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RE: Pongo’s “rap”

I don’t know why he suddenly wanted to try and “offend” me, if anything I laughed.

Pongo, let me be clear, you will sit down here and listen. You’re about to see my dope ass flow glisten. Are you on a mission? To smear my name? Is that your total end game? I’m pretty confident that you didn’t envision the devastating collision as you made that wack ass decision as I sit here and wipe you out with precision. 

You talk of fat, that’s pretty cheap, I really think you should do less doubting and more touting, after all, you’re pretty good at all of that negativity that one day you’ll more than likely participate in an activity that will land you in captivity, leaving you no choice but to release that creativity that you so proclaim, you’re just being framed, Pongo, face it. You’re about to hang your head in shame as Dan spins your head and rips you into a stampable flame.

Shades? Oh please. You’re the only one sitting here trying to appease, I’ve already dubbed you the “simmered down disease”

You’re right, you did raise Pirates when Waterkid ditched them, but at the end of the day it just looks as if you took a hitch from them. I think your raps are wack, really, I think you’re just googling shit just to make rapping look easy, you should pick up on your flow and practice more, but until you do that, Dan will show you the door.

Pongo, one last message, and you better listen, don’t start a rap battle with me when you clearly don’t listen. I can see that your ”leaders” put you up to this but really you’re just taking the piss. You’re nothing but a laughing stock amongst those who can rap, you’re making yourself look like a peon wrapped in a dollar-rap.


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