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The End

Good evening Mafias and all concerned people of the community.

Sweater created a post on the Fire Warriors, rallying many army community members against us. Ironically enough, this was all done with personal salt against us and such, although I will take responsibility for my actions and the other actions. 

I will just get into the entire thing, this is gonna be a long response post. You can see their post here.


Written by: Cobra

My Actions (Cobra)

Ah yes, my actions. I could say that they look pretty bad out of context. And that is the key: out of context. 

To say the least, many of the things I said that were sexual were all apart of jokes. I am definitely not a pedophile lmao, I am currently in high school at the age of 16 in Miami. I never properly age revealed to anyone in the community until now, because I wanted to keep it a secret. It seems that it is necessary to denounce the many points given here against me being a “nonce” or a “pedo”. Just for the record, if I ever age revealed before, I was trolling. I have been perceived as 17 since 2017, as I definitely acted more mature than my age. So yes, the shit I did in 2018, I was barely a teenager. Shocker, right? Just remember that what was said were obvious jokes, I am very against pedophilia myself, which is why I have been very against Water and the rest. Otter actively engaged in the jokes and knew my age as well, as well as even had a crush on me in secret. This all started from some group chat that I had when I led Templars, between the likes of Lydia, Otter, Echo, and I. We just shitposted, talked, and other things. It’s a shame that Otter had to turn against us like that and just go insane. It is depressing to see her cope to this level with losing Lydia, and I’m sorry for you all who are involved.



As for the actions regarding doxxing, well, that is something I do deeply regret. Maybe you do not see the greater picture. The dox of Reacon, yes, I did help take part in. Of course, I didn’t do this alone. It was done in collaboration with other people. My belief that he was in fact a pedophile, as told to me with the other people. I am wrong about him a pedophile, but that is what it is. The people who told me to help dox him were people who had beef with him, as Reacon had huge beef with these people specifically. More less, you can probably guess who that was.


This was sent to a friend of mine. Name and profile picture blocked out for a reason.

To reply to the racism shit. Grow up lol. It’s funny how the Templars of all armies signed this shit. Yes, I said some “racist” things, but people do not understand a joke, do they? It is a shame, for a community that was created about having fun and not giving a fuck and having it be an escape, it surely has became a place to express your own problems. The point I’m making is, everyone is guilty of racist jokes, everyone. Have you not seen 32op? Have you not seen any of the leaders? Sure, they are offensive, but it was in private for a reason where we could make this jokes with people who are not offended. Plus, saying I hate Israel isn’t even antisemetic, what the fuck. It’s like saying I hate Qatar is anti-Islam or I hate Nigeria is racist. Grow up.

Context is key.

Lydia’s Actions

Lydia’s actions were obviously not great, but are worthy of defense.

Lydia is a young girl, a little sister to me. I look out for her a lot. As Zamb said before, the actions done by Lydia against PurpleFlaw was a response to pedophilia. As you saw in the previous post, Purple sent nudes to a 14 year old child. She is not the leaker of the nudes either, someone else sent her the nudes and she sent them to a group chat. As for Purple’s doxxing – this was done to prevent the child from being groomed again.

Lydia is being painted out to be some doxxer against Mustapha as well, but again, this was done out of fear for her family, herself, and her friends. I cannot say it again, she made the mistake, she will grow from it, and she will understand what she did. You need to realize the context.

Context is key.

Games’ Actions

Stop using “14-year-old girl” as a point. 

Games is a really good friend, trust me. He was unbelievably pissed off at how Otter treated Lydia and me, so well, he lashed out and told her to cut herself. Not nice, I agree, but well, it was warranted. Not much I can say other than “cope”. Please take into consideration, Games is also 16.

Context is key.



Funny enough, my post made Zamb’s have little meaning. That’s just a pure cope, and you know it. That’s all I can say. Just grow the fuck up lol.

Context is key.


The amount of cope here is insane. You all are greatly disappointing. I was told that Cena (a near pedophile himself) was saying that I was 17 in 2019. This was obviously not the case at all, and if I said that, I was trolling. As for the stuff Lydia did, she will learn. Games is Games, don’t mind him. He just cares about us. 

