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Guess what?

Hey, guys!

Guess what!? Our website, umaofcpr.wordpress.com, FINALLY shows up on the google search of either ¨Ehroyals81¨ or ¨UMA Of Club Penguin Rewritten!¨ This is great news. Hooray! 😀 Recruiting penguins on CPR should now be A LOT easier from here on out. 😉

4 Responses

  1. Hey! I like the army, I’ve created my own but it’s not properly ready yet, go check it out: cprewrittensa.wordpress.com/

  2. This is not necessarily true. Google uses something known as the Filter Bubble. Google will make things most likely to be relevant to you appear on the top. They track previous searches and sites you visit and use this information to determine relevancy (as well as make personalized ads, sell your data to people, and other things). If you want to put it to the true test, search it on DuckDuckGo.com – but even then, Google might downvote your website to people it would consider the search result irrelevant to.


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