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War on Romans

Review of earlier events:

We have all heard the departure of zeke from DKE and his removal from CPRAC. After his departure, the war between UMA and DKE was still on. However, the head of the snake was removed, so DKE was left unable to survive. Romans Army owner Twitchy decided to let DKE merge into Romans Army and so they did. HRC had also become a colony of Romans. Cobra, who helped zeke deface the site and was not penalized for his crimes still remains a member of CPRAC and assumed leadership of the Romans Army. Actual leader Flame says he “does not have a say” in the Romans Army affairs which does not make any sense at all. However, other Romans Army leader Smurfs believes that we,  UMA, did not multilog in any of our events. Thus, Romans have nothing against the UMA. However, DKE does. And DKE has planned to use the Romans Army and their colony, HRC, to take down UMA for no other reason besides getting revenge for the removal of zeke.

Screenshot 2018-02-13 13.55.56.png

Cobra continues to push the false accusations on UMA as the drive to go to war. However, it is almost 100% certain that Roman Army leaders don’t care about this at all. They most likely have let Cobra lead the movement since he is giving soldiers a motive to fight. However, Cobra had let EGCP invade a Roman server from right under them without even noticing it. Meanwhile, zeke is putting together a “DK Rebellion” in hopes to win back his army although he is banned from CPA. If you are a Roman, or a former DKE soldier, understand that UMA had done nothing wrong. Zeke had spread a false rumor when upset over a demotion, and used it as a drive to war against UMA. He had also defaced the UMA site, and troop-stole from Romans. So if one is to point fingers, it wouldn’t be at UMA at all.

The war:

UMA is accepting the declaration of war from Romans Army. Club Penguin Crew, after acquiring a new leader, has registered into CPA and also declared war on Romans Army. They will aid UMA in winning the war. Two new rules will also be in place to keep this war 100% fair and maintain an equal advantage on both sides.

(Disclaimer: This war would have been declared completely invalid since none of the Romans Army leaders declared war; Cobra, a DKE refugee did.)

Cobra had also planned to attack Deep Freeze, UMA capital last night and carried out the event after it was repeatedly reported as an invalid event. In addition, two other armies have begun declaring invasions on UMA although they are not warring with UMA. The two new rules will answer to these “lost-cause” invasions that seek to acquire land by dishonorable means.

The only invalid invasion as of today against UMA is:Screenshot 2018-02-13 01.20.58.png

UMA has also scheduled the following invasions on Romans as well which are finalized:

Screenshot 2018-02-13 01.07.59.png

Since Club Penguin Crew has also declared war on Romans Army, they will fight alongside UMA in the following battles. We don’t stoop so low as to schedule separate invasions simultaneously on one army.

I, Mason Cooper, will be writing authentic news for CPRAC on the current wars, invaded/acquired lands, new armies that have risen and all the latest updates on CPPS and CPA. If you want to see proof on how UMA had not multi-logged on any of their events, please comment below your discord username#tag. I also have proof that zeke was the only one to multi-log, and his intentions were corrupt. If anyone has any questions about anything, reach out to me.


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  1. Well said, Sir. We won’t be dishonored another time!


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