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You have knowledge. You have power.

What does it mean to become something else when you’re not where you should be?

Does this mean what you felt was out of place too?

Where you were wasn’t a haven after all?

So does that ultimately mean that what you thought you knew was wrong?

If you’re taken out of your settings and then have it all reordered, could that haven become a heaven when you return?

“Knowledge is power, but power isn’t always knowledge” 

I had never understood that phrase until now. I had thought I knew what it meant a long time ago but the puzzle was still there. Now, now I see things differently and in a way that tells me new things about what I thought I knew.

I am learning now the full ripeness of knowledge and how it’s vastness and growth is something no one will ever truly be above or beyond. There is a wholeness that comes with understanding. One that may be taken as fullness mistakenly, for we are never truly full. There is always something else that can be learned; just as there is always something else that can be done.

Knowledge is power, that much is true. With knowledge, you can harness the environment around you to your advantage. With knowledge, you can answer many of the questions you ask. With knowledge, you are capable of many things. But knowledge with power alone is not enough. This is what many forget. To seek knowledge for power or personal gain will bring moral and spiritual corruption to the user.

You have knowledge. You have power.
But you lack a third trait, a balance that gives stability to these two conflicting powers. 

You lack wisdom.
Wisdom is the third balance you must achieve. Wisdom, when coupled with the other two, grants you awareness above and beyond what the common man knows. 

Wisdom is also your keeper, your guardian against your own inner demons.

Wisdom protects you from corruption, and it guides you on how to properly apply the knowledge and power you possess.

So always remember: knowledge alone is nothing. Knowledge with power is nothing. Knowledge with power and wisdom is everything.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is wisdom.

The three are inseparable. Never forget that.


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