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RE: Redd’s fallacious post

And the addlepatic award goes to…Benjarkin – I don’t think he remembers the time UMA ran him out due to him being a dolt.

For too long has UMA been alive under the filth known as Wgfv (for now he will be known as Fagonoid). As a Legendary CP army, SWAT should not stand for such a thing to happen to another army. You see, Fagonoid has been in “control” over UMA for some time now, and when UMA finally had a rise with their past leader Lord Pain, he fired him because he is too afraid of someone being better than him. He is a weak coward, and is the true reason for UMA’s death.

The fact that you refer to Wgfv as “fagonoid” proves that your homophobic tendencies have kicked in willingly. Now now, I’ve heard these words before “We’re going to kill UMA and they WILL die” – Emphasis on will, must I add. But at the end of the day you won’t, because UMA is a bulletproof-made army that nobody has managed to kill as of yet. It is clear that the person who posted this (Redd) is doing this for his own selfish needs. What is your ultimate desideratum here? I don’t understand, because from what I see you’re trying to cleanse a virtual penguin game of “filth”. I really don’t understand your dialectic.

As for Pain, Red. I don’t think you were fully aware of what was going down during the time that Pain was leading UMA. Yes, you were here, but you weren’t active. You failed to see others doing anything due to your own shallowness. The incomprehension you showed during the leadership of Pain was amusing. I don’t think you’re appreciative of what Wg has done for UMA, Redd. I mean you did only join UMA 2/1 years ago, maybe?

As a former UMA leader, I find it sickening for UMA to be dragged through the dirt. We will show no Mercy, for Fagonoid has shown UMA and this community none.

Dragged through the dirt? What are you on about? The only time UMA has been dragged through the dirt was when you were leading solely during my last departure. I think you’re also forgetting that you never did anything for UMA. You claimed that you were “the best 2ic of UMA” if I can remember correctly, but you’re wrong. I can’t remember you doing anything to contribute to UMA other than constantly message me on UMA chat asking for my “opinion on you” – Since you love to scour my rear end and lick me dry.

A new leader has also been named (The 393,839th UMA leader) Rockyiceman. He is a fool and believes UMA is invincible, even in it’s current state. UMA controls alot of very important servers that they do not deserve. They are currently a disgrace to the CP Army Community. They derserve nothing less than a quick death by SWAT.

First, I don’t see how having so many leaders is bad? If anything it shows that the person has a life outside of CP armies and can move on. Half of our retired leaders aren’t here anymore. I also think you need to recount, because it looks to me as if you lack the ability to count correctly. I guess that pretension came back and kicked you in the dick.

UMA is the 2nd officially recognized Major army in CP Army history. They have never fully been killed. They simply never die. It is time for SWAT to do the community a favor and be the only army to ever do so. We need to end UMA and save it from it’s current misery. UMA needs to end and be shut down until it is ready to be taken up by someone who is not a tyrannical Fagonoid.

Okay, now this statement actually got me going. Why? Read it for yourself and then you’ll understand why. SWAT think that because they’re somehow “relevant” again that they can take us out. Oh please, we’ve tasted bigger fish than you, SWAT. Even DCP stood a better chance at defeating us. I think you’re forgetting that even if you ”take our servers” we will live. As long as Wg is here, UMA will live. As long as the people who care about UMA are here, UMA will live.



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