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CP Cheats – Christmas Party Pin Guide CPR [December 2020]

What’s up Mafias?

With the introduction of the brand new party on Club Penguin Rewritten, the CPR developers have added yet another pin. Read down for more information on how to achieve it.

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oohma pin 1.png

First, go to the stadium. This is the square location in the central area of the map. All you have to do next is walk up to the portrait of the penguin on the bleachers.

oohma pin 2.png

And there you have it! The latest pin.

oohma pin 3.png

On the player card.


That concludes this month’s pin guide. Consider joining the Underground Mafias Army! We are the oldest army, oldest CP cheats provider, greatest army, greatest free stamp collector, and most importantly, the greatest Club Penguin community out there!! Join us today to have access to all of our many cheats, guides, and our awesome community!


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