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(Thanks to the kind ACP for giving a model to us for basing the rules upon. 😉 )


1. No cursing –
No swearing on the chat, and censored swears are also counted as swears. Swearing in private chat is also not allowed.
2. No innapropriate topics –
This goes from anywhere to sexual topics to drug topics. No racism OR sexism OR ethnicism– no saying anything racist or sexist or
ethnicist. Kick, then guest, next ban.
3. No spamming –
SPAM stands for stupid pointless annoying messages. This means no saying things like “FJKWERKJWER” or smilies/audies over and over. Kick two times then guest. Along with SPAM there is flood, which is when you say something and than press enter and than repeating this multiple times – kick two times then guest.
4. No advertising –
Do not come and advertise your chat or site. YouTube and Photobucket links are allowed. Kick two times then guest.
5. Don’t say things that you know will cause a fight.
Kick/Guest/Ban depending on the situation.
6. No inappropriate doodles –
Don’t put inappropriate images on the doodle. Being caught doing this is a quick kick.
7. Don’t ask for personal info –
Do not request to see pictures, phone-numbers, ect. Doing this on main chat will be a guest punishment. Posting a picture of someone in real life without the persons consent will result in a one hour ban.
8. No cyber bullying –
Don’t pick on people. Kick, then guest/ban.
9. Don’t ask to be a mod or an owner –
You won’t get it just by asking.
10. Trading – 
Trading of xat powers/days/xats is allowed; trade at your own risk. This means the UMACPR including any staff will not be liable if someone is scammed. Be aware, especially when dealing with IDs; use trusted middlemen.

11. Do not try and bribe owners – For a rank in the UMACPR or position on chat other then member. The consequence will be a kick.

We hope you have a fun time at the chat! 😀

One Response

  1. The ban on racism/ethnicism and sexism can be dangerous. Leftists have made the definition of these words rather subjective by their unrestrained use of them. For example, wanting the government to regulate immigration is considered racist by leftists, and saying the gender wage gap isn’t caused by discrimination is considered sexist by leftists.


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