I am sorry this part is gonna get personal – Look. This is not anyone but Otter and Lydia’s war. Sweater fucked himself in the process when he started getting involved with the affairs, and I did too. Otter went insane over Lydia. They were close friends. They dated at a point. However, as much as I hate to mention this, but Otter’s mental stability has been fractured from the many people in her time in armies and such trying to groom her and manipulate her. Lydia’s mental state has been shattered from in real life circumstances. You guys shouldn’t be involved in this. It is disappointing, yes, but Otter decided to lose her shit after being probably groomed by Legoman (this is an accusation, I have no clue). She decided to leak my jokes out of context (that she encouraged) while knowing my age, leaked Lydia taking part in defense doxxing (while encouraging it), and among other things. I’m really sorry to everyone, including Otter and Lydia both. I encourage you two to genuinely make up, but I don’t imagine Otter will ever be forgiven. I won’t ever forgive Otter, as much as it sucks to say, some scars give back bad memories and will last forever. This all could’ve been avoided, but I apologize to all who UMA let down, even though this shouldn’t even involve UMA. 


Written by: Zamb

The points brought up were valid, and looking at them alone is enough to criminalize the army despite the screenshots being out of context. However, these people who signed the document are no innocent than us. The Underground Mafias would like to take the time out of our day to applaud a few individuals, some of who pushed this far to see our demise and used out of context screenshots to persecute us. Remember, no one in this community is innocent if you made it this far to wield power and end an army. My grievances go to:

Sweater, leader of the Fire Warriors

Sweater drafted the post to criticize us, but he is no different, probably worse. In the above screenshots, he isn’t any innocent either. Sweater, the justice of morals and whistleblower to our “activities” is a hypocrite, seeing that he’s racist and insensitive too. It’s not that hard to keep your mouth shut Mr. Justice.

Legoman, leader of the Mangoes

As for Legoman, I don’t understand how he made it this far in the community seeing what he does for publicity. 16-17 year old dating a historically groomed barely 14-year-old girl. Morally disgusting, next.

Firestar, leader of the Special Weapons and Tactics

Do I have to go into detail with this inbred? Out of respect for the victims, I rather not publicize their names nor involvement, but Firestar is well aware of what he did. As shown in his Elites’ removal post, Firestar is a brainless leader who tags in wherever his butt buddies follow, dated girls who were three years younger than him (him being 17, them being 14; morally wrong), and threatens to do. Funny lad.

Xing, creator of the Templars, and his own army

This is what I find the funniest. This document has the backing of Xing, the shitstain of the community. This is not only for you leaders who signed it, but anyone who recognizes this document. Recognizing this document too is a homophobe, racist, filthy piece of shit who shouldn’t be around this community. It’s hard to get rid of him when you already have banned his army. However, SWAT, Mangoes, Crimson fucking Guardians, and ARMY LEGEND FREEZIE66 should be ashamed of themselves for endorsing the same movement as them. You all are no better than us if you agree with Xing. 

Must anymore be said about Xing and the Templars? The community dares oust UMA but overlooks the behavior of them. 


Ok, if you thought racism was bad, how do you sign the document of someone who should put fear in the community. You might respect him as the Club Penguin Online: Army League’s Head of Board and Dark Warrior’s godfather, but are you aware this is the guy who hacked the Rebel Penguin Federation years ago? Securty threatened a fourteen-year-old into giving their account and Freezie went through with the attack, fucking gross.

Unfortunately, the Crimson Guardians are exempt from any exposure, but as an army housing locals in the CP Army Hub, this wasn’t a wise move. Agreeing with these individuals is essentially acknowledging what they have done. The moral of the story is to not be a hypocrite and listen to both sides of the story, there are always two sides to the coin.


Cena has also taken part in trying to convince people that Cobra is some pedophile. Ironically enough, Cena was in a relationship back in 2019 and early 2020. I will respect the privacy of it, but if you bring it up with him, he will likely remain quiet. Who knows.


Cobra POV

Looking back, this community is fucking terrible. I thought the toxicity was fun, but maybe it has gotten worse. I was a big player in armies from late 2017 to early 2019. I was well known for founding and leading the New Viking Alliance, the first major CPPS alliance. I also found and led the Red Dawn Alliance, the second major CPPS alliance, which took down RPF in World War VII. Yes, RPF was defeated. Do not tell me otherwise.

I worked with many people, saw many things. I was a kid during all of it, and I am now. None of us expected unification. It’s funny to say the least, it really is. After everything I helped do, I am to blame for some of this. I won’t reveal classified shit, but I played a huge part in the long term unification, especially in 2018 and early 2019, where I created the Second CPA Syndicate. The map was brought back and I created the league format we used today, and Flen and I brought back legends.

