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Operation Kino

Trickster: Hi, I made the post “Private” so only the people on the site can see it since its so “important.” My opinion: I dont really care unless your confident that it doesn’t fail. 😉


Hello Members of the High Command.

This is Your Deputy Premier speaking from the UMA war room.

Emperer Josh (Karakoran) was unconstitutionally impeached by Elitesof from the RPF Leadership on the 4th of October.

Elitesof has a reputation for impeaching RPF leaders and so does Ashes ( His Lackey)

Here is what the impeachment post said:

Hello RPF,

Today there is a vital change in the leadership of RPF. Let it be known that I Elitesof, has taken Josh out of the leadership role. He not only does unfair bans to the troops willing enough to help RPF reach its dreams. But also has no common knowledge about Military tactics or leadership. He is not what RPF needs.

At this current point, Ashes is the Sole leader of RPF, for the weeks to come. This will be changed once i got all of my training exercises out of the way. This is not me doing what i want, this is me getting down to business.


  • Not only does this dick have no authority to do that, but he does not even explain the reasons.
  • Josh is a long term friend and loyal ally to UMA and its Leaders, we should help our friend in need and this is also a good excuse for a war.
  • The majority of the RPF Army disagrees with this decision and it is our sworn duty to liberate them from these Facist Dogs.

I Max propose that we offer the USRPF an ultimatum: They have 3 days to restore Emperer Josh to RPF Leader and remove Ashes or we the U.S.S.R shall declare war on them.

To carry out this Operation, I have many contacts in the RPF Army who will be willing to initiate ”coup” and we should also make peace treatys with TG and possibly sign some sort of treaty with GT

There is a high possibility that the IW will help us if this goes ahead.


Please edit in your views

Yours Sincerely,


UMA D.P and Supreme Commander

Bmf7364: I do not understand the fact of REAL war. However, we should be able to leave nothing to RPF, until Josh come back. After, we shall return anything we took from RPF. Until then, I recommend offering Josh an owner rank in UMA, until Elitesof steps down.



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