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Why shouldnt I retire?

Ares: I’m sorry if I was not doing enough, but, what you say about Pain is kind of correct IMO. Now it’s too late to bring him back and I don’t know the exact reason for him being fired but under him, we got 25+ for a week. Sorry again Berat if I wasn’t good enough.

I’m sick of it I try to help UMA I go to the recruiting events and I see nothing UMA’s best leader since summer was Pain why because he actually made people do stuff. But now that he’s gone because you guys didn’t like being yelled at now UMA has no one to force people to do anything and now chat is small or dead. I didn’t want Pain to be fired I thought he was what UMA needed he was what UMA needed but no you guys had to bitch and whine cause when you “Owners” didn’t do what was expected of you he got mad the most active people in UMA were me, Viper, Daniel, and Pain the rest of you weren’t all that active. I mean under Pain we hit 31 people! That’s more then we got since August! The guy who could have brought UMA back and you got rid of him all the owners who were part of this plan to get rid of him should be ashamed of themselves!

Mach: You just retired so the fact is you helped get Pain fired from UMA then just up and quit (AGAIN!) You won’t be missed I’ll run your name through the dirt till your in the same class as Alfy.

Daniel(eyes): Yes it’s hard Pain was pushing u but that’s because you were one of 4 people actually doing something to help UMA! Maybe you should have yelled at the other owners who weren’t doing jack shit to actually pick up and help and get some of the pressure off of you.

Wgfv: Yes I’m actually going to call you out on this WHY!?! At the end of the day your always in control wg there’s no getting around that anyone removed from the site you can put back or you can remove and make sure they stay off it. So why did you get rid of pain because some of the other owners were bitching? They always bitch and never do shit. And Wg your at boarding school and can barely show up I mean seriously your not here enough and Daniel is BRITISH meaning he can’t be here at the necessary times either. That only left me and Viper and Pain and you got rid of Pain leaving only me and Viper.

And before you try to blast at me about my activeness let me point out that I come to almost all the events and those I missed I had excuses the other owners rarely ever did have excuses. And if you bring up why I never scheduled stuff or rarely did well when Crimson makes a post about all week recruiting there’s not much I can do after that but show up(Which is more then I can say for OTHER owners) I mean seriously there were times I questioned why some people were owners but they showed up only half the time or missed tons of events, never helped recruit, or never did anything to help UMA in general! I’m probably going to get fired for this post if it’s not deleted but whatever if I get fired it only proves my point and that UMA is doomed with the current owners it has now.


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