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The Tale of CassiusBrutus

This is the tale of a known individual who managed to annihilate his common enemy known as Waterkid, he sent him into the void where you could hear his screams, Waterkid is commonly known for having tantrums, kicking and screaming, and typing overly reacted posts that are just him talking to himself.

The tale of Cassius begins in a realm known as ACP chat, which is commonly known as the main hangout on XAT. He abrogated anybody who disputed with him and made sure that there was no threat. He is currently the leader of the Army of Club Penguin, this tale tells about his journey and the never-ending story that will soon find an end.

There once was a young spud named CassisuBrutus, and of course knowing this name you would automatically think he was posh, and that he is. Cas didn’t like the average peasant, he carried a handkerchief with him and brushed down his freshly pressed suit whenever he encountered a yellow goo peasant known as a Light Troop. Cas spends his day commanding his armed forces, known as the Army of Club Penguin, who have recently come under flack from an army called the Light Turds, I’m sorry for my language, I mean Light Troops. They are called Light Troops for a reason, and I shall explain the theory I came up with regarding their name.

Ioio was sitting on his computer, playing Club Penguin and AtWar, as the average person does. And suddenly he saw this yellow stain billowing from his pants, a light bulb struck his head, thus Light Troops were born. But this story isn’t really about Ioioluk and his adventures, not like he’s really had any worthy adventures worth noting. I’ll continue.

Cas started club penguin under Pink Mafias, who was an amazing leader at best, until Oagal decided to feed lies to Commando. Moving on, Cas was under Pink Mafias leadership and was a very loyal soldier to the UMA army, during this time he ranked up in the UMA and currently stands as the master political mind in the UMA.

-This is where the story starts-

The penguin known as CassiusBrutus is vastly known among this community of penguins, Cas is mostly known for being in ACP and UMA during most of his army career, but this story shall change his fate forever. Once Cas got promoted to leader in the ACP, Waterkid got woken up from his troll bridge, but check this out. Not only did they wake up the long-toe-nailed fiend they woke up the crafty scoundrel who crafts poor black jokes and thinks he’s funny, so funny in fact he posts them onto LT site for the 8 year olds to snigger at. Moving onto the main topic. Waterkid strolled onto ACP chat with a big cigar piping hot smoke from his mouth, he dropped it and stood on it, blurting out his black jokes, expecting people to rise to his so jokes, this did not amuse the people in ACP. They all laughed so hard, that their voice boxes went. Waterkid was not amused by this development and went red in the face, leaving him embarrassed. He yellow out “What scrutiny is this! I goggled these jokes to impress you all” – Cas later saw what Waterkid said and stood up out of his big lengthy leather chair and pointed his finger at him, this was the sign that Cas wanted to pull him into his office.

Cas pulled Waterkid into his office with Flipmoo and Sercan trailing behind, holding Waterkid by the shoulder, Waterkid feeling sad and very foolish dropped his head and sloppily walked into the office to sit onto a metal chair with Flipmoo and Sercan sitting next to him. Cas sat down and put his hands up to his face and started to tell Waterkid that he just makes himself to be the little nuisance in this situation. Waterkid sank his head and said “I am sorry your lord”. Cas with a big grin on his face nodded at Flipmoo and Sercan and ordered themt o let him go, he then stood up and flaunted his body out of the office, leaving himself in a state of panic of what the Light Troops would think of him.

He went back to base being followed by ACP’s secret network of spies, and Cas joined with them. This was shocking since Cas is more of an office person and doesn’t usually go out on public operations with his spies, but this time he wanted a change. Cas snuck into the Light Troops home-base to be met with Ioio, Rob, and Spi sitting down in a row of chairs (kinda like Star Wars jedi order). Waterkid strolled into the room and sat in a chair holding his head down, Spi automatically blurted out that he was a shameful soldier to his cause and that he would be deemed unfit to serve as a LT soldier.

This amused Cas, leaving him giggling, but before he left he wanted to some understand to how the Light Troops work, he pondered into the new recruits room and saw yellow smoke, this was not usual for an average recruiting room. Cas put a cloth over his face and walked into the room, he saw a few recruits shouting “U CRING U CRING?” – This caused Cas’s IQ to drop, leaving him clueless where he was, but luckily Sercan and the network of spies were there to give Cas a hand.

They rushed him back to ACP’s fort to put him on the “Anti-LT ventilator”. Just after Cas was sitting there he started to grow increasingly tired, and drifted off to sleep, leaving him in a state of sleep for days, the day he awoke he jumped out of bed as fit as a fiddle. This shocked the Light Troops as they thought that the smoke was a decent tactic to use, but when Cas announced that there whole smoke ploy was ineffective and it didn’t work, Spiderguy left LT for another army, Ioio left for AtWar, Rob just came onto ACP everyday, and Waterkid went back to CPPA to try to revive their golden era.

Long story short: Cas beat Waterkid and LT.

This was written for Cas, and requested by Cas.


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