the first time he’s willingly involved himself with pedophiles. He was best friends with Maroon and defended him while knowing that he was sexual with a 16yo in DMs. The only reason why he broke apart from him was because a close friend of ours was groomed by him. Not only that, but he’s been defending Rachel (Rach), an adult woman who groomed and dated a 16yo.

Disrespect/Bullying of Troops

While I don’t have very many proper screenshots of these, members who were in the army can testify that multiple of the leaders did NOT treat the troops with any respect at all. There was an incident where Haley told a troop to ‘fuck off’ while arguing with them in a main chat. Not only that, but Pandor was repeatedly backtalked and made into a joke in the leadership group chat and the HCOM channel, as well as in a private group chat I own.

Below are the screenshots that got Kristina and myself banned from Fire Warriors and started this whole thing. These are issues that the leadership was aware of, and Kris had offered multiple solutions to. She was, of course, ignored.

And below is Kristina confirming that all of this did, in fact, happen.


Where do I start? Sweater has a history of working with Security, and he claims to have changed, yet he doxed the Fire Warrior Creator in an attempt to gain perms from it…? Sweater was also able to obtain Kristina and I’s family information, which we gave him permission to do to test our social media security, however the fact that he could do it so easily is concerning. Are you really safe around him?

Not only is it bad that he did all of this, but he also sent everything to our group chat with absolutely no regard for Wwe09’s privacy. If his information got out, he’d probably be flooded with people asking him about Club Penguin while he’s busy with his real family L O L. Sweater has no care for anyone’s privacy.


Sweater has a history of manipulating people, especially his friends, into thinking he’s some perfect dude. He’ll twist stories, say people left him and that he never did anything at all in various situations. Think of SWAT and his story of the defacement, “Oh Badboy was on my account”. Sweater/Conor/Rocks/sAry has a failed attempt to deface SWAT – SWAT of CP. Sweater will also claim that he hated Cobra because of the UMA relations. Is that true, Sweater?

Sweater not only tried to manipulate Kris and I to stay friends with him, but he was also extremely rude to Kris about how she couldn’t be on any social media when she had a very serious suicide attempt. He victimized himself and acted like he was some hurt little kid who was being abandoned by his parents.

For context, Sweater was the last person she could talk to before she went off discord. She was not okay at all, but she didn’t once say that it was his fault. Him bringing that up in our argument is absolutely sick. He also called me delusional when he knows about my personal mental issues to try and get me to believe him?

After saying all this, Sweater continued trying to be nice to us and act like we ‘needed’ him.

That’s all I have to say. Feel free to stay in Fire Warriors and simp for pedophiles and manipulators. I’ve done everything I can in CPA, and I’m on my way to do things in real life that make me happy. Thank you to everyone who stuck with me, God bless <3.

UPDATE 2/13/2021 by Dino: After the release of our post, Conor threatened to respond back. While we don’t know what he would’ve done, it’s likely he was threatening to doxx Kris and Otter in response, but turns out he was only bluffing to have this post taken down. Regardless, making threats like this isn’t okay. Doesn’t help your case also since you already committed some recent unwarranted doxxing.


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