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An official response to “Underground the Slums of CPA”

Good evening Mafias and concerned members of the community, this is an important notice. I ask that you read the entirety of it and do not jump to conclusions.

Before anything else, I would like to take the opportunity to apologize to the entirety of the community. My only wish is for the situation to not be taken out of proportion, and this apology serves as proof of remorse towards the actions done. Our apology is towards the community for bestowing their trust in our army, only for this situation to arise. The evidence shown in the post disgusts me not as a leader, but as a member of this community. Doxxing should not be taken lightly, and this is painful to see happening over a game of penguins. Our intention on returning was inevitable to be met with drama, but for it to be waging personal information, which in my opinion should be kept outside of the game, is not right. Moving on, like I’ve said, we fully accept the arguments put in Mustapha’s post, but it’s also important to see the second side of a coin. This, in no way, is supposed to neutralize the actions by some of the UMA staff members, but for the community to see that there’s also good in the bad.

Responding to Mustapha’s Post

As of December 27th, 2020, Club Penguin Army Politics and Philosophy Head Administrator Mustapha10 wrote a slanderous post spewing insults and exposing several of our staff who served in his independent gaming organization, Spartan Gaming. If not deleted yet, the post can be found here, but please approach with caution as sensitive topics are discussed, primarily the release of personal information. Though the post was written on a vendetta against our army and the certain staff who defected from his organization, I do not deny what the post has shown. Though information is left out with the intention of defaming our army, our staff is responsible for the actions done, and aside from justifying the actions, nothing can be done to defend it. Due to the stress from several ends for our leadership, we have yet to decide a consequence towards the actions of the Spartans’ staff, but at the same time, we cannot overlook the involvement of many individuals tied into this situation. The backlash our army is facing is coming from several ends of the community, from those entrusted with the media such as Mustapha10 despite choosing a clearly biased perspective, as well as certain individuals who will be addressed shortly.

The post reveals Kennedi (kenqueen) was asked by my co-leader Cobra for money to spend on Whitepages and dox Meerrkat. Doxxing is malicious behavior threatening the security of hundreds who participate in armies recreationally and cannot be taken out of context. There is no way to defend this whimsical behavior. However, his impulse to dox was done in retaliation. Meerrkat, who the community ousted for doxxing several Special Weapons and Tactics higher command as well as targeting others, took a screenshot of his Snapchat profile. Snapchat is designated to alarm the user when either their messages or profile is photographed. Despite the information being fake, Cobra has kept his social media private and asked previously that Meer does not screenshot it. Though it could’ve been played as a joke or mistake, Meer’s public history of doxing, as seen most recently against the former Chief Executive Officer Pookie437, is concerning, which is why Cobra took action. The CP Army Hub, who the community sees as a policing figure, is unable to help in this situation, especially since both people involved are banned from the server. Unfortunately, it pains me to say justice cannot truly be served in this community without hands been dirtied. Riley, the administrator of Club Penguin Online exposed for several crimes, had information publically released leading to his eventual arrest. It isn’t the right justice, but out of defense, Cobra was pushed to fall to desperate measures in protection of his privacy. Kennedi was approached by Cobra, and she was willing to fund the Whitepages portion despite being aware there is personal information at stake. Later, the situation was resolved by both sides (Meerrkat and Cobra) without any information being threatened nor leaked.

Following that claim, several more evidence provided is directed at defected Spartans’ Gaming staff. While Mustapha10 claims he fired them, the others within our ranks say they left on their own accord. I cannot confirm either, but what is evident is the staff experienced harassment and were pushed to isolate themselves in fear of Musta, who is a known figure for threatening the Doritos’ higher command, as well as many others.

 It soon resulted in her anger and resentment for the world to be projected onto everyone else around her – thinking she can somehow crack the code into getting into Xings webcam, and then so much more that I would rather just put pictures here than explain any further

Lydia is underaged, about 14-15 years old, even younger. I’m aware she is younger than me (16), and she has no idea how to crack into Xing’s webcam. Xing has harassed Lydia since her departure from the Templars over animosity, and she has even distanced herself from the barrage of insults thrown. I too am victim to Xing’s crude behavior, and although I have engaged with him in the past without attempting to cross the line, what he has done is more than enough for us to keep ourselves away. Not to mention, Lydia as a leader is excellent, though one of her weakest points is ironically technology. There is no basis for this accusation, and it criminalizes Lydia and her group more than it should. Xing is nefarious, and previous behavior has shown a pattern of backstabbing and manipulation. As said at the beginning, there are two sides to every situation, and Mustapha left out the portion that their friendship was subjected to emotional manipulation and harassment, which led to any mental instability.

As I write this post, Mustapha updated his post using the concerns I’ve addressed, censoring the nudes he leaked (yes, there is proof from several people he leaked the nude image, contradictory to his post). Next point, he brings up the PurpleFlaw situation. PurpleFlaw is a known predator, can be a pedophile, though I lack the evidence right now to say that as a definite.

Forbi is 14 years old, and PurpleFlaw is 18-19 years old. Not to mention, the images were unsolicited. For privacy reasons, her face in the picture is censored.

Supports the above picture.

Lydia has stated to the other leaders, including myself, she was undergoing emotional stress over PurpleFlaw, so any action was done without little thought due to instability. Her concern being her friend, as seen in the screenshot, was a victim to her antics. Again, their attack on her was a dox, which is not defendable in any case. Harassment from several sides of the community pushed them to the extent of doing what they did. Doxxing was unnecessary, but the group saw it as what was best to defend their friend from being groomed any further.

