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UMA is officially opting out of the CPA project.

Bert’s UPDATE: I ain’t continuing no war with illegal immigrants because:

Disclaimer: CPAC is a good way to regulate armies, invasions, battles, and the empire. However, with the decrease in community population yet overflowing corruption and disarray within CPA, CPAC has not shown it’s efforts to properly and timely manage the system. Due to this, on behalf of Mason, Ehroyals and Games we have opted UMA out of the system.

This does not mean UMA will not have battles or events anymore with armies in the system. This only means we will not abide by the project’s rules and terms, nor go along with the empire built through it. Yes, the sacrifice means losing the lands UMA has rightfully won and claimed in the empire. However, UMA would not have kept its empire the way the project is being currently run.

As for the war with EGCP, UMA plans to go along with the events and battles it has scheduled. However, once again, it will not be under CPAC terms, nor officiated through it. It would be hybrid. This enforces the roots of our culture, and this is how we will keep doing it. I hope officials in CPAC find a solution to increase its efforts in regulating armies, but for now UMA cannot work under the standards set upon us.

UMA will continue to keep fighting, keep recruiting, keep moving towards growth and success in it’s future. Fight the Bad!


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  1. Understood!


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