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My (Temporary) Departure from UMA

My Fellow UMA it’s with a heavy heart that I must leave you temporarily for now. Yes I know we currently have a war right now with SWAT but I know those kinds of wars they aren’t the end of UMA they never are SWAT like so many others will try to pound at our doors but they won’t break through. UMA is an impenetrable fortress so many many many BETTER people have tried to kill UMA. Oagalthorp, Commando, Wwebestfan just to name a few some of these powerful men have tried to destroy UMA and all have failed not ONE succeeded! So if these powerful leaders have all tried and failed what does a moron like Benjarkin or Crimson think they can accomplish? Nothing they wont do anything their pathetic attempts at killing UMA only makes SWAT a future target for the UMA resurgence(THAT ALWAYS HAPPENS) so take heart any remaining UMA YOU WILL NOT DIE! YOU WILL SURVIVE AND GET STRONGER! I don’t use the word reborn because reborn implies something old had died but no UMA has never died were still on generation ONE! But back to my main point I don’t want to leave UMA in the lurch I really don’t but I just feel like I can’t do anything more then I tried for UMA at this point it’s basically me and I decided to promote Rocky(Who rightfully deserved the promo anyways) but I still feel like I’ve done all I can for UMA now. I will return when? I cannot say I don’t really know I’ll check up and if I see UMA’s owners actually get there shit together and in need of me I’ll come back but hopefully I’ll see UMA’s ownership get it’s shit together and NOT need me and leading a UMA golden age with out me, or Daniel, or Wgfv(Cause HE’S NEVER HERE!) so good luck and don’t worry UMA WE WILL SURVIVE AND EXTERMINATE THE ENEMY!


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