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The Intolerable Acts


I come before you honorable Premier, with a list of propositions for the Dcp Colony to be reviewed, and hopefully approved. The Dcp’s outburst has been Intolerable and must be punished for their disobedience. I offer five new laws, please read and edit the post. The five bills are the following:

The Dcp Invasion Act:

All following Dcp invasions to any army as of November 1, 2010 will become null and void. The Dcp will be stripped of all privialges to invade, and only may do so when they are commanded by the Uma Premier AND Chairmen of Parliament.


The Re-Name Act

As a colony of the People’s Republic Mafia Army; the colony of Dcp will now be re-named Sector 4. They will be stripped of their previous name of Dcp. Uma and Cpac will refure  to them AS sector 4.


Adminstation Act

This act will NOT allow Dcp to be in Club Penguin Army Centrals top 10. Their privalges have been taken away. They will  no longer have the  privalge of calling themselves an ARMY. They are NOT an army, they are a colony.


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