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War vs Mafias

Hello. Just earlier today as I write this ZekeTMP (Fudge Doge) and Ehroyals were members of the Mafias of Club Penguin. The owner of the amry, SwegLord told us “he made the Mafias “for fun” and “didn’t want it to be an army”. So ZekeTMP and Sweg talked for a bit, me and Ehroyals trying to convince him that it was an army (he made a xat, a website, and even told me when I first joined that it was an army). This ended up in him kicking us out of the Mafias. Of course, we got extremely triggered and wanted to get revenge. So Ehroyals told me we should make an army and battle the Mafias. I already had an army called the Army Of Club Penguin Rewritten (ACPR), and he Ehroyals was thinking of making an army called the UMA. So I told him we should merge our armies, but being called the UMA. Thus The UMA of CPR was born. We decided that we should declare war on the Mafias, and that is what what happened. Later we recruited and gained a good amount of troops in a short amount of time. Sweg banned us from the Mafias chat, so I pc’d and another UMA troop from Mafias that for some reason wasn’t banned. We talked and the troop joined the UMA. Before the battle I pc’d Sweg, saying he should get ready for and attack and get ready to see your beloved Mafias fall (lol) and he never replied (probably because he was scared of the UMA). We got another penguin called Plat that helped us in the battle, so a shout-out to him. I was still on Mafias chat looking to see where they  were going, and we went there (I forgot which room lol). We got there and started rapidly throwing snowballs at them, and the Mafias quickly retreated to their “secret base” aka the Dance Lounge. I saw in Mafias chat of them saying they were scared of us and didn’t want to battle. So the UMA troops started saying we won the war, so I guess that was what happened. This would be the shortest war in history. Like I said, I pc’d Sweg and he knew that we were coming. The Mafias style of warfare is very different, because the Leader, Sweg, doesnt not know anything about CP Armies and knows nothing about leading one. When we were attacking the Mafias for the first time they had 4 troops in the room, and we had 6. We decided to attack them again, and the same thing happened. They just retreated and said “HA” in the chat when they banned us. When we attacked them the second time I believe had had 7. Then some troops left because the battle was over, and me and other troops had a fun time on the chat after the battle. I want to thank all the UMA troops who attended today. Here’s a picture that one of our troops drew on doodle:


Plus I also want to make this clear: We technically didn’t win the entire war, we just won the first battle.


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