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Re-opening of UMA; Red Winter

At the break of 2021, we are left with a golden age of a community. Years past since CPPS armies began it’s era in 2017, but we did not expect it to reach such a high point like this. You may ask, what is going on? Why is this site active? Why is there posts about this “Red Winter”. Here, I’ll tell you.

The Underground Mafias Army has it’s legacy of over 13 years, since it’s foundation in January 2007 by the legendary Pink Mafias, an extremely popular CP cheats blogger from CP’s early history. Since then, the multiple incarnations proved UMA to be one of the best armies of all time. From Pink, to Wgfv, to Daniel, to Bam, and to even fucking Ehroyals eighty-fucking-one, UMA has saw it’s success and impact on such a massive scale.

UMA’s CPPS history is well, rocky, to say the least. While it was the first CPPS army for CP Rewritten back in March 2017, it didn’t really get above sizes of 20, and it then dropped to like, 3-6, and that’s where the meme comes from. To be fair, UMA was mostly an early CPPS army, which was a time where maxing above 10 was a fucking miracle unless you were Romans, CP Crew, Wild Ninjas, RPF, or the Elite Guardians. Time and time again, you saw UMA maxing sizes of a whopping 6. There was a brother alliance between the Dark Knight Empire (lol) and UMA, called UMADKE, which I was the leader on the DKE side alongside Bret, Games, and Zeke. During this time, they even fought a small civil war between Mason’s New UMA and Ehroyals’ Eastern Hancock UMA. From there, you saw UMA’s lovely beef with Elite Guardians, which is genuinely funny. As someone who was there to witness, and even take part in UMA/UMADKE at one point, it was genuinely fun, even though UMA was dogshit. UMA had it’s CPO comeback in summer, reaching sizes into the 20s, before being shot down by Waterskid, making UMA the first actual army to be banned by Waterskid lol. UMA had it’s invalid comeback under Epic, where it did really fucking well, but the problem is, Epic used his mod power to get sizes, so any size Epic tells you past OG, is fabricated bullshit, and he should off himself.

What we plan to do is relive the times of 2007 but in the new era. This is the ultimate goal. Have a home for new UMA blood to be bred and thrive, and to be the best CPPS generation that UMA has faced. But, I will not get my hopes up, but I will work hard. It has been 2 years since my prime, but I know damn well I can do it, you all saw it with the Templars incident about how I roll, so I know damn well we got this.

That being said this is how things will roll. I am the main leader of the army and the leader of the red mafia branch and US division. Games is the leader of the blue mafia and co-leader of the US division. Justinfortsa is the leader of the blue mafia and the leader of the EU division. This is our triumvirate. We are also split into a cabinet and a sub-cabinet, but that’s not really for any of you to care about. Come to me for diplomatic discussions and anything regarding UMA.

What I’m saying is, this community sucks. UMA is here to make it like it was thirteen years ago. I just wanna make a quick thanks to Dino, Pjayo, Games, Zamb, Glace, Bam, Ehroyals, Justin, and EHUMA for making this possible. I am ready for the ride, but are you? Are you guys ready? Ready for Red Winter?


UMA Commander

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  3. […] they faced, months later, the Mafia has risen from the grave. Their return was announced by a post on November 17th, made by Cobra. After detailing some of the memories he has of Underground Mafias […]

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