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The Mafias have Died

Today I gladly announce that the Mafias of CPR have deleted their website! That means they are now dead (most likely), and we have won the war by default. We’ve now won 2 wars vs the Mafias. The Mafias have been dying out, to the point were Sweglord (Mafias creator) was the only member of the army. We have successfully defeated the evil Mafias of CPR. With our sizes (that honestly weren’t the best) we still have overwhelmed them enough to defeat them. They even had 2 armies by their side, but they could do nothing. We have proven to the foolish Sweglord that the mighty UMA are very strong. His foolish decision of kicking me and Bret out of the army came back to haunt him, and eventually destroyed his army. I am proud of all the UMA troops who have won 2 wars vs the Mafias in about a week. We will continue to fight the bad.

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  1. You’re welcome. Have fun UMA


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