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Official Retirement of Yer Boi

I thought I’d make a retirement post as I’m done with UMA. lol jk uma is back https://discord.gg/EAVNeNT

In all seriousness though, it has been an honor to lead this great army for the past year and a half. If you told me in March of 2017 that we would last until now, I would’ve laughed at you. I cant count the times on one hand that I’ve left this army and came back. My time in armies has lasted for nearly 5 years now. Ranging from the mighty Light Troops to the… Red Cavaliers? I’ve been in quite a few armies over the years, from being apart of the Light Troops that could hit 60+ without breaking a sweat to just fucking around and maxing 3 here for the shits and giggles back in April of last year.

I’ve has the honor of being in a handful of legendary armies, such as: UMA leader, CPC leader, Romans leader, RF leader, Rangers 3ic, RPM 3ic (yeah ik its shit but we did hit 15+) and I was a mod in Thugs for like a day so yeah but they aint legendary they just sucked peepees to get high on cpac

I am probably one of the most hated people in Post-CP armies. Fuck yeah

All the multilogging and army hopping accusations have honestly just made me laugh so much because of how hard people are trying to destroy my reputation because they literally have nothing better to do. Just because I was 3ic in an army that couldn’t last over 2 months that doesn’t mean you need to go preaching that I am the definition of army hopping. I’m talking to a few people in particular there and if you do end up reading this you know who you are.

I will go down as one of the most controversial people in Post-CP army history as well as the only guy who led 2 different armies to 25+. This goes without saying, the UMACPR (or EHUMA for u tsar niggas) will go down as the best army in Post-cp army history. Me, Ehroyals and Games will go down as legends in the post-cp army community. We will as well go down as the most controversial army. the UMA has been an iconic figure throughout the years and we just showed that a couple of LT rejects and a Toontown fanboy could keep it alive for another year and a half and actually do pretty good..




If you niggas have an army and want an advisor or something I’ll be glad to help out whenever I can.

Heres some honorable mentions: Proditor, Justinfortsa, Mason, Movamp, CremeEgg, Proski, Hawk, Clemont, Cobra, Dylan, Cookky, Edu, Sec, Reacon, Thomas, Aru, FabGirl, Alien, Chris, Larden, Ditiboy, Legofan Cy, Sports, Humza, Ganger, Hulk, StubbornJedi, Calamus, Ghost, Xing, Ray, Yuli, Tobias, Centaur, Kellyman, Elm, all my friends (and former friends) that I didn’t list here

btw guys join pirates thepiratescp.wordpress.com


– fudge dog

umacpr legend




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