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Brief Recruiting Guide for Owners and Soldiers

Recruiting, simply put, is causing others to join the UMA of CPR. It is convincing someone, in whatever way, to become a member of our army. Recruiting should be a top priority of every rank in the army and will become crucial to our army’s well-being and growth, short-term and long-term. Owners are especially expected to recruit for the army often, both by attending recruiting sessions and by recruiting on their own time.


There are several ways you can persuade people to join the UMACPR. The most common of these ways are listed and explained below:

Recruiting on Club Penguin Rewritten

Recruiting directly on Club Penguin Rewritten itself is the most popular (and probably most successful) recruiting method. This method includes a soldier or a group of soldiers logging on to a Club Penguin Rewritten server, preferably in either servers claimed by our army or any heavily-populated servers, and shouting certain phrases to convince other penguins to look up our army and join it. The server must be a Standard Safe Chat server rather than an Ultimate Safe Chat server (servers with the speech bubble next to the server name) so that a soldier can type out his own sentences.

Examples of recruiting phrases:
“Turn red!”
“Join the UMA of CPR today!”

Typing and entering the recruiting phrases can be done in two ways. The first is to do it manually by typing out or copying and pasting the messages yourself. The second way is to use an auto typer, software that causes the soldier’s penguin to automatically and constantly say things it is commanded to say. With this method, the soldier does not have to type the phrases out himself; he can leave his Club Penguin Rewritten tab up unattended while doing other things.

While soldiers can recruit by themselves on their own time, often, recruiting sessions are scheduled by this army’s leadership. A recruiting session is a period of time when the entire army, led by our leaders, logs on to a Club Penguin Rewritten server and recruits.

Recruiting on other Army Chats

Other army chats can be another source of recruits for the Underground Mafias Army. This method features soldiers getting on an army chat that is not their own, private chatting those on that army chat, and asking them to join the soldier’s army.

This form of recruiting can be risky, because most army chats do not allow advertising of any kind and will ban those who attempt it. Generally speaking, the UMACPR leadership strongly discourages this recruiting method.

Recruiting on Chats Not Related to Club Penguin Armies

Another method of recruiting is to use Xat chats that are not Club Penguin Army chats. A soldier using this technique does the same thing he does when recruiting on other army chats, except the soldier goes on a chat that is not related to Club Penguin Armies, rather than another army chat.

This method, like recruiting on other army chats, may be risky if the chat bans people who advertise.

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you recruiting alongside us in the near-future! 🙂

(Please note: This post was made via slight modifications to the original recruiting guide found at the new-defunct CP Army Central. Proditor is, unfortunately, not the most creative mind to walk the face of the community. 😉 )


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