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My Predictions for CPR’s Halloween Party

Hello soldiers of the Underground Mafias Army! As it gets farther in October, the Halloween Party is around the corner (Oct 25th). So, because of this, what will the rooms possibly look like? I am here to answer this in this useless post to make the UMA site partially more active. Read More.

It will be the Halloween Party from 2012.

My theory is supported for many various reasons, one of which is already in the Penguin Times. (No, not riley’s propaganda site, the one in-game.) On the featured story on the Club Penguin Rewritten Times (Pages A2 and A3) feature a character which took part in the 2012 Halloween Party, which featured a large mansion you may explore, obtain keys hidden within it. Once you find all, you may unlock some crate thing, and enter a room with an exclusive catalog and a machine which may transfer your character into a ghost!

The Penguin Times basically says the lore following this party, Gariwald VIII went missing and out of know where his mansion appears in the Forest which you may enter and explore.

Will it be exactly like the Halloween Party from 2012?


Knowing the CPR team and creativity, I believe the party may have much more customized rooms within the mansion, as the team is known for creating a lot of custom content for event and parties. I have high hopes for this event and I am excited for October 25th.


Fight the Bad!

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