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RE: Snailys post

Dear Snaily and those who believe anything she says

I saw your most recent post Snaily and I actually wondered what you were thinking while you were posting it, I mean come on, bullying and trolling? Bullying does not exist on the Internet, we are talking about a small chat box on a digital chat service here, sharing the same jokes over and over again yet at the same time we are all utterly alone simultaneously. How can anybody on the Internet be susceptible to bullying given this reality of today’s world? You’re hyping up over bullying and trolling and making people think it’s some perpetual war machine on those “trolls” and “bullies” that engage in today’s generation of Club Penguin Armies. The Internet is a public domain place for people to do whatever they like (unless the NSA/CCHQ get involved). This community consists of children who frantically flock to the Top Ten once it comes out to comment rage comments, and we have to expect that, and it’s the same for this so-called bullying and trolling you’re talking about. And these so-called “trolls” are just children frantically tapping on their keyboards because they have nothing better to do. These people are nothing, they’re no one. Just think about the real world and how bullying goes on there, just for a second.

The Internet can be a little bit nasty, and yes people can call someone a name and they may be offended by it but I don’t see where you’re coming from, armies have evolved and new people have come and caused more drama that the previous people. Every day on the Internet is a hedonistic ride for those that seek laughs and you need to understand that a little more clearly.

As for Waterkid and Shiver, I have separate opinions on both. Shiver is a nice person and likes to write, you can see this if you pay attention, anything he says is for views. His site is popular and he does this so more people will read it, as for Waterkid is a vile person, I agree with you on that and when LT harbour people like him then it gives them an excuse for them to invade their army. If you want to see what real bullying is like then you should see what it’s like in the real world and not on the Internet.

This isn’t a whole dig at you, it’s the truth. It’s most likely the people who bully have either been bullied themselves.



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