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Declaration of War on the Elite Guardians.

On 2/17/18, the Underground Mafias Army declares war on the EGCP Empire.

The EGCP and the NVA divided us, and hoped we never come back to threaten their “glorious” empire. Soon, we came back. As time passed by, the EGCP not only became a threat to UMA, but to all of CPRA.


To all penguins to look up to the EGCP High Command… You are looking in the wrong direction.. The EGCP High Command (Edu, Guta, etc) only want land and power. They don’t care for anything you do as long as it doesn’t threaten their massive server ownership. They will even destroy reputations and careers in CPRA just to keep ONE server. You want to look up to these fools? Hell to the NO you shouldn’t. They are a bunch of clowns, juggling their servers, numbers, and their power overall. They are like drug addicts, they don’t know when to stop, except put that in server ownership use. Its a damn shame that there only motive is to own the whole server map. It wouldn’t classify them as an army anymore though, they are more of a union of smaller colonies that raise their right hand to some dirty Brazilian online.


To the EGCP high Command… Get ready for your little insults to backfire, because after all this conflict, you will pay for war crimes against the CPRA lands and continents. We’ve had enough of your games, and you will pay.


5 Responses

  1. Uh oh, where tf is edu so i can succ his juicy cock and have cookky ram my anus when i need it?

  2. Salute.

  3. can yall just leave oldcp. like its friken annoying having gay armies come on


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