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How is Soda Seas so polluted?

Hello all, I am Games, and today i’ll be making this uncalled for post on the Underground Mafias Army website. Today i’ll be looking into how Soda Seas is so polluted. So, let’s get started. As we know Soda Seas is polluted with cream soda barrels, and what also seems to be a coincidence is that it is near the dock. But why is the location (near the dock) having to do with the Soda Seas being polluted, you may ask? Well, in the game Hydro Hopper, many items come afloat, such as beach balls, glass bottles, and buoys. Showing that this general area of the island is polluted with various items. Now I have a theory on why Soda Seas and Hydro Hopper are so darn polluted, and from here I turn to The Journal of Captain Rockhopper.

On March 14th, 2005, Rockhopper encountered a storm after he left Club Penguin, and on March 8th, everyone was gathered at the Docks.


As we see in this image, many of Rockhopper’s supplies were washed overboard, and if Rockhopper departed from the Docks, then many of his supplies could have washed up near Soda Seas and the docks.


Let’s take a closer look to the mini-map at the left of the Aqua-Grabber. 


As we can see, Soda Seas is located near the Docks, which is where Rockhopper departed from. One of Rockhopper’s well-known supplies is Cream Soda, which also happens to be the main polluter of the Soda Seas, giving Soda Seas’ it’s name. So yeah, Rockhopper killed the environment of Soda Seas, of course unless you just play Aqua Grabber, pick up the barrels, and return them to your net, but that’s different, Okay? Goodbye.

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