The screenshot used, the evidence below saying “im doxxing max”

Similarly in this picture, MaximeT9 was a similar person who threatened their group and was a known pedophile, asking Lydia for “boob pictures”, and other nasty actions. This “Morningstar group”, a term used by the Spartans to refer to the defected staff, are consisted of unstable children who act on a whim. They didn’t know any better and are not asking for forgiveness. I mentioned this because their group was a victim, which led them to act sporadically. Not to mention, Mustapha10 himself has harassed them too.

Is this how you treat staff Musta?

Manipulation of children, then seeing them do terrible actions doesn’t place the blame on them. Lyle and Erik Mendez, two children to the wealthy of Beverley Hills, murdered their parents and were regarded as cold-blooded murderers. Though, they came out and told their story about being sexually abused for years and snapping, which led to their incrimination today. However you wish to persecute these individuals, you and your army can do whatever. However, the Underground Mafias took them in knowing what happened and choose to overlook this behavior. Since the start, our army has housed people who were outcasted from the community and attempted to give them another chance at home. The “cancel culture” prevalent in today’s community takes away the fun some people see in this game and ruin both lives and a sense of entertainment. If any behavior happens during their time in the army, the leadership will see to punishment, but in situations like this, we are looking out for the mentally scarred. Lydia herself has threatened to slit her wrists over the Spartans situation, and the newly released post is pushing her to grave limits. The community is not at fault, no one is. The problematic ones are the disgusting individuals such as Musta and his team, as well as any backers, who use the damage done by their actions as blackmail. Our army will stand by them as long as we can, and I again use my status at the beginning of this generation’s Premier to attest that we will keep them afar from any negative activities, and aim to combat the digital abuse faced.

Response to Fabricated and out of Context Messages

Unsurprisingly enough, after the situation, Mustapha went on to show out of context and fabricated DMs. Here are a few to name:

Both of these are fabricated. Though Otter’s screenshot isn’t wrong, the screenshot was faked. The distortion above the red line is kind of obvious, don’t need to explain that in much detail. If you don’t see it, put a Discord tab on the side, and view it. As for Cobra, I explained the situation earlier, but no one hacked into Xing’s webcam. If anything, we tried distancing ourselves more from Xing to avoid any annoyances and/or conflict. Lydia has no idea how to make a WordPress post in the Block editor, she isn’t capable of hacking. As for Cobra, he has no reason to hack Xing over firing Lydia. We wanted Lydia to leave, why need revenge when the goal was achieved.

As for the other screenshots that were out of context, here they are:


Lewd screenshots, even if it’s a joke, it isn’t the best thing to say. However, these were jokes referencing another incident in the Templars. As Cobra was the perpetrator, I’ll let him explain it.

As for the other pictures, they were all jokes, which Otter is aware of. She is engaging in this behavior, which is a common trend seen in many of her expose posts. Otter engages in the behavior, and then turns on the person, trying to flip the screenshots. Though, that’s a story for another day. I apologize for Cobra’s immaturity, he’s a minor such as myself (for privacy reasons, he doesn’t want to disclose his age, but I vow he is a minor) but it’s hard to protect her too when she does the same thing. There isn’t much to really say.


This was a situation I or anyone else did not anticipate happening. Again, I apologize for what happened. Doxxing cannot be defended despite the situation, and Mustapha is right to bring forth the evidence. Addressing the concerns is a wake-up for our army to strive for greater conditions, and work on building our reputation to be seen as an equal rather than a scum of the community. Historically, the Underground Mafias have always had a tarnished reputation, but the army today aims to be more progressive and maintain greater relationships than previously whilst maintaining a portion lost in history, the unfiltered part of armies. Our army can be the shitstain of the community, but doxxing and malicious activities are somethings I do not wish to promote. As with other armies, the Underground Mafias’ aims to create a fun environment promoting the UMA Crew culture, which is a different breeze of air than the others around. We, nor do our predecessors, wish to be associated with actions tying into the real-life, a place our community strives to escape from. At the same time though, Mustapha had the intention of hurting our reputation greater than it should, and this was to address his concerns and defend the staff, not the actions. Not to mention, they aren’t saints who are preaching the wrongdoings of the world, they’re just as accountable. If you read this long, there are two sides to every story. Don’t read ours without understanding the other, I open you to read Musta’s post and make your own opinion. His argument is just as valid as mine.

The Underground Mafias will rise past this, and isolate from leagues momentarily to focus on us. If any staff feel unsafe about the army, please address your concerns with me, but in no way are we attempting to shackle you. If your safety is threatened, I beg you to take the right precautions and leave. If you are from outside of the army and feel threatened, please DM me and I will attempt to work something out with you. This is not the end, this is only the beginning. Thank you, and have a good day or night. Happy holidays.


Underground Mafias Army Premier

8 Responses

  1. listen up zambi or however the fuck your name is, lydia is a fucking 14 year old no-lifer transgender anarchocommunist who likes to doxx people in her free time. The accuses and the screenshots that this bitch used out of context to make me look like a pedo is fucking bs bc she is butthurt she was banned from our server.

  2. if u rly believe these morningstar no-lifer kids you’re just as pathetic as them

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