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Initiating the Great Ummanian Empire [RESULTS]

Cobra edit: I wish you all best of luck on this journey. Make Zamb, Dino, Games, our legends, and myself proud. I will continue to watch over UMA in my time gone. Keep up the brilliant work, and thanks to anyone who stuck by after my wrongful actions. You all are true Mafias.

Good evening Mafias. Although the first event happened a few days ago, on the 22nd of November, for archival purposes, this post will be put up. Read on to see more information about our first event.

The Red Winter committee had planned this day months in advance, waiting for the Underground Mafias to return to brilliance once again. An army that stood up against the grand, even considered “invincible” Army of Club Penguin went forgotten in the shadows, seen briefly on the Top Ten, but hasn’t asserted their dominance to as great of a degree since. The army had two possibilities: either accumulate dust in history books as a forgotten army from 2007 or desperately climb a ladder packed with determined leaders seeking to make a name for themselves. Many have stood up, and as a result, the community awarded them with the highest of honors: Club Penguin army legend, a title only a few have earned. About six leaders ascended to infamy, rising the army to unprecedented heights and into stardom, rivaling legendary, yet dominating armies. Not only has the prowess of Pink Mafias influenced armies, but the culture resonating from hundreds of loud-mouthed, power-hungry, malevolent, narcissist soldiers who sought power climbed through the ranks and spread their influence afar, having a part in creating the traditions of armies. The army’s prestige ranks among others, enough that the army has seen reopenings past Club Penguin’s shutdown. The legacy continues, and today’s opening event is living proof of Underground Mafias’ greatness.

Leaders Savage Cobra, Games, and Justinfortsa stepped up to the leadership, promising to conquer the map as our predecessors had. Together, the three built a “reich” with many others who sold their pride and gave up previous army affiliations to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, two of the leaders have left since then due to complications but built up an empire up until this point. During our opening event, the Mafias’ managed to start this generation with a max of 14. Thank you to everyone who attended, this is only the start of greatness. Together, myself, Dino, and Games will oversee the army and pledge to the guardians, predecessors, and the community that we seek the same light our legends have sought.

United we stand, divided we fall.

The will to conquer is the first condition of victory.     


UMA Chancellor


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