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Keep away from Xing and Zeke

Zeke has returned to the community after being banned from CPA, fired from CPRAC and infamously known to have defaced the UMA site as well as spread the parasitic lie of UMA multi-logging like the hypocrite he is. He had also helped write exaggerated and wildly inaccurate opinions on UMA on DSMAN (not a site for reading facts), which caused other armies to see UMA as a threat and pursue us. After zeke’s leave from DKE, Cobra merged DKE with the Romans Army and led them during the Romans/UMA war.

He had led a DK Rebellion after being ousted from the community for his multiple crimes, which didn’t work. He is now claiming to have revived DKE although DKE had already merged with Romans Army. Unless zeke talked to Cobra about transferring leadership of the army and unmerging from Romans, zeke is making a decision that was not his to make.

Screenshot 2018-02-11 01.31.53.pngScreenshot 2018-02-20 13.37.28.png

Zeke has appointed Xing to also rule this invalidDKE, who is known to be an army leech, serving for ENF, Romans, BW, WN, DPCP, etc.

Army Leech – Someone who claims to serve or lead MULTIPLE armies at the same time, moving to another army after being ousted from their former one in attempts to seek power/recognition by another army.

Screenshot 2018-02-20 13.49.09.pngScreenshot 2018-02-20 13.46.10.pngScreenshot 2018-02-07 11.31.09.pngScreenshot 2018-02-07 11.25.29.pngScreenshot 2018-02-07 11.24.18.pngScreenshot 2018-02-07 11.24.01.png

As if they couldn’t get dumber, Xing and zeke are claiming to lead DKE again, also claiming to have allied with EGCP as well.

…yesterday they had pleaded to be involved in ONS, the previously covert Operation UMA underwent during the war with EGCP. Screenshot 2018-02-20 13.21.10.png

Either way, DKE had already been involved since Cobra leads DKE in the Romans Army, and zeke and Xing do not represent DKE anymore nor speak for DKE. 


Also, here is more proof that zeke is the only fag who multilogged in UMA.Screenshot 2018-02-20 14.00.33.png

Stay away from these army leeches. They have been removed from CPA for a reason.

Fight the Bad!

5 Responses

  1. Understood! Well said, great post!

  2. lmao, tbh zeke begged me to be hired ahahah

  3. mhm. i CREATED bw and enf. I helped dpcp with an event and the person who signed up for army lounge for wn, gave me the wn discord link u tard


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