• The Underground Mafias Army of Club Penguin better known as the “UMA” is one of the first club penguin armies it was created in 2006 by a famous club penguin blogger named Pink Mafias, we are one of the largest club penguin armies and we give away mascot meetup times and CPPS cheats click the join button and be a part of us!

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The Truth

Yes, I’ll start by stating the truth since nobody else in UMA can do it, this army has been going downhill and making stupid decisions over the past few days, for one you have started to colonize small armies for no actual reason and then continued to do things that have made other people mad, don’t mistake my attitude for the complacent me, because you’re wrong. I am disappointed in you all, every single one of you. You have smeared the name of this army. You should be ashamed, all of you.

Yes, that’s right. I aren’t afraid to speak out against any of you, and the leaders know that. Including you Wg. You’ve pushed the line and I want you to reconsider your actions before you put UMA back in the gutter. I don’t understand what you’re getting at to be honest, you have your puppets at your ever will and will do whatever you say, and quite frankly it’s aggravating.

Berat-You’re a puppet, and nothing more. You follow Wg’s ever will, and you’re a complete simpleton, you really need to learn to have a mind of your own instead of letting somebody have a mind for you.



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