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Pain’s policy is what a owner is suppose to do.

This post is to UMA owners,

I maybe as a 2ic have no rights to tell any owner whats right whats not but I know for sure none of us has the right to criticize the new owner policy made, why? because I have seen it with my eyes that the owners who are against this policy have always been chit-chatting and not being serious I have said it many time but I hesitate to say it as I have no rights to I am no big person but as I said at least I have the rights to tell someone who is not following the policy made. We as owners are not always suppose to be *warying* on chat or always trolling and having fun. We the owners are suppose to do the most hard work its our responsibility so please the ones who are quitting and going against the policy made then you should step-down to mod or member because your words simply mean you are not good enough to do a job you are given that means you are not good enough to do a job which a owner is suppose to do. I dont want to show that I am a big person but i damn sure am telling every owner against policy that whats written in the policy is a job of a owner in a cp army. I would not like to name the ones who are going against the policy I have made this post just to make sure no one goes against the policy, I apologize if someone things I am trying to act big, no I am not im trying to make sure we owners do what we are suppose to do.

– Rocky


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