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tl;dr uma wins half pipe kthnx


UMA Logic: The Battle of Half Pipe
ACP, you want logic? Here you go.
This battle was extremly disputed. Even I couldn’t tell who had won until I looked at the pictures. The pictures of this battle do not lie. Recently, I have started taking MANY pictures of invasions/defenses, and events in general. While Mach did do a good job explaining the basics, I’ll lay out everything one by one by one here.
No, I don’t expect most people to read this. However, I would like both the UMA and ACP leadership to at least SKIM this.
Half Pipe has been UMA’s hardest battle so far in this war. Firstly, UMA had the first 3 minutes at least, before ACP discovered us in the Boiler Room. I had us log on and go to the Boiler Room because of it being historic, just like UMA fought in the Dojo on August 6th. We’re visiting the most important rooms from the 2007 war, and remembering them with new battles in old locations. While the Dojo changed, the Boiler Room hasn’t.
Example A:
We start in the Boiler Room. After 2-3 minutes of them not coming to the room, they attack, and charge in with clovers. UMA solidly puts up an E+9 counter. Almost everyone participates in it. Note that the picture does not include everyone who did the tactic a bit late.



Example B:
In this picture, you can see some of UMA holding up the E+9. While everyone is in formation and properly in line on UMA’s side, the picture does make what ACP is doing confusing. Mrgrinch6, capncook, toriacp, and dannay11 appear to be lost in this vast room, rather disorganized. Instead of directly charging into UMA’s line, as smartly SOME ACP members did, they seem to be wandering around. While not only spamming UMA’s line, but the entire room would be ideal, it would require considerably larger (23+) sizes to do.

Example C:
Here, you see ACP attempting to form a line. The picture was cut off, sadly, but there really isn’t much else to see below, besides UMA and a stray ACP. As you can see here, ACP is having trouble lining up. While some members have started to form it, the line is badly spaced out, such as by Ninja, and some ACP members really aren’t lininh up, such as Pudding94, one of what you can see here to be six. At the same time, UMA is holding a nicely spaced even chat bar line.

Example D:
In this, you see the start of a UMA joke spam in line. Still, ACP’s line has improved little. Not only is ninja and others badly spaced out, but there is an overlap in the line. There are also 3 ACP penguins still out of line.

Example E:
In this, you see the major part of UMA’s joke bomb in line. As you can see, all members are doing this but one. ACP’s line improved somewhat, but they still aren’t fully formed.

Example F:
After the UMA joke bomb, ACP still is in a kind of chaos. You see penguins STILL attempting to get in line. There’s a small huddle of penguins at the end, and the overlap has been fixed- though the other penguin still isn’t in line.
Example G:
In this picture, you see the start of a UMA E+} tactic. STILL, ACP has not lined up, while UMA is fully formed and ready. ACP still appears to have trouble getting into line.


Example H:
Here, you see more ACP line problems. There is a gap, penguins aren’t in line- the situation is a problem on ACP’s part. Though UMA does not outnumber ACP by anything more than one penguin, it sure looks like it.

Example I:
ACP has FINALLY made it into a line. While it is not the best, it does work. Though it did take a while. In this picture, you can’t really say one army is doing particularly better than another.

Example J:
UMA lost a person or two, partly due to some members disconnecting/crashing. Though it was not much, it did leave UMA tactically disadvantaged. However, due to smart leaderhip, UMA forced out a good joke bomb. Though a few members were AFK, the majority of UMA participated in it, and ACP was not enable to counter.

Example K:
Here, you see ACP starting to pile in. However, they run into a good UMA line. Though UMA does not have ideal numbers for a backwards L at the Snow Forts, it is enough to get them to start it. In this picture, UMA is starting an E+Z tactic.

Example L:
Here, most of ACP has arrived. UMA is already formed, and ACP starts to make an attempt for a downwards line.

Example M:
In this, ACP cake bombs UMA. However, UMA has good E+9 defenses, and responds quickly to the situation.

Example N:
Here, ACP appears to be organizing themselves again. In this, UMA is finishing off their E+9, as is ACP finishing off their cake bomb. They begin to form a line down the Snow Forts from the center.

Example O:
ACP forms their line downward. Merging into UMA’s line, rather than going the other way. In this picture, UMA begins a wink tactic. ACP’s line is not perfect, and not all members are in line, and there is an overlap. ACP is doing a barely better job in this, but UMA still does well.

Example P:
Seeing that UMA was losing an advantage in Example O, UMA used correct tactics, joke bombing ACP successfully. ACP responded with a somewhat weak E+H, though it was a counter, at least.

Example Q:
This is the first picture where DCP shows up. Chaos begins. While UMA is just organizing from the remnants of the joke bomb, DCP begins to pour in. ACP is not organized very well, though, as you can see by there being both a section of ACP above the middle, and below it. ACP doesn’t either have a good chat bar line.

Example R:
Very quickly, UMA moves to the forest, seeing that it would be a good move to make. UMA forms line quickly. ACP has not shown up yet, but this is clearly because UMA just moved rooms.

Example S:
ACP and DCP start to come in. DCP raids UMA’s line, but UMA holds it up. The DCP threat was not too massive at this point.

Example T:
In this, UMa begins to counter with an E+T, as ACP begins to come in. It does not look like ACP has gotten orders to line up yet, and the ones who have come in are scattered.

Example U:
UMA’s line falls apart a bit in this picture, but ACP’s line isn’t any better, while DCP causes chaos in UMA lines.

Example V:
Here, ACP has started to line up, and UMA recovers part of their line. Though UMA spacing is bad at the end, the position still holds out.

Example W:
The last picture in the Forest, with DCP raiding the lines. UMA leadership make a move to the Ice Berg, where they can once again gain the advantage without DCP.

Example X:
In the final room, UMA is doing better than ACP by a bit. DCP has not fully moved in, and UMA begins a joke bombing tactic.

Example Y:
ACP having an “ACP WINS” tactic. However, UMA does have a small advantage with the Ice Berg.

Example Z:
In this, it looks like ACP’s line starts to break, however, even with some DCP members attacking UMA’s, the Oohman line holds out, stronger than ACP’s.

Example A2:
In this, UMA holds a steady line, though ACP’s line breaks. The gaps widen, and ACP begins to have a split on one side with four penguins. ACP appears disjointed, while UMA is doing well.

Example B2:
In the final example, UMA holds out the line while some ACP members attack it. DCP doesn’t appear to be doing much of anything, except for a few people who raid the line. ACP doesn’t really seem to be doing much for the most part. There are only a FEW ACP members attacking. The rest are just scattered, standing around doing nothing.

Looking at these pictures, you can truly see UMA’s power in this battle. While ACP hit a high point in the Snow Forts and one in the Boiler Room, they didn’t last. UMA took the advantage, and fought ACP well.
Seeing this, it did make me wonder why UMA was so glum about the “narrow win”. This does seem to mean that it was more of ACP’s generally bad fighting typically. They didn’t do so badly in Half Pipe, but they still got beaten.
UMA cancelled the 9 PM invasion for a simple reason which nobody will hide. We aren’t going to risk losing one, and don’t want a narrow win like this again. I think we can all agree, it was a lot closer than other battles. However, looking back on it, it was not that close of a battle at all.
UMA wins. Logic wins.
-Percy1190/Agent Darkfield/Omega5005, UMA 2iC



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