I encountered many people and grew up with them all. I am still a kid and have more years left to grow and become an adult. 2 years specifically before I am an adult. Nobody could’ve done what I did. I kept to my roots my entire career, no matter where I went. I am thankful people like the Elite Guardians exist, they are my brothers, even though I never formally led, I just acting led, and even though I was American and they were Brazilian, I never bonded better. I’m not here to really explain my career but to rather be grateful for what I’ve done. I’ve done a lot in my time here in CPA, and you all need to acknowledge that CPPS armies existed before fall 2019. 

I love this community and I fucking despise it. I love that many of us can unite to do shit and many of us can unite to make this community great and powerful. How we can make history, because, believe me, we made history. 14 years of history. I am now being perceived as some racist malicious pedophile, but whatever. I know my innocence, and so does Otter and the rest. I would like to just take a minute to thank some people.

Ray el Rey
Rowan (<3)
All of Rozzo, DKE, Romans, UMA, EHUMA, CPC, and EGCP.
If I forgot you, I’m sorry. I’ll add you or not idk.

These are people who meant a lot to me, but now I will go over the people who are fucking awful.

Security – skid.
Otter – betrayal, taking shit out of context.
Mustapha10x – mental retardation.
Sweater – encouraging otter.
Cena – actual pedophile and a true nonce. (he will hide it but be sure to ask him about his relationship in late 2019)
CANC – all of you are faggot skids.
Prior – pedophile groomer and manipulator. cena but worse.
Waterkid – based!

Next, I’ll just say my achievements because why not.

2018 CPA Legend
EGCP Legend
PZF Legend
UMA Legend
Romans Legend? not sure yet, we’ll know in 20 years
Templars Legend
DKE Icon

Conclusion: I’m not ready for a nancy boy politically correct army community, I’m too used to the ways before unification, and I will gladly enjoy that.

Zamb POV

This is by far not the best way to end it, but it had to be done one way or the other. This community, as thriving as it is, is no longer Club Penguin armies. This is a politically incorrect period, and if you do not conform to the standards set by the leagues and higher up individuals, you will not go far. Deny it all you want, but the community is more totalitarian than when Club Penguin Online monopolized a league riddled with corruption. Though I had a part in creating the modern atmosphere, I dislike what we set as the standard. Armies were meant to be an escape from real life, not a place where we bring in ongoing events and persecute based on that. I have no regrets. From the Dark Bandits to the Doritos, to the Elites, and now the Underground Mafias. Thank you to all four for the great memories, it’s funny that I hated the community yet I continue to treasure these memories. My proudest accomplishments were meeting some of the greatest people who influenced my future career path, and partially creating the most influential media site since the Club Penguin Army Central. Call me crazy, but I believe we were far more influential than them.

Though there are several people I’d like to thank, this is not the way I wanted to leave. However, it is best to do this. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. I rather leave on better conditions than anything. Though I do not have many honorifics to my name, the most I can flex is being a hall of famer at the Club Penguin Army Hub. If people are able to come to his community and have fun in the league I partially created, there is no better honor. Thank you all. Shoutout to EHUMA, Founders, and my brown people.

Lydia POV

Hello. From the small amount of time I have been in Underground Mafias’ Army I loved it here. I met many amazing people and learned many new things. One of them being don’t trust anyone you barely meet. This has been a really rough week for me mentally, ending it here on this note really hurts. Before this all ends I would like to clear up many of the things I have done and apologize for them. I will go over them.
First starting off with this whole week, the doxxing accusations, Xing webcam hacking accusations and just everything. First, I would like to apologize to Mustapha10x, MaximeT9, Kato and Otter. I should of never acted like a retard and should of been more calm about this situation. I acted really immature and now I am learning from my actions. Mustapha and Maxime I am really sorry for the insensitive jokes I made and the doxxing my friends and I did. On behalf of the clan, we are really sorry for everything and we won’t associate with Spartans Gaming and you guys anymore. Otter I am really sorry for all the shit that was said when I was unstable. I am really sorry.
Now with the Mustapha, MaximeT9 and Pina/PurpleFlawn doxxings, I would like to clear them up. PurpleFlawn made her move by sending one of my closets friends who is only 14 years of age an ass picture. I received information about her and like a protective friend I spread them in a groupchat. I was pissed that PurpleFlawn did that to him. I got her information and sent it to my friends.
Mustapha and Maxime. My friends and I were scared for each other, which resulted in us doxxing you and roasting whoever the fuck we doxxed. I am truly sorry for all of that and I will take the blame for that. The AFK Doxxing Maxime was a joke, a very immature joke and should of been thought out before said. I am sorry for that.
Xings webcam was all fake. The Messages and everything. BSchar who is really good at faking messages probably faked the Cobra message. Cobra is a brother to me but he would not go and hack someones webcam because I was “fired”. I wasn’t even fired, that’s the funny part, I left on my own choice. I went and became a leader at Skateboarders and helped Ot_ter with her army for a while alongside 4207b.
I am very sorry for anyone else who was a victim of my foolish immature actions. If it was just me acting like a 3 year old or me doing something stupid to hurt others. I am really sorry.
Now that this is where it ends, I will be leaving CPA too. I will be focusing more on my health and friendships in real life, I have distanced myself from many people in my real life that were close with me, my health has also became a concern. Especially because I am diagnosed with many Mental Illnesses. Before I do leave I would like to thank a few people and groups. Those people are,
Racecar 4
Vanessa the slut xd
JFK Fangirls
DCP Refugees
Morningstar Clan
and anyone else who has made me become a better person or happier than I was before ❤


