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The Retirement of Notru

Edit: Forgot some people:

Jb: Age buddy

Jd: Old mentor

Yep, my time has come. October 4th, 2010 marks exactly one year since I joined the UMA. The UMA has been a great experience in my life that I shan’t soon forget. (Yes, shan’t is a word.) I’ll never forget my friends. The only reason I stayed here today.

Wgfv: You define awesome.

Crazy: You made me leader for the first time.

Trickster: Thanks for choosing me as leader when you left.

Harv: You taught me to lead.

Berat: Good luck ruling the world.

Max: I hate you- Erm, you were nice..

Johnny: Pushed me to do my best in UMA.

Viper: Extremely epic person.

Explo: Destroyed what little fragment of innocents I had left..

And now, my retirement theme:

By the way, I will be posting a, so far, four chapter story of my past for people who don’t know about it.. That being everyone. The first chapter will be posted October 5th. For now.. Farewell UMA.. Don’t screw anything up.

His name was Notru, a proud UMA soldier.

10 Responses

  1. Bout time you leave 😉 Welcoem to the retiremnt home, we have bingos on mondays, porn night on tuesdays and oatmeal for lunch everyday for sunday. Enjoy =D

  2. Due to jerry I am leaving gt, I am currently in search of an army to lead with courageous leaders who won’t just give up. Due to Jerry, uma already has alot of gts old servers and I would like to help uma now. I have alot of followers so I can guarantee alot of new recruits and I have alot of leading skills. I have been back with gt for only a week and you can already notice a big difference in their size. I would like to proclaim an offer, I would like to become a uma leader. I can help this army to be greater than it has ever been.

    Edit: Bigger than Pink Mafias and Trickster’s leading? Talk to Wg when he’s on chat.

  3. Kthxbai

  4. Would you risk it for a Chocolate Biscuit?

  5. im temporarily retiring too if wg u could make a post for that. i dont have a wp anymore… dont delete me off site tho so if i ever come back i can make a post. i will still visit the site and sometimes go to an occasional war to help, but i wont be a ‘supreme commander’ anymore. Bye for now UMA

  6. Don’t see my name where’s 11jb22? Youre age buddy?


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