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The Duties of a Soldier

Lately the UMA have had a high increase in newly recruited soldiers who don’t know how to join the army without people having to explain, and in theory. I will explain to them how to join and the duties of an UMA soldier. I just wanted to remind these soldiers what is expected of them and the consequences of failure to complete such expectations.

First of all, if you are looking to join the Underground Mafias Army and you have come across our website through either Google, Club Penguin, or any other website. Then you must want to know how to join if you are having trouble doing so, first of all head over to the Join page. And as soon as that page loads up you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page, and there you will be greeted with multiple boxes that ask for your Club Penguin name, Email Address (you don’t have to provide a real one), and preferably a website that is an alternative.

Fill in the forms and then hit submit, then the comment will go into moderation. And as soon as it goes into moderation it will be sorted and you will be added to the ranks as soon as one of our owners looks at it.

Now I have transcribed how to join the UMA. You will need to know “The Duties of a Soldier”.

  • Every soldier should spend at least 1 hour on chat everyday. If no one is on then come on later and check again. This also means you have to talk while you’re in chat and not just sit there idle. This is also how promotions will be decided. You see the chat is how I am able to communicate with each and every one of you directly.
  • When we post something new, I expect everyone to read the post and leave a comment which tells me you did so. How do we know whether you can make an event of not? This will also be a deciding factor in promotions. I want to hear your opinions as well and this tells me who’s checking the site.
  • When there is an event, everyone on chat is expected to FOLLOW orders when they are given. The warning system will be implemented. If you start a side conversation you will be warned. If it continues, you will receive a kick. Then after that a 1 hour ban.  These conversation negatively affect the event and prevents the leaders from giving orders.
  • Every time you are using the computer you should check the site to see if I have something scheduled. Whenever I go on chat I have to keep on reminding people until they finally check the post. I will not do this. If you do not check the site then oh well, your loss. You now have decreased your chances at getting a promotion.
  • Respect your leaders and fellow UMA comrades. Every time I’m on there is always some sort of fight. It’s okay to have strong beliefs and express it through a spirited debate. But when it reached the point where cuss words are used and everyone is screaming then we will intervene. We are first your leaders and then your friend, and you will treat us as such. You will also listen to the highest ranked official on chat. And overall you will listen to Wg, and Myself.

UMA Leaders.


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