Written by: Cobra

I’m sorry to all who I have let down. My time in armies has been rocky, but fun. One day, we will look back and have a big laugh, and probably still hate each other unless we all grow up. Consider this a learning experience, genuinely. I learned a lot, and I hope you all do too.

To UMA – You guys are great. The staff was pretty on point and we had a lot of potential. It’s a shame that personal vendetta’s had to be made against us to bring us down. I’m sorry UMA, I really am.

I apologize for everyone that got involved in this drama. I apologize that my first response post wasn’t the best, because I didn’t want to make it bigger. I apologize you all were duped into this. I apologize my age wasn’t revealed when I was younger, so this shit wouldn’t happen. I apologize for getting involved myself. I apologize on behalf of the Morningstar’s – fear got the best of them.

Ironically enough, the Nazi high command said that one thing made the SS and such commit atrocities – fear. Fear is a powerful weapon. It truly is. With that, I conclude these sections of the post and will go onto the closure. 

Thank you all.

The night has been seized. The bad were fought. The guardians were feared. We fought in the name of God. We trusted the crust, but most importantly, we fought for our own personal empires.

For the last time in the endless cycle,



Written by: Cobra

With that, I bring the closure of UMA.

So, this brings down one of the greatest armies ever. The Underground Mafias Army. An army founded in January 2007 by Pink Mafias. A simple guy who wanted fun. He was illiterate, but carefree. He did not know of the legacy he would create. From nearly winning the third world war, to the Wgfv era to Daniel’s rule to the Underground Era to the Rewritten Era and to now, the UMA has cemented a legacy. Was it a good legacy? It depends who you asked. UMA was the army for trolls to be themselves and go to. We had little to lose and wanted fun. Maybe UMA isn’t ready for something like this. With my experience here in the Underground Mafias Army, I have seen one thing – culture. Nothing beats it. UMA culture is the best, hands down. We have endured a lot, coming from 2007 to now. From swastika formations to out of context screenshots, we created a huge ruckus, and that, I am grateful for. I am glad I could spend time here in EHUMA as well. EHUMA was the embodiment of this culture. UMA culture spans nearly two damn decades and is about being yourself. That, I can appreciate the Nachos, EGCP, and Templars for as well. I am just grateful many of you were here during the ride. I truly am. Many of you have showcased true devotion to making this army great. While, we didn’t make it, we still had our impact. I refuse to watch this army become a Templars or a RFCP, I refuse. To say the least, you guys won. Congrats, Otter. Your daddy issues and your laptop has won the war. You beat us in the war. But remember that we are innocent, and UMA will always be innocent moving forward. You all witnessed the end of the old ways right here. It is over. Pre-2020 will never be seen again for as long as we have unification and egirls and eboys. So, to put it blunt, UMA wasn’t made for this. We all thought it was, but we just can’t sell out and do it. It’s not UMA. UMA is the home of the rejected, and maybe this was our downfall. All who stood in our way in this mess of harassment, slander, and such will feel the pain of karma when God rains it down on you. I know it.

We are a family, we are a brotherhood, we are a culture. Nothing stands in the way of the idea of the Underground Mafias Army, nothing. Sure, maybe you can beat us in war, but you will never beat the idea of the UMA culture.



Underground Mafias Army Vice Premier, Guardian and Legend


Underground Mafias Army Premier and Great Mafias


Underground Mafias Army Mother


Underground Mafias Army Guardian and Legend


Underground Mafias Army Autist



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